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  1. Sweet Child O Mine
  2. Posted it in a separate thing, bu' Ip wrote and recorded this electronic music about The Stormlight Archives. Would love to do more stuff with people
  3. Btw I’m always looking for samples to use in these, if any musicians on the shard wanna send me recordings to use in future cosmere music that would be super cool. Let me know.
  4. At 9:40 in this video Ethan Klein loosely quotes Dalinar kholin. Coincidence? What do y’all think? (no poltical discussion here please, just curious if y’all think Ethan reads Brandon Sanderson)
  5. @SingingMosaic thanks I appreciate the compliments!
  6. My thoughts have been like a crazy instrumental track about the everstorm, something using the words to sgallans lullaby, like a haunting softer one, maybe like something about shadesmar like you mentioned @Karnage. Idk those have been a few of my thoughts.
  7. The szeth one is also sort of about moash a bit. It's intentionally a bit ambiguous
  8. @Karnage Yeah I've read everything but edgedancer (currently reading) as well as mistborn era 1
  9. @Karnage I’d love to do more, maybe release around rhythm of war. Any people or themes you think would fit the style of music?
  10. @Spren of Kindness thanks! I know it’s sort of a unique art project haha but I’m glad you enjoyed it.
  11. Favorite book is probably words of radiance, but I can’t remember how much I liked oathbringer haha rereading it next in prep for RoW.
  12. Good to see more TSA inspired music! Super cool, very sailory. Post the music when you get it done up.
  13. Hello friends! Here’s my cosmere artwork. My dream is that Brandon will hear these haha. I’m new to the 17th shard, hopefully there are others here who can appreciate what I’ve done here. I love TSA, these songs are sort of Pop/electro Music I made while rereading tWoK. All original lyrics and music. I put a lot of work into them, what’s your favorite of the three? If people like em I wanna do more let me know.
  14. Amazing, well done
  15. Hey I’m new here, love tsa and mistborn, big Brando fan. IMO best scene is the duel between adolin and 4 shardbearers in WoR.