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  1. Right right Don't let on that I'm going to be the one vanilla............
  2. Life hack: play every game like you have no role and no one else has any role and life will be perfectly fine I mean this completely unironically that all games should in theory be able to be played as if they are completely role-less unless it's a game where it's specifically not (ie...that one bard? game. you know the one. with all of the tineyes.)
  3. Idk if tj is passing, but I am
  4. Thanks for boosting my ego Archer lol Anyways ftr, idc about being night killed early. Like, being exed early sucks but being nkd early doesn't count to me in terms of like..."awh I'm sad I died early" Thanks tho lol Gg devo and Archer lol
  5. explain then how the pilot plays in? what do you think of devo? @Steeldancer can you back the claim that you used your pilot action last night
  6. It's exlo? a slip that there's 3 elims? We have 7 people, if there's two we still have one more cycle. if there's three it's exlo. if there are more alliance then who knows, but i doubt there is with how little players there were to begin with. Thoughts on Teia though? I don't think you've changed your mind, but if you aren't able to see other scenarios then that just more solidifies that you're an elim for me. suppose I died last night? who would you be pushing today? And why isn't it Teia?
  7. I saw that, yes. @Archer Who do you think is the elim team rn, assuming I cant be a wolf If there are 3 elims and Archer is one of them, then last turn shouldn't have turned out like it did. Unless Walin is the 3rd, in which case rip @Walin
  8. @Elandera Would a shepherd roleblock show as an attacked but survived?
  9. Matrim is the last of the three people who were on Archer D1, all of them were killed lol Archer
  10. yes, and he does this as an elim a lot imo. calling the town his "team" and whatnot