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  1. I mean, terrible tech week = wonderful show according to the mythology, amirite? :P. Also, I mean, uh, I've never had anything like that happen in my shows
  2. Yeah, Tbh honestly one of my favorite songs from our show, but that's mainly because our witch was really good. We didn't have a big tower for us to worry about lol.
  3. Dang, what's it like having money? :P. Wow okay yeah I guess not being able to perform with all that is really dissapointing, and probably even more so for the builders/designers. we had about three levels of platforms but that was it. Rapunzel's tower was a big rock on the left that she stood behind. :P. Artistic decisions? The real question is did you guys do "our little world" ?
  4. They have a major in some form of classical music. :P. they do know things, they just also believe that people should be able to sing higher.
  5. Man. What choir are you in? I wish. My teachers favorites were always sopranos. This person also thinks that barotones and basses are tenors who dont work hard enough :P.
  6. "altos are just sopranos who don't work hard enough" EDIT: I am..I'm joking. there's someone I know who believes this.
  7. That sucks, yeah :(. . the step family would all be so fun to play. I ended up being Jack's mother. Moving set? Man, that's fancy :P. At least you got to do something! Yeah, this is me delving out of singing territory, but three shows I was going to be working on ended up being cancelled. Delving back into singing territory, and maybe a controversial opinion, Legit Soprano songs are better. than anything.
  8. @Kynedath HOW DID YOU READ ME LIKE A BOOK Also is that bit after the name relevant? I didn't see something in the rules but I...I mean there's a good chance I missed something...
  9. Wow. this seems to have lots of layers... I'd like in. I"m terrible at thinking up charachters, but I'll give myself the name of Akiia just incase I decide to try and think up something
  10. I wish I could sing that. Right now I'm working on a song and the highest note is a Bb5, and even that feels hard for me. I'm usually put in the Alto sections for things, but that's mostly because I can actually read music. I was almost cast as Rapunzel in Into the Woods once, and that's high key terrifying to think about.
  11. So I haven't finished reading the Dead doc, but (1) I feel very proud of myself for fooling people (and feeling lucky for winning the 50/50 w/ Ash :P) Very glad that you were doubting yourself a bit @Ashbringer (2) Also I think the reasoning in my head for killing Elandera was that since they were kind of fighting hard For Kyne, then since we killed them hopefully it would make people trust Kyne a bit... EDIT: @The Young Pyromancer The best guess I could think of you asking to be left alive was because you got a vote manip, which would bring us to another 50/50. also I didn't trust Elk's connection claim at all. Also I did leave you alive, as I moved my kill off of you and onto Mist instead of killing you and winning. Whether or not the vote on me was an accident, it still would have left a 2/3 chance of my loss in that game :P. Also, yeah I've never lost a tie. wierd... Was hoping for more commentary in the Elim doc. Maybe I just talk too much :P. wait, was this the tell you thought you saw on me? please? tell me? please? This was incredibly fun. Much fun. Very Reccomend. I like being Elim. EDIT EDIT: Also, wait. You're telling me that Elk picked from Illegal until he had a 60% chance and never got caught?
  12. If I have learned one thing from this game- It's that I apparently think differently then y'all... @Zillah are you going to, er...Link the spec doc?, should I wait patiently?.. sorry for asking.
  13. HOUSE RELIDAN'S STILL OFFICIAL CENSUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Lord Ruler ElectrumSavant NOBLE HOUSES (389) - House Relidan (Illwei): High Prelan (361) - House Wafre (DoomStick) (107) - House Ightejyw (Danex) (94) - House Hollow (Kings_way) (85) - House Tellen (Negative_Null): (80) - House Aot (SirWolfe) (69) - House Otter (Chinkoln) (65) - House Mist (Mist) Obligator PENDING PROPOSALS: SirWolfe: - Some sort of ammendment about the wording of the amount of money TLR can fine? ELECTION THINGS: Yay [4?/8]: (Illwei?), Mist, Doomstick, King Nay: Danex One of the original Ideas I had with the Inquisitor (it should still be in the rules) was to police things like this. They wouldn't rule on if something vilated the spirit of the law, but they did penalize houses for making too many bribes per number of pages
  14. I was going to be like "Elk, there's really no point in you pretending that I'm the elim anymore" but seeing as the specs already know, I would be performing for no one. I have no idea what action you got @Elkanah all I know is I wasn't about to fall for one of Pyro's "Leave me alive" bits again. Do you not remember QF46? Also I was wary of you, since you tried to claim connection, and...I mean... you didn't actually get connection, did you? Elkanah Fun fact, I actually did originally want it to be a 1v1 with you at the end, but that's just because I was so high on your trust reads :P.