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  1. I think Adolin is going to be our hero of books 6-10 and the biggest reason that will be possible is because he's NOT a Radiant. I haven't worked through all the possibilities yet but Adolin is being set up for some big developments in this book and because of timelines, those moments wont come in book 5
  2. Raboniel was awesome. She was super valuable to build Navani's character to show how similar they were but still different at the same time. Also she was useful to show that not all the fused are the same or in agreement with each other. The Raboniel, Pursuer, Leshwi dynamic was great. All fused, all different
  3. So I was really bored by the flashbacks in the book. I personally have no emotional investment in Venli as a character so seeing her come to be was not interesting to me in the least BUT I am very interested in what other people got from the flashbacks. I think other perspectives might make me appreciate them more. Your thoughts?
  4. I absolutely hate Lirin and no ones mental gymnastics or rationalizations will convince me otherwise. Dude is a coward and a fool
  5. Pretty sure Wit has stated explicitly that he's too old for almost everyone on the planet
  6. She glanced to him, then—instead of being provoked—seemed to relax. Adolin had that effect on people. Adolin the Allomancer (Soother)?
  7. So this big long post to say "Azure and Shallan might work together"? You didn't even actually conclude your post into a final thought
  8. No way. Killing the Normie is way too easy, the Normie needs to live until the 2nd arc to be the leader
  9. My off the wall guesses are: another personality of Shallans or Adolin
  10. seems pretty boring for one of our main characters
  11. Could Adolin be a/working with the Ghostbloods? SOMETHING had to have been going on with him while his dad was away or drinking himself into a stupor during Adolin's youth. Who would we least suspect among Shallan's group to be a ghostblood agent? It would make tons of sense for them to have approached him as a youth when he was vulnerable
  12. If we are talking 5E. I think the best way to make a Surgebinder fit into the mold would be to have players be able to pick 1 surge at each class feature level. 3, 7, 11 etc. I would try to find existing spells that fit the mold of each Surge and maybe slightly modify as need to make sure the Surges aren't too OP.
  13. I'm one of the few stoneward #1s. Nerd bros unite
  14. Its a persons opinion? He (and I) think the Veil personality is the most authentic and closest to the "real" Shallan. There is nothing problematic or misleading about that. Other characters opinions have absolutely no impact on the opinion that " the Veil personality is the most authentic and closest to the "real" Shallan."
  15. Nothing you said contradicts @Rainier 's post. Lost of strawmen in your post. Nothing is ever said about which personality is "most important" and other characters reactions to Shallan's personalities are all irrelevant when discussing which personality is the closest to Shallan's "real" personality