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  1. If you do die of laughter. My lawer told me that your loved ones or ghost can't sue me for man(s)laughter.
  2. Your fine! I appreciate all feedback and I totally understand the critique. Every video I’m learning and improving! I have gotten a good response from the video overall but even I am finding ways to improve for the future.
  3. Thank you for the advice, I am so used to editing podcasts and keeping the audio at a certain level I did not realize it was so loud. It is going to be changed in the future.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you very much! Every time I hold a Stormlight book I feel like I’m gonna snap my wrists.
  6. My friend and I made a little parody video. It was a lot of fun to put together. I would love to hear what people think.
  7. Upon further consideration and research, I think you are right. I might have irresponsibly used the word genocide. I was basing it off of my understanding of how other Desolations have been perceived and how the prologue for Way of Kings gives that feeling that it has always been a pattern of sheer survival.
  8. I think it is an impossibility during wartime where the very war is for your very survival, and you are in a small select group of people that can prevent all-out genocide. It might be an impossible standard, given the current situation.
  9. He has thought about it. Especially considering letting Roshone die to solve their problems, but his better nature gets the best of him. Although I don't believe Lirin is hypocritical. Personally, I think that he holds his son into impossible standards. That I feel like if he really was in a life or death situation to protect his family again is where he would find himself in a huge moral conflict. This time we would most likely see it internalized through his POV and not from Kaladin.
  10. I known people like Lirin, who hold certain people to impossible standards. Due to there own personal values or beliefs in certain things. Usually, they are deeply flawed people who don't follow their own advice. A good example of this is the first time Lirin sees the airship. It is discussed how it is a perfect device for war because you can move so many troops. However, the first thing Lirin says about it is how it would make a perfect mobile hospital instead of seeing it as a flying marvel. He understands the world differently compared to how Kaladin sees the world or anyone else is the Roshar. Seeing how we now have POV's from him. I would love to see what moral conflicts he is going to have, especially with his entire life being literally moved away.
  11. I was reading through the new chapters, especially with the Lirin POV. I have noticed a lot of foreshadowing of Lirin having to come face to face with his own code. Can one kill to save lives? "There are two kinds of people in this world, son. Those who save lives and those who take lives ... . You can't protect by killing." -Way of Kings I think Lirin will be put in a situation where he will have to kill someone to save a life. Most likely against the Fused or a human adversary. I would find this to be super interesting because, as of right now, Lirin does not have radiant powers, but he still has sworn the oath of doing no harm. Brandon loves to explore the idea of people’s faith. May it be in religion or believing in something or a concept, seeing a Lirin POV chapter much like in Oathbring with chapter 84 with Kaladin’s internal perspective. How either Lirin will either live by his sworn oaths that he chastizes Kaladin about constantly or have to break them to save possibly Hesina or Oroden. It has been something I have been thinking about since reading the new chapters today. I wonder what will happen because I would be interested to see what the outcome might be if this occurs. What do you all think about this?
  12. My favorite book so far is Oathbringer. In my opinion it is actually a near perfectly paced book. The last 200 pages always get me.
  13. I have read White Sand. I have not read Aether of Night. I actually don't know what that is.
  14. I have finished all the current Cosmere books. Just waiting for Stormlight 4 in November. I wish November would come sooner.
  15. Hello everyone, I am Suda! After a long while I decided to join the forums after browsing for a while. I have been looking for a fun community to join for a while and I think I found it. I hope to make alot of friends and talk about the Cosmere with hopefully every single one of you at one point.