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  1. 12 hour cycles are very hard on the people who fall out of line with it. Especially with our site meta of people getting on every so often and checking up, it wouldn't really work imo. usually they'd run something like 8am-8pm for the GM so that their sleep schedule isn't wack and they don't actually miss rollovers Was honestly thinking of if a 12/12 would work for an idea I had tbh. Still also want to run a 36/12 :P.
  2. of course it is
  3. that sounds like a good nights sleep if i do say so myself
  4. can we call Elan "Elan" and not "El" pretty please I mean I know El isn't in this game but I have been absent and I stared at that for a while trying to figure out life
  5. Litterally everyone called out of work today so it is now almost 11 and i have been here since 8 and i have no desire to live so hi
  6. tbh lotus voting me reeks of a pocketing attempt tbh
  7. anyone wanna tag me with a summary of what has happened or am i going to have to read it tbh
  8. heyo just got done with theater things and am now going to go home and pass out, then go to work in the morning so see yall in a few days tbh
  9. this must be so sad for you now that I've turned you gay tbh
  10. why would he go to sleep at 10am thne you knoa what i ill just leave it
  11. hello all i have decided that reading the rules is overrated tbh