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  1. Ishar's connection with Dalinar was to steal his Nahel Bond with Stormfather, which was broken by Szeth via Nightblood. It was after this when Szeth went "Krazi Kul" and notches the Honorblade of Ishar in the following fight. It was after this that Ishar summoned the perpendicularity to escape. Ishar, imo, has summoned the perpendicularity many more times before, because this explains how he got the Radiant spren in their physical form (more like Humanoid). And experimented with them. Vedel is the crazy doc. who did it. I speculate this.
  2. Point to be noted.... After Odium killed Tanavast a.k.a Honor, Tanavast's cognitive Shadow merged with Stormfather making the spren more like the dead Vessel. This is from chapter 119, Unity of Oathbringer... A Dalinar viewpoint. Spren, powerful splinters, yes, helps that. More that now there is no Tanavast/Honor's laws binding them. So that is what I think makes Ishar a Bondsmith Unchained. If this, why not anyone with the specific pair of surges could do it, irrespective of the way an individual attained it?
  3. Do u think our Gagadin will bond a Peakspren?
  4. Only if our poor Jezrien fought like Ishar did then Teft and Phendorana wouldn't have died....
  5. I am so curious... Maybe Rayse referred as u will become a member among the Fused. Also the Fused emphasize so much on singer culture from transforming Kholinar to tailoring their dresses accordingly. Plus see Eila Stele. We still don't know much about the swap between the singer and human gods. Also Dalinar sees in Stormfather's visions that ordinary humans fought aside Singers during the desolations. Perhaps that is why El is so sympathetic towards humans ...
  6. What are his abilities though?? And is he Taravangian's champion now?
  7. Ishar the once Herald of luck is now completely insane as we see in RoW. Good job Odium! And now, he has somehow gotten his Honorblade from Shinnovar, killing it's guardian Neturo-son-Vallano, Szeth's dad. This makes him a Bondsmith free from Tanavast/Honor's prohibitions on him. So he can summon perpendicularity of Honor, drain Radiants of their Stormlight and was able to form Connection with Dalinar to steal his bond with Stormfather. All because now he has his Honorblade to grant him the surges of Adhesion and Tension. Also that he is experienced and knowledgeable in Bondsmithing. So the question is Can anyone do this if he/she - 1) Has bond with both Peakspren and Honorspren, or 2) Has a bond with a Peakspren and Jezrien's Honorblade, or 3) Has bond with Taln's blade and an Honorspren, or 4) Has bonded with both Taln's and Jezrien's Honorblades Also point to be noted - Narratively both these Honorblades of Taln and Jezrien are placed in such a way (Taln's not known where and Jezrien's with Moash, still) that point 2, 3 and 4 are invalid. 1 is way more difficult to do. So at the end is it the pair of surges or the uniqueness of Bondsmith sprens that allows one to do such incredible feats??
  8. Vyre no more..... Went blind. El. And I am Terrified!
  9. Hey guys, I made an art of the Oathpact when it was made.... I got the inspiration from the fan art of "The Oathpact Abandoned" where nine of the Heralds left their Honorblades in a circular pattern. It is a floral artwork of the Oathpact and the Ten black petals inside the inner circle represent the ten Heralds... Hope y'all like this...
  10. That's how George R.R Martin would have done it....
  11. JEZRIEN (Captain America) Role: the King; also known as the Herald of Kings Divine Attributes: Protecting, Leading NALE (Nick Fury) Role: the Judge, also known as the Herald of Justice Divine Attributes: Just, Confident CHANARACH (Scarlet Witch) Role: the Guard Divine Attributes: Brave, Obedient VEDEL (Valkyrie) Role: the Healer Divine Attributes: Loving, Healing PAILIAH (Shuri) Role: the Scholar Divine Attributes: Learned, Giving SHALASH (Black Widow) Role: the Artist, also called the Herald of Beauty Divine Attributes: Creative, Honest BATTAR (Ancient One) Role: the Counselor Divine Attributes: Wise, Careful KALAK (Iron Man) Role: the Maker Divine Attributes: Resolute, Builder TALENEL (The Hulk) Role: the Soldier, also known as the Herald of War Divine Attributes: Dependable, Resourceful ISHAR (Thor) Role: the Priest, also known as the Herald of Luck Divine Attributes: Pious, Guiding This was a great experience guys! Hope y'all like this arrangement.....
  12. Many died during recreance.... And we know by spren communities that they reproduce (maybe wrong term but anyway u get it) slowly....very few Honorspren we're created by Stormfather after recreance. So... How many Stonespren (u get it, Stoneward spren) are actually left and risking to bond with Humans? Clearly they are not offended like Honorspren... because the coalition is sending those orders whose radiant spren we're willing to Stonespren are cool, have no problem. What I am saying is, are they afraid to bond because many of their kin became deadeyes post recreance? If I were in their shoes and asked to bond a likely KR candidate, I would be like "Oh Hell no!"