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  1. 100% agree. I feel like we don't have any other ones.
  2. Wow, thats great that your teachers read and are fans of Brandons books
  3. Thanks for all these, they're great
  4. wow. I can recite the opening of every wot book, since its always the same, but because of that its far easier to learn
  5. I know well how these discussions go, so I'm not going to start a huge debate that gets out of hand. So we can agree to disagree
  6. Speaking of, I remember they explained on the 3rd Shardcast episode on the Radiants that there was some confusion about which surges the Willshapers and Bondsmiths have. With Rhythm of War, we've seen Venli change stone, my question is if that on its own solves the problem with what the Stormfather said, or if that's a continuity problem.
  7. That's far from true. Jordan was a master of storytelling, and while he does have a different pacing style than Sanderson does, I'd say that that is a false statement. Its one thing to express your opinion, another to say that all the books are bad except Sanderson's. The foreshadowing is absolutely MASTERFUL. You think Brandon's is great? Jordan's is even more so. Brandon learnt a lot about that aspect of writing from Jordan. I'd also say that the cultures are excellent, and one of our main characters has one of the best character arcs I've ever read. Every step in their progression is logical, but the change they go through is really large. There is so much hidden depth in these books, in the way that things for later are set up, and all the layers of different scenes. Great example of this is a sequence in Path of Daggers.
  8. Finally found the story I was looking for yesterday 33:23 is the timestamp
  9. It didn't sound like there would be from what Brandon said yesterday on Reddit
  10. already did. No explanations, just an image of a quote about Kelsier with the Fortnite logo underneath
  11. Thing is, he did talk about this on stream before. The director is one of his neighbors, and his son designed something in the game for one of his friends who's a huge fortnite fan
  12. I've seen some speculation on a picture book announcement, which would be really great. Personally, I don't think it will be movie/game related, since he said its not something we would expect. It's pretty clear that the first thought that would come to people's minds is a movie/Tv show announcement. I really like that guess as well
  13. Our full spoilers Well of Ascension episode with special guest Christian was uploaded. It would really mean a lot if you listen to it, and if you enjoy it to share your opinions on why, but also give us feedback as to how we can improve.
  14. Relatable, I've done something very similar. My extended essay is about how mental health/illness affects character development, and I'm using (WOT) and Shallan as examples
  15. As we prepare for our Hero of Ages episodes for the Worldhoppers Podcast, I'd like to ask for some fun lore, like I have before, about Hero of Ages, with no Cosmere (including Era 2 and SH) spoilers. I'm saving the ones I've gotten about that for our secret history episode when we can discuss all those secrets freely, but it will be a while until that happens.