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  1. I'm pretty interested to see what dusk goes to do. Could he perhaps seek a neutral third party, like the elantrians or Nalthis folk? Provided either of them haven't picked a side. I'd love to find out there was a third party trying to resist the two opposing forces, or a band of resistance built up of different planets/people's. This reading sure gives you a lot to think about
  2. I've been giving Adolin and Maya some thought recently, and I was wondering what would be involved in reviving her. Bit of a wild theory but something I think could be quite cool. What if Adolin is slowly progressing through his oaths without actually swearing the ideals. Like he is exemplifying everything he needs to be to a point where he could swear the oaths in quick succession like the way Dalinar spoke the first and second quite quickly? What if Maya and her previous radiant were already of the fifth ideal and Adolin needs to reach that level in order to restore her? Seems Adolin is a great pillar of strength to a lot of people and seems to be on his way to something amazing, I would love see the restoration of Maya catapult him to the upper echelons of radiance at a pivotal moment.
  3. Could've been in an earlier book, but I assumed he left to find out what he good, then just returned in warform? I didn't put a great deal of thought in to it at the time, as I didn't think it was anything of significance. Who knows though. Any idea if he gets a view point book?
  4. I just finished the book last night and my mind has been reeling ever since. As a whole it was pretty good, I think there were some sluggish parts of the book, but overall the highs really got me hyped. - as always, Adolin continues to shine, whatever is going on with him and Maya is going to be amazing to see. If she gets revived, Adolin as an amazing duelist with the grace of an edgedancer would be quite the spectacle. - I was fairly happy this formless creature has been ousted and hopefully put to bed. I find it a bit hard to read about Shallans struggles at times, I know people go through this in real life and I can appreciate that it would be difficult, but I feel it dragged on a bit for my liking. - I am hoping that Leshwi finds out what happened to her honorspren friend Riah, I hope Syl could maybe help her find out, as she may be the only one who knew her. - Kaladin story arc. Wow, from Tefts death to his vision with Tien, I gotta say I cried for a while. Some raw emotions came flying at me. I was worried for a hot second when Venli seen these murderous eyes during the Lezian fight scene, I thought we lost him for a sec, and how he killed Lezian was sheer brutality! - Dalinars discovery of the dead spren from Ishars hands leaves me with so much questions, not to mention this contract with Odium in 10 days time no less. It seems like we are being set up for disaster. - Raboniel... I really enjoyed this character, she had some amazing moments but showed how heartless she could also be when trying to accomplish her goals. Like a barbwire garrotte wrapped in velvet. - Wit, that epilogue was either a well calculated risk or the most likely, a huge oversight on his behalf with potentially devastating long term consequences. All in all, the ending in typical sanderlanche fashion blew me away. At the same time, I have been left with an overall sense of dread going into book 5. There seems to be a lot that could go wrong!!! RIP Teft, Phendorana, Raboniel, Veil and even poor Rayse
  5. Something else crossed my mind last night in bed. Could just be clutching at straws due to the fact I am worried about wit possibly losing his memories. It seems T/Odium destroyed something on his personage that sounds like a metal mind but of the Nalthis variety using breaths etc. After Wits speech to Jasnah earlier in the book when talking about the card game, Wit says he never bets everything he has. It got me thinking whether or not he could have other memories stored? Then it occured to me, Kaladin got Wits flute back a little earlier. So, could it be that the flute finds its way back to Wit and thus restoring his memories, even partially? And are there any other mementos Wit has given out that we know of?
  6. Agreed, honestly it freaked me out for a second, if he has lost a vast amount of memories, or worse, if Odium now has access to what he stole it could give him a vast amount of cosmere knowledge. Then I reread and started to think it was planned all along, hence the explanation of the trick, and I am wondering if he could've possibly seeded some misinformation amongst the memories (if Odium actually has access to them now). I just finished the book 20 minutes ago and either way I am worried about the implications, it's going to feel like an eternity to book 5!!
  7. Rhythm of War can't come quick enough! Dawnshard was amazing, some sort of heightening achieved by Rysn. Sleepless info dump. Some mystery surrounding Rock and the bow of hours? Gotta say, I know the Lopen has some haters out there, but his realisation that he isn't very well received had me tearing up. Poor guy just wants to cheer people up. I also picture Rua as some miniature mute Genie from Aladdin when he's fooling around, waving with multiple arms etc haha
  8. This post really jumped out at me. I have been wondering about this increasingly for the last couple of weeks, but after today's chapter I really love the idea of relationships between the Parshendi and Humans. I'm not saying Kaleshwi will necessarily be a thing, but I really loved their interactions in this chapter. I feel the have very similar views and both have a high regard for honour. I'm starting to wonder will they both find some common ground and maybe call a truce, even take a step towards peace and undermining Odium?! Really excited for next week! And the rest of the book for that matter!
  9. At the end of OB didn't it suggest Shallans illusions had resistance when hit? If that's the case, then what you said about attack would be insane. Maybe it's the soulcasting hybrid that could help. Lightweaving could help a great deal with the regular grunts of the enemy, rather than full voidbringers(but not really voidbringers ;))
  10. I thought that about Jasnah, but totally forgot about Szeth. Yea, that would kinda suck if that was the case
  11. I am pretty sure this is not the case, but I am wondering has anyone else thought the same? During the Kholinar excursion, Shallan had drawn a picture of Elhokar whilst sitting in the tailors shop. She depicted him as far as I remember bent over, with his chin up, defiant. When Moash sticks him like a pig later on, he was kind of down in a similar pose. I didn't realise the similarity until my next read through, then spent the next while seeing if there was anyway this could've been a lightweaving from Shallan. I couldn't think of any way this was possible based on her abilities at the time, unless, as she manages to give her illusions substance like she achieves later on. It doesn't answer everything, but did it cross anyone's mind?
  12. Honestly, when I binge read any series I have quite vivid dreams of said books. Just re-read all 3 stormlight books in anticipation of RoW in two weeks. This might seem long to some, but it's a solid bit of reading to me. Was having some great windrunner dreams, but somehow I always fly to slow, it annoys me so much! Before that I had Red Rising dreams as a howler, was fantastic.
  13. That's sooo metal!
  14. Some solid beans right here
  15. I hope we find out a bit more about the shin. In my mind's eye shinovar seems the closest to normal life on earth. From what I remember they had a solid lock down on blades, and didn't they actively seek retrieving shards(dead Spren included). Also, Szeth believes he is truthless, one of a kind, couldn't possibly imagine anyone else wielding surges, so I don't think he has access to the rest. That friction and grav combo you are talking about sounds awesome haha! And personally, I think Nightblood and Szeth make a killer couple! Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?