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  1. got it
  2. In the coppermind, I found this: Some men, as they age, grow wiser. I am not one of those, for wisdom and I have always been at cross-purposes, and I have yet to learn the tongue in which she speaks. ” —Hoid implying the existence of another Shard Any ideas on what this shard is or it's Intent could be? (kind of the same thing)
  3. I always thought that Unity was a possible Splinter of Honor. We know that Spren are splinters of Honor
  4. Hi! Do you have a favorite character throughout the Cosmere?
  5. got it
  6. For Chaos Me: has read all cosmere books coppermind: You have missed 99.99% of things in the books spoiler for oathbringer
  7. Thanks!
  8. Where is Cultivations Perpendicularity? I thought it was the horneater peaks but know I'm not so sure. I'm new to the 17th Shard but I've read all the cosmere books. Now I just gotta reread them.
  9. Glad I got that cleared up! Thanks!
  10. Way of Kings Way of Kings Oathbringer Oathbringer Oathbringer
  11. Questioner So, is it possible for a spren to get more Investiture? And if it does, will it kinda level up into a higher form of spren? Brandon Sanderson Yeah, it's possible. That is totally possible.
  12. Random spoilers
  13. That Scadrial had or has a third shard Breath can be used to do crazy things like Awakening weird stuffs