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  1. I mean, it's not my favorite? not that...I have....a favorite...number...
  2. Haha! I got almost a perfect score, despite not studying! :P. I- uh, Sorry? I don't understand.
  3. Ah, yeah. Okay, I can get on board with Adolin romantically with Kaladin and Shallan, but Kaladin and Shallan just being friends :P.
  4. Okay so- yeah, no, I am not a shipper of that... :P. I don't think that Kaladin and Shallan are a good match. I do admit I used to ship them (maybe for a small time back when I read Words of Radiance) but that would only work with a completely healthy version of them where their mental illnesses aren't bringing them down more- I got...a little sidetracked there... Anyways- :P.
  5. Something someone I know was theorizing is that Kaladin is going to die in book five, but instead of Syl finding a new radiant or...whatever happened last time, She somehow gains a physical body and moves fully into the physical realm and...becomes her own person, or something.
  6. Wow I never heard of Kaladin/Rushu...Rush...a...din? I think I like that better than Kalushu P :P, but honeslty not against it now that you pointed it out :P. Anyways No one is allowed to tell me that Kadolin is a weird ship. No one. :P.
  7. That' interesting point...
  8. my brother is currently reading through, and during the terravangian Interlude he runs to me and is like "Terravangian! These words! [speculation speculation] I think Terravangian is closer Connected to Odium than we thought!" and I was just sitting there thinking "just you wait...Just. You. Wait."
  9. Hey, if you haven't read RoW, then uh, you might want to stay out of my profile for now, as I'm going to probably be posting a lot on the RoW discussion boards. 

    I- What? by posting this I might have drawn you to my profile? And created the problem I so wished to avoid? 

    Wait, what was that? People will probably only see this if they went to view my profile in the first place? 

    Okay! Okay! I see the flaws...

  10. So, something that felt a tad bit off to me during my readthrough was Adolin's character in this book. I still can't quite figure out why, but- In RoW, it shows us Adolin, who seems to be finally free of his father's expectations. My question is...where did that come from? In the past books did he feel....insignificant? or unworthy? or....I can't find the right word, but did he feel like he kept needing to prove himself? Prove that he was the Blackthorn's son and was as good as his father? He seemed to always be okay with doing his own thing in the books- even ashamed of Dalinar in the beginning. My other thing is- I know that there's (er...jokes? Speculation? ...Fanfiction? :P) about Adolin being Odiums champion, and Adolin becoming a Knight Radiant, but it kind of made me think. In Oathbringer he admits to killing Sadeas, and he isn't sad about it- he felt it needed to be done, and was glad Sadeas was gone, right? This (first of all) isn't exactly following the "Journey before Destination" to me. This reminds me more of Moash, and how Moash killed Elhokar - Yes, for revenge,- but he also convinced himself that it was for the best. Adolin killed Sadead because he knew that Sadeas would be coming after them again and again, but there definitely was revenge in there too. I guess... I guess I've rambled a bit. Just had some thoughts on Adolin and...thought to share? hm?
  11. Something I was just thinking about, and found interesting, was how Moash saw Kaladin. In the first two books, Kaladin is happy that Moash is around to treat him like a human instead of some mythic being, but then in this book we see Moash mention that you can't kill Kaladin- as if no matter what you do, he won't die. I think it's just interesting, because he wasn't acting like that before iirc. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it, and it was really Moash saying something more along the lines of "you can't kill him [because then he'll become a martyr, or something along those lines, people will continue to fight?]"
  12. Ah, thats a good point, because everyone calls him Stormblessed, but it's never stated explicitly that he actually chose that as his house name, no?
  13. technically she might have been hoping that since it was his most Empathetic/Emotional day, he would stay that way forever :P.
  14. See I'm wondering if Cultivation is actually...trying to do what Odium did? and trying to use Odium to accomplish it? It...I don't see how it would make sense with her Intent, but- yeah. I guess Rayse was close to dying with Odium, and theoretically a controlled swap of Vessel is better than the power just being released and finding