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  1. In the “beyonders” Books to do stuff you have to say the edanomic words and then magic happens (;
  2. Bruh Vargo is like the smartest guy he is getting so many replies (;
  3. Hay isn’t that like someone from the Percy Jackson series in the labyrinth?
  4. Should Jasnah Killed the 4 men? She sort the men out and killed all 4 when 1 was only needed to be killed. But any defenceless woman could have been in Jasnah position (by accident) and been beaten, robbed and killed by those men Jasnah killed.
  5. Man! I wish I could play it! I can see my self playing it constantly (;
  6. Bruh you captured him real good. But now I cannot stop thinking of him as poop (;
  7. You said it was short so I started reading but I shouldn’t stop it’s just to dam good (;
  8. Bruh you must be a light eyed/noble blooded musician! you can’t be showing this to us dark eyed/skar (;
  9. Mate you totally nailed the drawing! Someone should make you the cover illustrator (;
  10. Come one man! Thats to good to be heard by dark eyes like my self! Though keep on working on it (;