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  1. I think this is an important point, and I'm quoting it because YouTube was sneaky and recommended a fascinating video on an interview of three people with DID. It was eye opening for someone like myself, who had only ever known facts about the disorder through pop culture, and Shallan. I recommend it for anyone else interested in learning more. Link:
  2. I pictured it like: Lyn has a crush on their tough and mysterious leader. Syl: She has a crush on you, ask her out. Kaladin: No. Test: Just do it, son. Kaladin: Fine. Lyn, meet me for dinner. Lyn: Uh, yes sir? Then she finds out his mysteriousness is just depression and total focus on the war and his men, he's unable to be honest and open up to her, they never quite leave the subordinate/commander dynamic, so she breaks up with him. Anyway, Kalalyn happening and ending in two sentences definitely got a chuckle out of me. And I like the idea of Skar and Lyn @Harbour! Hopefully still a possibility!
  3. I'm liking the mixed POVs to start this book off, glad he went with that. 1. I think we'll go back to Kaladin POV and the evacuation orders. We'll see Roshone being selfless and running for the captured townfolk Hopefully get some updates on whichever Windrunners / squires flew in. Hopefully an update on at least one Bridge Four person. The Mink will offer up some tactics and we'll get some good old fashioned fighting by Kaladin. 2. I agree I think we'll see Shallan (the Shallans?) wake up. Her spheres will have been removed and she'll look like herself again. I think Pattern will have done some recon while she was out, and we'll get info that way. I like the idea that we'll be hearing that she'll be meeting Restares or Ialai in short order. 3. I would love a Venli or Eshonai history segment thrown in here too, but only if it's related to the climactic scenes Brandon has already set up. My guess is we won't see one until after the Hearthstone battle. Hope I'm wrong! Guessing is fun! I love being completely wrong, Brandon is so good at pleasantly surprising me.
  4. Absolutely great point! That really cleared it up for me. Also do y'all believe that they kidnapped Veil-Chanash because she claimed to have an "in" at Urithiru, and they want in? I like to hope they and/or the Ghostbloods are still independent, and that they didn't follow Amaram and the Skybreakers to Odium's side. I'm going with "to return the dominance of the Vorin Church (Coppermind)" is still their goal. I don't really get how they're doing it, but I'm hoping we're about to find out! I'm going to made a wild guess that Restares is some head ardent, and that he's not an ardent we've met before.
  5. Wouldn't it be a stunning turn if Renarin was the champion? Such amazing chapters! I felt swept up in the awe and tension and vastness, amazing job, Brandon. 1. I'm going all in on Navani bonding the Sibling this book. 2. I had guessed Dalinar wouldn't be able to open a Perpendicularity on a whim. Glad to see I'm wrong. 3. My Shallan guess is her last secret is about the Unmade influence on her house. So many other things to get excited about, but many of you have already said it best. 4. Since no one is defending Lirin, I will. He's petty and judgemental, yes, but he's not so wrong as I think he seems. On Dalinar: The Blackthorn is one of the worst killers out there. I also likely won't bow to a real-world warlord unless I see that person being better with my own eyes, and believe it's not a marketing campaign. On Kaladin: It's unfortunate that Lirin can't come around and be more accepting of his son in a world where either of them could die any moment. In a less extreme world though, Lirin just comes across as a disappointed father to me. Pretty standard character trait in my asian upbringing. Edit: pretty to petty
  6. Quick question, is the Fused we see in Chapter 1 Turash? I'm regretting planning my reread to end in October rather than July. Edit: To prevent double-posting. Navani here is super interested in fabrials, and Gavilar's words likely lead her to think she's no real scholar. Leading her to this line in WoR: "I'm their patron, dear.... They suffer me." Tinfoil: If the Sibling is Urithiru, and Urithiru is a giant fabrial, I can see Navani bonding the Sibling being a emotionally redemptive too.
  7. oathbringer

    Hmm minor questions I'm wondering about... 1. When Gaz's eye heals, will it give him some sort of extra sensory power? I saw a theory that it will be able to see into Shadesmar, and I love that idea. 2. What happened to Dreamstorm, the horse that bucked Kaladin I'm WOR? And on that note can Rhyshadium hear the rhythms? I want to know what all the spren look like in the CR vs the PR!
