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  1. Everytime you eat strawberry jam you smell it to make sure no one incorrectly soulcast it... and wonder if you're eating a poison antidote.
  2. Way of kings prime print copies were only a backer reward, but Dawnshard physical copies will be out eventually. It sounds like it could be a while though (this is old, but it sounds like maybe near the end of this year).
  3. After spending way too long speculating about possible book 5 titles, I decided to make this for fun. (I know it doesn't use the T or account for the possibility of using an H, but for the sake of simplicity I just went with KoW). My title is "Kaleidescope of Wisdom". Does anyone else get a title they like? (I don't know if it's needed but in a spoiler box for size, no spoilers). (For anyone who isn't aware of the pattern of titles, see quote below)
  4. Based on the WOB above it does sound like Elsecallers will always use logicspren, but they actually aren't the most scholarly, and can have a wide variety of types of people. From "Elsecaller oaths are, like those of the Lightweavers or Skybreakers, themed toward the individual...Because of this, the Order is open to many different types, so long as they want to improve themselves...They seek self-improvement and personal betterment in their lives, but aren’t limited to one specific theme or set of Ideals. This makes them one of the most open and welcoming of orders, though they do tend to attract those who are less flamboyant. They have their share of scholars, and often a large number of theologians, but also attract those who are interested in leadership." Truthwatchers are generally regarded as the most scholarly: "The Truthwatchers are seen as quiet, largely known as the most scholarly Order of Knights Radiant. "
  5. I know this is generally what most people think, but my question was just if this had ever been explicitly stated anywhere. Do you have a source for this Connection between true and lesser spren? If you do that answers my question. I see the connection between windspren and honorspren, but to me the other connections are a little more questionable. Maybe a better question is if the lesser spren are Connected to the true spren or Connected to the Radiant? If they're connected to the true spren, then it makes sense that it would be based on the true spren type, but if they're Connected directly to the Radiant, it seems like they could be different types for different Radiants... Maybe?
  6. I had a crazy theory about this, so this may not work, but would all radiants of the same order need to have the same lesser spren in their plate? For example, creationspren would make complete sense for Shallan's plate, and many other artistic Lightweavers, but what if you have a Lightweaver who isn't artistic in that way? Could they use a different spren that better fits them? For example could a musicspren be used instead, or even something completely different? Similarly, Logicspren make complete sense for Jasnah, but another Elsecaller might not be as logical. So could the spren used be related to the individual radiant and what brings them joy? Flying on the wind brings Kaladin joy, so windspren, Logic brings Jasnah joy so logic spren, drawing brings Shallan joy so creation spren, doing something great/impactful brings Dalinar joy so gloryspren. Some types of spren would certainly be more common for certain orders, just wondering if they could sometimes be different. This may have already been disproven, but I'm just throwing it out there and looking for other's thoughts on this theory.
  7. They're a bit longer, but I like the thoughtfulness of both quotes, and these are the ones that stuck with me.
  8. I personally don't want a redemption arc, however, it's important to me that it is still possible. A main theme of SA is characters overcoming their past no matter what it is. This would be completely undermined by saying that a character is beyond redemption. Again, I think and hope he probably won't have a redemption arc, but object to the idea he can't have one. This goes to support this point. If Moash changed and made different choices like Dalinar he could be redeemed. However right now he hasn't yet indicated any desire to change, which would be necessary for this to happen.
  9. Curious what other think, what should the fate of the shards be? As in what would be best for the cosmere? Some of these may or may not be possible at this point, but this is just a question of what would be ideal for those living in the cosmere.
  10. I get what you're saying, but to me this is a little bit of a stretch to say his addiction caused his death. First of all, even without the honorblade Moash could have potentially killed him with another Shardblade, or in some other way. Or the spy could have found another way to steal the honorblade. This logic could be used to argue for cause and effect between a lot of random events. But beyond this, if Teft had completely given in to his addiction, he would never have ended up in this situation either. In my opinion it's actually a lot of the good things in his life that lead to his death, like being close with Kaladin and bridge 4, staying behind with Kaladin, etc. To me that's what makes it so sad when he dies - he was finally on the right track, making the right choices and that gets him killed.
  11. The easiest way to do this type of problem is to approach it backwards. You want the probability of all of them having a different birthday than you too be less than 1 or 2 percent. The probability of them having a different birthday is 364/365, so the probability of two different people having different birthdays than you is (364/365)^2, for 100 people it's (364/365)^100. (364/365)^1425 is greater than 2%, but (364/365)^1426 is less than 2% so for a 98% probability you would need 1426 people. The same process can be used to find that you need 1679 people for a 99% probability. Now to make things more interesting let's include leap years. Now (assuming you weren't born on leap day) the probability of someone having a different birthday is 1457/1461 (there are 1461 days in 4 years, and 4 are your birthday). So we want to solve (1457/1461)^n <0.02. Now you need 1427 people for a 98% probability and 1680 people for a 99% probability. Last but not least, to address the problem of how many people are needed for a 98-99% probability of any two having the same birthday, for one person there is a 365/365 change of having a unique birthday, for 2 people there is a 364/365 chance that their birthday is unique, for the third person, multiply 364/365x363/365 (there are 363 remaining unique birthdays did the third person, for the fourth, multiply by 362/365, etc. With 53 people, there is a >98% chance two share a birthday, with 57 people there is a >99% probability two share a birthday.
  12. Has anyone else tried to break down the Glyphs for the three different lights that make up Roshar? (I know they're not supposed to be broken down, but if it's supposedly possible I can't help trying :)). However after attempting to figure out how Nazh broke them down into Phonemes several times, I'm stumped. This was my best attempt, but the ones I marked as "s" (based on the hybrid phoneme S) look more like u, but there isn't a u in any of the names. And sometimes I have two of a phoneme if the letter comes up more than once, but other times only one (counting mirror images as one). Any thoughts on how he gets tavodovast, koradaros and rasodonar from the respective Glyphs?
  13. My students are a little young for the cosmere unfortunately. I'd really rather not lose any of the SA books as they are, but if I had to choose, I think Edgedancer could be funny with Lift and Windle and Nale all drawn as kittens, and it would be a shorter book to lose, so I might go with that. Or else if in-world books count, the Book of Endless Pages, because you could add endless pictures of kittens, and then you can imagine Jasnah giving Shallan a book filled with pages of kitten drawings.