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  1. I think one of the books (though I could be misremembering) said that the Aethers predate the shards/shattering. In this case maybe Autonomy copied parts of what she saw in the Aethers in the system for Taldain? That's my current theory at least.
  2. I think the audience is from first of the sun too. In addition to the quotes mentioned above, there's a reference to Aviars in chapter 24, which likely means the audience is at least familiar with Aviars
  3. When your nephew asks what words start with ch and one of the first words that pops into your head is chouta.
  4. What's the time gap to era 3? Could Marasi be a governor/leader on Scadrial in that era?
  5. Not super high quality, but I felt like this format was perfect for this.
  6. I think variable != null && variable.equals(constant) or the yoda condition could be ok. The advantage I can think of for using the direct check for null is that it will still work if you end up deciding to store the constant in a variable later on. What is this for? If it's a personal project, do whatever you want, if it's for a job or class, ask your team or professor what they prefer.
  7. Except on the second to last one, I feel like nightblood eating amulets of investiture makes more sense than nightblood eating omelettes. I thought just having the first two lines of that one without the rest was better. But these were fun, thanks :).
  8. It's fine if you disagree, it's just my unpopular opinion :). I can't enjoy Skyward, but like the others. But for a bit more to support my opinion, first of all, all good fiction draws from other sources. What makes a good book is combining elements in different ways. The inspirations that you pointed out above for Starsight are diverse enough that I think the combination is still enjoyable. Second, what stood out to me more than the plot in Starsight is the social commentary on how we interact with those who are different than us, and overcoming assumptions about others. There are lots of other books like this, but I really appreciate when themes like this can be explored in Sci-Fi and fantasy, as I think taking themes like this out of our polarized world and exploring them in a fictional space allows readers to be objective and reflective about them. Skyward lacked deeper theme because of the lack of diversity in the characters - they are all humans from the same spaceship, living in the same underground community. Yes, there's a little bit with some coming from different classes, but they still all have all grown up so strongly in the same culture that the interpersonal elements of the plot loses any real tension - in the end of course they are all going to come together to fight and defeat the aliens and that's it. I knew from the beginning exactly how the whole book would end up. In Starsight though, there's real conflict knowing that in the end, these characters will likely need to fight against each other. There are cultural differences that might not be possible to overcome with the superiority and how should that be coped with? How do you come to see a group that truly a are your enemies as real people and still fight against them? It's the reflective elements that there are more and more of as the series progresses that I like. In the end, maybe the problem for everyone is just how different Skyward is from the others. Skyward has more action, but I find just action to be flat in books. But I understand that someone who likes action might prefer it. Yes, the actual action moments in Starsight and Cytonic aren't that interesting, but it's all the non-action moments in between that make the sequels land for me and not the original. And again, the point of this thread is unpopular opinions. I know this would be unpopular, but it is my opinion, so I'm just putting it out there.
  9. I'm sure this will be an extremely unpopular opinion, but I'm sick of seeing posts like this, and this thread is supposed to be for unpopular opinion so... Skyward is by far the worst book in its series. When Cytonic came out I reread all three books in order. The entire way through Skyward, my reaction was "Why did I ever like this series?". It is 100% YA tropes, is completely predictable, and doesn't even have much as far as interesting twists - all those come later. Then I got Starsight and realized"Oh yeah, this is where all the original, interesting stuff starts". And after that, I thoroughly enjoyed Cytonic and am looking forward to book 4. However, I don't think I can make it through another reread of Skyward itself.
  10. I wonder the same thing, so this has a few more thoughts on the topic: Nothing's a perfect solution - Adonalsium is super overpowered, the current situation has had a lot of conflict between shards, and splintering had weird affects on Threnody. I'm curious about the idea of not having a vessel. Would the shards just become neutral forces or would they become consumed by their own intent without a human to rein them in? Are there any book examples or WoBs about a shard not having a vessel? I like the idea, I'm just not sure how it would work. I could either be great or terrible.
  11. I got it in 3 today! I definitely spent too much time in the last day thinking of 5 letter words and names from Sanderson books though.
  12. This was fun - thanks to the people who took the time to make it! It was harder than I thought thinking of words that would work - for the first day I'm satisfied with getting it in 4.
  13. The moment it hit 40,000,000
  14. Anyone think this could be one of the secret projects?
  15. Apparently this video is#1 trending on YouTube too! I would not expect a video of an author talking about his books to be #1 trending, which says a lot about his popularity.