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  1. Yeah, I may or may not have been too worried about lynching the wrong person. Through a mix of me realizing that the wrong people keep getting lynched without my help and someone reminding me that I need to make mistakes to eventually know how to not make those mistakes, here I am.
  2. And yet here I am I'm more worried about getting killed by elims then lynched
  3. Sorry about that, I've been doing more reading than talking and have been staying out of votes for fear of making mistakes in my first game.
  4. I support the lynch on Gears. Matrim hasn't seemed elim-y to me unless he's doing a really good job.
  5. You suggest people to protect TJ even though he's high on your suspect list?
  6. I don't think that's the case, mostly based on the Lirin chapter. I know we don't get much Kaladin from that, but he doesn't seem to be against fighting them even though that's not the reason he went. I also do expect Lirin to die and that is what pushes Kaladin to become a surgeon. I've been wondering that, and if that has anything to do with why the Stormfather tried to keep her away from bonds. I'm probably taking this "Ressurection" thing to literally, but it was said that every character only gets 1, and that the chasm thing in TWoK was Kaladin's. Of course i think he also said not to quote that lol. Waiting for that Pattern Interlude that is just straight binary...
  7. It was implied that she is "staying the same" but not physically. Cultivation was like "yeah you're gonna be the same person of course" I assumed the cognitive realm dohickey was the "curse" part of it. Cultivation seems to kind of not give curses. She took away Dalinar's memory of Evi but that was also kind of part of a bigger plan. Lift being able to be partially in the cognitive realm hasn't every really been bad for her. Of course there's the thing with Taravangian- but I mean we haven't seen that play out totally.
  8. Matrim was squired by Ventyl, and thus Matrim thought Ventyl was a villager as Ventyl would have squired an elim if they were a elim. Matrim did ignore the possibility of Ventyl being an elim trying to pocket them, but they turned out to be right. Or possibly Matrim is an elim who decided to claim village and back Ventyl so that if Ventyl was lynched and was revealed as village then Matrim would be percieved as village because they supported Ventyl, or if Matrim was lynched and was revealed as elim then we would end up wasting another day discussing whether to lynch Ventyl or not. Or not. Probably not.
  9. And I thought I was fast with 10 hours. Also is sounding out words something normal readers do?
  10. the more ventyl talks the more I think they're elim because they seem to be drawing a lot of the discussion. Otherwise I'm inclined to be believe anyone encouraging/partaking in the ventyl discussion is elim... er- except for me. This is so confusing. Also would a squire lose their power if their knight dies? if so, squiring someone wouldn't have much of an effect on the game if the knight dies the next day or so. It also wouldn't prove someone's knight-ness to the general public if the squire didn't verify so a double pointless...I think...
  11. To me it seems that having voted on you at all would not rank them high on the list of "does not want me dead" Considering gravitation? why would you not squire? are you saying you are going to protect yourself instead of squire..-ing?
  12. Wait, why does this make sense? I assumed your goal of announcing was to make sure he wasn't a radiant. If not, what did you accomplish by announcing who you were going to squire?
  13. I mean, you never know if one of those people is actually 1000 cremlings in a trenchcoat... *narrows eyes suspiciously*
  14. I didn't know that translating quotes we already know could be so fun
  15. we found the jackpot