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  1. Other thoughts on the unusual modern Radiants: Venli - also worth noting that she can use Stormlight and Voidlight, which isn't normal - we'll have to see if they feel the same to her, or if there's some sort of difference. Renarin - he can't lightweave in the traditional way, but it certainly seems he can do, well, something. Hopefully, we get more insight into his interruption of Moash's hateful conversation with Kaladin. And the whole seeing the future thing. Kaladin - It definitely feels as though there are secrets to Kaladin we don't understand yet. The wind. The possibility that Syl isn't quite like other honorspren. And the fact that the shanay-im are fascinated by what he's done with the Windrunners in such a short time. I know the suspicion is that Cultivation may have a hand in setting the deck to get the humans a fighting chance, but I do wonder if Honor had a hand in this, as well. The spren fear that, without Honor, the Nahel bond could be more powerful. Maybe that's intentional. Honor clearly had time to prepare for his death, even if his own "death rattles" seemed to contribute to the Recreance. Perhaps his death was sacrificial, setting up a chance for Rosharans against Odium - hmm, that's going to need a better name and acronym...
  2. This is something I've been thinking about for the past week, and I've got no ideas to which I'm strongly committed. Anyone have any good thoughts on Zahel/Vasher's Intent? Could it be as simple as he's drawn to conflict to try to end it? I'm sure lots of folks have much better thoughts, which I would appreciate.
  3. If Adolin and Shallan take any of her squires (or Lightweaver underlings, if they've progressed that far) to Lasting Integrity, then it's definitely someone on that trip.
  4. Except, aren't we pretty (mostly absolutely) sure that Endowment, the Shard on Nalthis is not only alive, but wrote Hoid a letter in Oathbringer? It's also the one planet we're aware of where everyone there is born with the potential to use the Invested magic system, so long as they can get sufficient Breath. I'm not sure that's true anywhere else (Sel may be an exception).
  5. But it must not have been an active plan by the other 9. If something was done to the Oathpact, then Kalak wasn't aware of it until he met with Jezrien and the other 7 had already abandoned their Honorblades. Is it safe to presume that Ishar (as the creator of the Oathpact) was the one with the abilities need to put the full weight of the Oathpact on Taln? And the others, in their pain and torment and fear, agreed with that plan? Or perhaps even another proposed the idea?
  6. If Raboniel's disease came from another planet, I suspect it wasn't Raboniel who directly acquired it. If Heralds and Surgebinders are too strongly Invested to leave the Rosharan system via Shadesmar, then it seems reasonable to say the Fused are also unable to leave the system. But, then, I also choose to believe, until we have more information, that Raboniel actually created the disease by Soulcasting (think of it as Surgebinding equivalent of the creation of Nightblood; it was just her convincing something to "Destroy humans" in the same way that Nighblood was Awakened to "Destroy Evil").
  7. He's in Oathbringer. Just not for very long. In fact, I think that's the first time we see him interact with Dalinar. When the Shadesmar 6 leave the honorspren ship, Azure flat out tells Kaladin to tell Zahel she's looking for him. Since she's also told them she's not from Roshar and came looking for someone, they have an awful lot of evidence that Zahel isn't just a swordmaster ardent. Now, whether that's the most important thing they've had to deal with in the last year during the gap between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War? Very, very unlikely.
  8. But her victims aren't alive still after the process, which the Nine are, which is what I was trying to get across. It's not even clear with the text if they're encased in stone are somehow merged into the stone columns. Jasnah has tremendous skill in Soulcasting (I believe there are references to her Soulcasting fire into her papers as a means of writing notes, and she cleansed Shallan of breakneck powder despite noting she's not good at blood Soulcasting), but I definitely don't think we've seen the limit of Soulcasting capabilities, and I suspect the Fused have some abilities the Soulcasting human Surgebinders haven't considered.
  9. We haven't seen any really experienced Soulcasters with a natural affinity for Soulcasting. We've seen Jasnah do some pretty impressive things. And maybe Shallan was Soulcasting weight into her illusions (again, per Jasnah). However, I'm not certain Jasnah could Soulcast a living being into stone in the way the Nine are described (or surround them with Stone). It's going to be interesting to find out more, and what's really accurate. I'm not totally loving Venli as a character yet (though I can't say I loved Dalinar when he was actively influenced by the Thrill, and that's similar to the state Venli experiences while in a form of Voidish power, right?), but finding out about the Singer culture and abilities. Very interesting.
  10. Also, no one give Jasnah the idea of Soulcasting bioweapons. Thankfully, biologic Soulcasting, according to her, isn't a natural strength. That could be even worse for Roshar than Navani's fabrial arms race...
  11. 1 Lezian's name seems appropriate to me: His (presumed, by me, at least) Transportation ends each trip with the creation of a body, which he can abandon as a quickly-decomposing husk. And what Surge are the Heavenly ones using if not Gravitation? It certainly looks very similar to the Basic Lashings of Windrunners and Skybreakers. As for Raboniel, I do believe her group (the fannahn-im) use Transformation. Why? Building construction in Roshar has a long tradition of Soulcasting. A group that can Soulcast directly with Investiture (rather than through a Fabrial Soulcaster) can create something quite beautiful compared to the functional barracks of the Alethi. Take Jasnah's Bronze wall, for example. More importantly, Soulcasting biological constructs could be a means of creating a deadly bioweapon, given the technological levels of humans and singers. I think it would be much more challenging for someone using Cohesion to directly research bioweapons. At least, based on what we currently know.
  12. I had forgotten that conversation and read it last night. I guess, for now, we don't know how squirehood works in detail. The details that came from Brandon's Knights Radiant quiz noted that even Bondsmiths could have squires, which I certainly hadn't expected. Perhaps Rhythm of War will teach us more about squires, at least for some of the Orders. I do think it would be somewhat disappointing for Shallan to have only one squire. Her espionage team would be more effective with more than one squire using Stormlight independently - though maybe the range at which Stormlight works away from the Radiant could also be different?
  13. Does Dalinar still have ardents? Is he allowed to have ardents as he's been excommunicated? I have no idea of the answer to those questions. I do agree that, as the Skybreakers are currently formulated, only masters (4th Ideal spoken) can have squires, who are not full Skybreakers until speaking the 3rd Ideal. Is it mentioned in Oathbringer if masters can have more than one squire? I don't recall (and it hasn't been mentioned so far in the reread of Oathbringer I'm doing now).
  14. I've tried searching, but I haven't found an answer. I suspect it's been discussed and I've just missed it, but: I've noticed on my reread that there are glyphs on the 'cover page' for each part of the novels. Is there a pattern to these that has been identified? In the physical books I have (Words of Radiance and Oathbringer), Parts 1 and 5 are both the glyph representing the book it is (Lightweaver for WoR, Bondsmith for Oathbringer). I'm not sure I recognize all the other glyphs clearly, and the e-book (the only version of tWoK I have until I get the Kickstarter) doesn't include these glyphs. Any clear significance? Or just decoration? Thanks for any answers that can be provided.
  15. I definitely look forward to getting a conversation with Ishar that isn't just pompous raving via spanreed. An interlude would be fantastic - plus that's a geographic area of Roshar about which we haven't gotten much info.