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  1. Eh i just wanted to se what youd do with it Who i did have a pm with was Quinn- who. Well. I opened the PM at 30 minutes before rollover askijg her if shed switch to az and the lack of resistance isnt helping me. Ahgh. szeth doesnt feel right either, but...but the person putting up resistance was me. Ill look into things later. Szeth/Quinn not e/e, szeth/sart not e/e Time for the Quinn/Sart/Randby team theories. Eventually.
  2. @Quintessential, @Biplet, @Devotary of Spontaneity I guess this will end up looking really bad if szeth flips elim, but right now the evidence i see against him is a tunnel, and in terms of tunnels, az's is more....interesting. can i convince any of you to switch? :P.
  3. But then its not a 1/3 chance, its a 1/...11? 12? How many people are in the game? ?? @Quintessential Edit: @|TJ| Whoops
  4. I dont understand how that works, TJ, but @Quintessential, you can unvote devo now :P. Ih a new page
  5. I honestly believe szeth is village rn. Note that the Elims didnt kill d1. Dont forget this. Idk what it means but inactives/new people. Inactive fits sart and randby. Killing jon twice? No clue who that fits. Iirc az has also forgotten a kill before in a game.
  6. Reminder that she claimed engineer more than once And yeah not following that reasoning very well :P. And yeah, no one else was inactive, and no one was inactive any other cycle. I huess even randby posted once each cycle according to the post counter? And yeah, birds disappear. I got the PM birds this cycle and used them to open a PM with Matrim, which we really havent used all that much but thats probably my fault for being at work all day Also what was that most recent post from Exp???
  7. @Gears Birds dissappear after a cycle, so your sak reasoning doesnt hold.
  8. How does this make me less village though? Thats my question. I was worried that if one of them on Tani was elim, and none of the others were, then they could have caused a 4 way tie which wouldn't have been fun.
  9. Why? I also in fact have an Elim game with Az I can show you if you want ( probably don't wanna look through it) but Az doesn't really seem the bussing type imo, so that's a strange connection. Their quick retraction feels more like an Elim looking to please to me, but idk. I'm here for probably the next 30 minutes or so? if anyone wants to talk rn. Idk If I'll have time to get on again this cycle, maybe a bit in the morning but I'm leaving at 7am (pst) for work (before rollover and getting back around 6pm. I'm headed to work now. Was going to drop a vote on Exp and then leave, not sure about Mat doing that right before me lmao. Honestly feeling pretty okay about Experience after thinking about it. He didn't really do anything besided sus people and 'argue' (loose), but the lack of positive interactions while somewhat feeling a bit concerning, doesn't really...doesn't really make sense. My first thought was that maybe he was scared to agree with people and then be called out for being unoriginal, but idk. not feeling that so much this morning. I'm putting Quinn in soft trusts rn, but not village. Gears - Trust Devo, Quinn - Soft Trust Szeth - Eh Village Mat, Biplet, TJ - Elim Leans Sart, Azmine - Elim Randby - Null Azmine Voting on just me comes off as a lack of wanting to solve the game, which is definitely different than other games I've seen you in. I feel like a safe vote, and on cycle 4 you're still on Meta ReasoningTM. I know you can find some time to hop in and play the game- you can't fool me :P. Sart going after me instead of Devo comes across as strange. I'm not marking it E/E Quite but wondering if there's something that made Sart think I was the easier target. I did have the opinion about Docs that people disagreed with, and Sart's reasoning did propel Szeth into a 3-day tunnel on me. *Sart/Szeth not e/e
  10. This doesn't make much sense, but I'm putting it here anyways. I'm afraid it's really just a lot of IIOA (Information instead of Analysis) but I really...I mean, I started this but I honestly need to 1) finish it lol before thinking, and 2) I don't know what it would mean. so. uh. We can figure that out later :P. Note that this isn't an entire post-by-post, and nor does it try to be, and nor do I want to make one. :P. I'll have...more thoughts...later. For now, Quinn didn't engage with anything in the beginning, which is strange, and and Exp just...doesn't look right, though that's not...anything... :P. oh echk that's annoying nvm then
  11. I think that it's strange he called me out for it, since you actually did avoid the question more than I did. I also think it's interesting that the Elims didn't kill you, if they were confident enough to potentially waste a kill on someone if they turned out to be wrong about you being the doctor. it would have been the same effect, except with making sure that no one else could be revived. Killing jon again killed him for good, but didn't give the Elims a strong advantage besides making sure he couldn't repair anything, which, none of the engineers even repaired anything? we killed Tani last turn so she had time to repair the ties if she wanted to.
  12. Devotary @Devotary of Spontaneity any read on Sart right now?
  13. NAH MAN I GOTCHU POST COUNTS COMING RIGHT UP, Courtesy of Activity Counter by Straw. devo may have limited posts, but they don't normally post much anyways. I think they're also just generally feeling fine to me. Keep in mind that for the Elim team we're looking for someone who made sure to get rid of the engineers.
  14. The thing is, if theres already reasons then the more reasons there are it nulls out to no reasons. Also allows for more IKYK in terms of who and what for the brigger. Can someone find me if az has voted on anyone else at all? He seems to be playing it safe with a rvs vote on me, now voting on me... Theyre the only true inactive. Devo has her posts, Sart has posted, Exp was active earlier. Randby was alerted of the game ( @Random Bystander new cycle ) And she still hasnt posted more than once. If theres a contribution crusade to be had then shes the one for it, and i dont like the resistance when shes the one true inactive we have.