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  1. I'm glad you made this post because what was going on there!? I also thought Sho Del at first but yeah, it doesn't make sense. This is a new mystery we have to keep an eye out for. Who was Lightweaving? The reptilian?? Riina???
  2. I wasn't loving the crossover aspects in the main books, but I'm realizing it's because (to me, and I understand completely it's a personal problem) they felt like side paths to the main story, and maybe a little shoehorned? These crossovers were integral and I LOVED it. I'm way back on board. Really behind Hoid as a main character in endgame. Love. It. Artwork was stunning. I thought, "Howard you brilliant mfer" when the chapter headers changed from green vines to red spikes. I can't decide if there's a universal Connection trick they've figured out, or everyone is using their own magic systems and coming up with ways. Sel - AonDor can rewrite Spiritweb. An Elantrian doing this makes sense, but how was Shai doing it in TLM? She didn't have constant access to Dor. Nalthis - Awakened tablets (bloody brilliant, and I cried when Fort got a replacement), Xisis potentially using Breaths or an unknown magic system Scadrial - Feruchemy Allomancy Medallion stuff, but Ulaam definitely had a different method here.
  3. Sazed says this at the end: This is like Shadesmar vs Cognitive Realm vocabulary. People in world are going to have a name for it which is not it's most correct name.
  4. I agree completely. Her reaction to the secret keeping was a breath of fresh air. Every time she fought it I had a smile on my face. "Wax shares what I need to know," & feeling satisfaction that Wayne is catching Moonlight's acting, & laying into the Ghostbloods for not being forthcoming in what could have led to the foiling of the Set's plans much earlier. I very much agree she made the right call and is going to make a bigger difference in Scadrial & the cosmere because of it. And maybe the GB will stay friends with her and maybe work with her on a few things over the years still (here's to hoping).
  5. There are some small things I want to toss out because I think the big things are being said better than I'd say them. 1. Having Wayne mourn Tobal, who up until that point for the reader & the other characters was just a means to an end, was very beautiful. There was so much melancholy in the "only a man's whole life" line. 2. Marasi and Allik are a flip on the working husband and classic stay at home wife, and it's done very sweetly. At first I thought it odd but I came around to it by the end. He just takes care of her, is there for her, and lets her do her thing, and he'll probably have more agency in the Southern Continent when they go there. 3. For us as readers, Jak is a doubly campy, fantastical version of Wax & his adventures, meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek on the campy stories that inspired Era 2's more "real" campy steampunk western vibe. & Nikki Sauvage is the same for Marasi. Nikki has got that less offensive except in the perfect situation power, etc. And then we have this story from her about Nazh saying goodbye right after Marasi & Wayne have their goodbye, and I really think it's a campy play on it. The campy romance near-kiss she's been wanting for six years, he taught her to curse, came into her life with bursts of adventure, picks her pocket, then leaves her behind to save the world. 4. Wayne's mother's story is what I thought during the preview chapter discussions. Marasi flies across a (dry) river & shoots the man in the face. Steris finds the snake (Set member) in the canyon of death / den of snakes (Senate). Wax goes into the belly of the beast (staircase scene in Shaw) and pushes to choke it (knocks the rocket over), the beast dies (Telsin) and he walks out in glory (duralumin push & explosion Marasi sees). And then Wayne at the end of course (TT_TT)
  6. Just to make us cry, and dang did it work.
  7. I think this conversation is missing that Wax's Pathian earring is very likely giving him pewter powers. There were other theories out there about this in previous books, and it's reasonable to assume that Sazed is just giving the reader confirmation finally that the earrings he keeps giving Wax are a Pewter Hemalurgic spike. That's not to say I don't think Wax could be a micro-Mistborn or something, I just really don't think he took the not-Wax pewter spike.
  8. To add to this: 1) