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  1. I have always been under the impression a "Warrior" is someone who fights without needing to follow orders or rules of engagement. Whereas a "Soldier" is a warrior that follows orders and ethical code of conduct when it comes to fighting. We see that with Kaladin, someone who follows orders with fervor and does what he is told.
  2. The second I saw the flower design I realized how close it looked to the Ghostblood symbol. It is such a fitting touch and brings such a deeper meaning to logo. Especially since people gotta get it tattooed onto them. I am sure there is so much more meaning to it now.
  3. You are doing the Stormfathers work! I know how hard it is to read out loud. I used to read to my dog to help me work on fixing my speech impediment. It is not easy at all but your are so committed! I wish I had that drive! The paint you feel is both the pain of glory and also your throat giving out.
  4. I am so excited that we are getting Stormlight miniatures. I would love to get my hands on Mistborn minis as well. I would love to be able to make little diorama's.
  5. Thank you so much Hippo! This means so much! I hope you have a fantastic day!
  6. I started with Mistborn and loved it to death. I just did my big Mistborn reread.
  7. I have done some Sanderson You Tube stuff. I would kill to do some Sanderson professional stuff.
  8. Thank you very much! That means so much to me!
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Suda! I have lurked on here for a while but never made a full introduction. I have been a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson's work for a very long time. When I am not delving into the Cosmere. I am working on feature films, short films and podcasts for a living. My favorite series is Stormlight and the messages and themes really hit him to me. I am very chill person but can get passionate about themes and deep dives. I hope to have a chance to interact with you all. Because it is a real please to meet more like minded people who love the same worlds as I do.
  10. Here is a fun little PSA video I made for RoW. I hope you all enjoy it!
  11. It really puts you in the mindset of talking about Mistborn. Luckily all the brave firefighters were able to contain the fire that night.
  12. That is mighty kind of you to say thank you very much! I am curious what are some of the very important things and what are things you would love to see in a movie adaptation?
  13. I made a small video talking about the changes Brandon wants to make within Mistborn and some of my own, including approaching certain aspects of the material. As I was recording this video, it was raining ash because a wildfire was near my house. I would love to hear what people think and what they would love to see in a Mistborn movie.
  14. If you do die of laughter. My lawer told me that your loved ones or ghost can't sue me for man(s)laughter.