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  1. good to know, I had no idea.
  2. oh ok. I didn't know there was a rule against that. I was replying to one I saw earlier, and had already planned to put the other one.
  3. ?? I'm only seeing it once
  4. When you connect everything you study in some way to Sanderson's books. (talking about slavery during the Haitian revolution in history, my first thought was about the parsh; half of Nature of Science I have to stop myself from connecting everything to Cosmere physics out loud; thinking about the Lord Ruler when they ask about the symbolism of Big Brother in English class...) there are so many examples of that.
  5. I wish that would happen with me and my irl friends.
  6. I can't do it this time, but I'm hoping that for the next stormlight book, or maybe lost metal I'll be able to join the efforts.
  7. I really did like the time machine feature for RoW. I'm up to date on the Cosmere, and so what I've done is for my discord, which is geared towards new readers for the Cosmere is have a channel called copper mind and one called arcanum where someone that has a question can ask the people who are up to date, and they can look it up, and tell them, omitting the spoilers for what they haven't read, which you can see because of the roles. Its organized by series, but at least I generally know on what book the people who are in the middle of a series are in, so that helps too.
  8. definitely agree here. not sure if I'm going with the theory, but its an interesting theory.
  9. Ok great
  10. I’m glad you enjoyed it. As for the instagram account, I don’t know why you weren’t able to find it. In any case, here’s the link
  11. We had a great time recording today, thanks for all the little pieces of lore. Our next episode is going to be the full spoiler discussion, so if there is anything that goes into that category, feel free to leave a comment.
  12. I saw this notification pop up, and a smile split my face that one of the panelists on Shardcast is listening to us. I hope you enjoy the rest of it. But being from 3 different countries, of course pronunciation would come up.
  13. Nice. There is a reason we chose the 16th after all.
  14. Starting a new podcast with a couple of friends, and have released the first of our monthly episodes today, talking about what the Cosmere is, and some recommendations for first time readers. We’d love to have your feedback, and questions, or something you want us to talk about. Appropriately, the release of episodes will be the 16th of each month.
  15. I had no idea. Nice fact.