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  1. Hey guys, I made an art of the Oathpact when it was made.... I got the inspiration from the fan art of "The Oathpact Abandoned" where nine of the Heralds left their Honorblades in a circular pattern. It is a floral artwork of the Oathpact and the Ten black petals inside the inner circle represent the ten Heralds... Hope y'all like this...
  2. That's how George R.R Martin would have done it....
  3. JEZRIEN (Captain America) Role: the King; also known as the Herald of Kings Divine Attributes: Protecting, Leading NALE (Nick Fury) Role: the Judge, also known as the Herald of Justice Divine Attributes: Just, Confident CHANARACH (Scarlet Witch) Role: the Guard Divine Attributes: Brave, Obedient VEDEL (Valkyrie) Role: the Healer Divine Attributes: Loving, Healing PAILIAH (Shuri) Role: the Scholar Divine Attributes: Learned, Giving SHALASH (Black Widow) Role: the Artist, also called the Herald of Beauty Divine Attributes: Creative, Honest BATTAR (Ancient One) Role: the Counselor Divine Attributes: Wise, Careful KALAK (Iron Man) Role: the Maker Divine Attributes: Resolute, Builder TALENEL (The Hulk) Role: the Soldier, also known as the Herald of War Divine Attributes: Dependable, Resourceful ISHAR (Thor) Role: the Priest, also known as the Herald of Luck Divine Attributes: Pious, Guiding This was a great experience guys! Hope y'all like this arrangement.....
  4. Many died during recreance.... And we know by spren communities that they reproduce (maybe wrong term but anyway u get it) slowly....very few Honorspren we're created by Stormfather after recreance. So... How many Stonespren (u get it, Stoneward spren) are actually left and risking to bond with Humans? Clearly they are not offended like Honorspren... because the coalition is sending those orders whose radiant spren we're willing to Stonespren are cool, have no problem. What I am saying is, are they afraid to bond because many of their kin became deadeyes post recreance? If I were in their shoes and asked to bond a likely KR candidate, I would be like "Oh Hell no!"
  5. Lirin has more Truthwatcher to him than an Edgedancer.... TW attributes - Learned and Giving. Knows surgery and teaches Kaladin....
  7. I am....was your Friend. The one you call Buddy, binder of allies. And now I am dead. Odium has killed me. I am sorry.
  8. nightwatcher

    Maybe I am wrong. But I am not sure if Meleshi was bonded to Stormfather. If u have a solid evidence, then please share. Maybe Sibling slumbered because the then KR decided to abandon Urithiru....
  9. I know, out of the blue question.... Was Meleshi bonded to the Sibling??
  10. nightwatcher

    I did not understand you, friend. Can you please be specific with ur statement?
  11. People who are writing 1) Harmony.... Unity is coming. For u all. I am just an emissary.
  12. Brandon Sanderson. He created even Adonalsium....
  13. Ah, I feel so bad for Honor. He should have developed the Oathpact using sticks, Roshar wouldn't have faced a desolation.....
  14. nightwatcher

    Meleshi was a Bondsmith bonded to the Sibling, during the recreance. Highly probable that Sibling met the same fate as did the other sprens of the rest eight KR orders... The point is, Stormfather wasn't actively involved in trapping Nergaoul aka Thrill, I mean, he is not standing as a warden to the Unmade. He is doing his usual Highstorm stuff, granted blessings to Lopen on becoming a KR and chilling out with Dalinar.... So, while trapping Ba-Ado-Mishram, Meleshi broke an oath, thus pushing Sibling to "Slumbering". It can be reversed though, I strongly believe from the narrative that it will be. We see Maya becoming more and more conscious while staying with Adolin, who has attributes of an Edgedancer. So, about the nightwatcher, there is one problem. Cultivation lives. When Honor lived, the Stormfather under him did not understand much the ways of humans. He did not feel for the heralds when they broke their oaths, just knew they broke their oath (which is bad btw) and condemned them. He was more like the shard Honor, obsessed with oaths. I doubt when Honor lived how he bonded with humans, because Odium does say in Oathbringer chapter Passion that Dalinar is first to bond Stormfather in his current state. SF waited, and started sending those visions near the start of the true Desolation as said by Honor. So, nightwatcher too exibits these things, she does not understand Dalinar asking for forgiveness and is obsessed with the boon and curse game. Bonding with her with depends also on Cultivation's permission, since she is so much like her (also her splinter), calculating and cold. I don't think she (Cultivation) will risk, even if she can, allowing NW to bond with a potential Bondsmith, if it doesn't serve her. Recreance is still a big thing to the spren community.
  15. My speculation.... Stoneward, Edgedancer/Truthwatcher, Dustbringer, Elsecaller.... Stoneward- Time in Amaram's army, when no one could hold ground against Helaran Davar, Kaladin killed him. He stood when others fell. Edgedancer- Grew up as surgeon, took the bridgemen who were forgotten and gave them new lives. Cares for others and healed them whenever he could. This should be noted that my bid on Kaladin being a potential Truthwatcher comes from solely the fact that Wyndle, Lift's spren considered bonding with Ym, that means these two orders are very close. Learned and giving, the attributes of a Truthwatcher are also there in Kaladin because he trains bridge four and thirteen in Spears, how to make formations and fight. Also like. Dustbringer- As a guard of Dalinar and Elhokar Kholin, an attribute shared by Herald Chanarach herself, patron Herald of Dustbringers. Guarded the Kholins, never failed, even against Moash and Szeth in different occasions. Elsecaller- Never fought empty or cold, never got consumed by the Thrill, thinks before action and respects his opponents. He is wise and careful, a trait loved very much by an inkspren.