  8. I recall being confused on a lot of characters, places, and vocabulary. Questions like: What are all the names of the Heralds? They seem to change every time I hear them. Am I supposed to know them? Do I just suck at reading fantasy? Etc. But it was really liking some characters and their struggles that made me want to keep reading all three, and then want to listen to podcasts and read all of the cosmere and figure out all this stuff I didn't understand on the first read-through. I'm worried that if there isn't at least one character he's excited about, that he won't want to put in that time investment? But the fact that he's sad about Jasnah's death bodes well I think. I hope it works out for you. I gave the book to my dad, who loves sci-fi / fantasy. But that guy is at an age where he barely understands TV shows, I don't know what I expected
  9. This is what I love about the forums! We have the same information to draw from and draw completely different conclusions! I'm not going to refute any of your points on why people didn't share information, I think we're in agreement that it is understandable they did not. You say a few times that the other Radiants never said anything to Elhokar / figured out that he may have been on the path, but I take that as just an extension of the tragedy! All these opportunities to have enough information to make educated decisions. Thinking from your side of the discussion, this is my favorite point against mine: And this brings it full circle! I'm back to the original question of "Was Elhokar a Bad King?" or now: If Elhokar had known he was being chosen for radiancy, could he have willed himself earlier on to be a better man? Would he have taken steps to grow on his own before getting examples like Kaladin? Was he too biased against Radiants in TWoK and WoR for it to have made a difference? Hmmm. This is interesting because my original comment is me assuming that given more time and knowledge to do so he would have taken steps to improve himself, and thus was a worthy leader and king. But if I look at the questions I just asked, I just don't think he would have made any effort to grow as a person! And that makes him a bad king doesn't it?
  10. I didn't mean to take this so off of the Elhokar discussion, sorry about that. I agree that Jasnah had legitimate personal reasons to not tell the truth, but was that the right choice? 1. In TWoK Dalinar references wishing Jasnah would return to the Shattered Plains because he could trust her, and this is well after he's begun reading the Codes. 2. It leads me to believe they had established trust while she was at least a Surgebinder, and she had opportunity to tell him the truth. 3. She knew Gavilar had said "the most important words a man can say" and I believe she's smart enough to realize this may relate to the oaths she's been making, and to explain this to Dalinar who's spending so much time trying to understand that line. 4. Elhokar does mention the Cryptics to Dalinar, and if Dalinar had heard Jasnah's story he could have informed Jasnah himself. I still agree she had legitimate reasons to keep them a secret. Things you said, plus potentially others, like wanting more hard facts, etc. Kaladin I think is generally said to have made the wrong choice in not telling Dalinar the truth earlier on, or at least Syl thought so. I also think he has legitimate personal reasons to not tell the truth. But how can he be wrong and Jasnah be right to keep the secret? I believe the right choice for Kaladin would have been to be truthful with Dalinar, and by that logic Jasnah should have been as well.
  11. I don't know what the first three are, I meant that because I'm averaged across three orders that maybe I wouldn't become the perfect fifth Ideal Willshaper. Or maybe I would, regardless I'm excited to see what the Willshaper Ideals are in this next book, because I'm still excited to be categorized as a Willshaper. It's interesting that you got something so different than what your wife gave you! I've seen a lot of Lightweavers here and on Reddit who had other people take their quizzes for them (it's like they're worried about lying or something ). I hope you go with the quiz that you took for yourself!
  12. This theory makes way more sense than mine. I like that this theory fits more with this is Hoid telling a historical story, and also foreshadowing a revelation from the end of the book that it's in.
  13. Willshaper (63%), elsecaller (62%), then Windrunner (62%). At first I thought I should take the test again and see if I get a bigger split, but now I just think I'd likely only make it to Willshaper Third Ideal. I can accept that.
  14. Agreed, which is why I initially thought Hoid was helping Kaladin see his future somehow. Brandon's WOB and this line from Hoid make it plausible to me that it's also tangentially historical. To me it sounds like he'd based it on something he knew, but Kaladin made it new.
  15. Okay this is real tinfoil but here goes... Initially I thought this was Kaladin's future, but Brandon says Hoid can't see that far. Wandersail appears to be about Honor being dead. Girl Who Looked Up appears to be about humans leaving Shinovar (and other cool theories), but essentially it's a historical story. Hoid says in WOK and WOR that they're old stories but he doesn't interpret them for people. Our characters relate them to themselves and the current book etc but Hoid also says that stories repeat themselves. So if Fleet is some historical story, it sounds like a story of someone who became a Cognitive Shadow. There's a whole thread here on a theory that Nohadon became one, and this is why he was able to talk to Dalinar despite the Stormfather fleeing him. Could Fleet be a story about Nohadon? Alright took my tinfoil hat off, tear this to pieces.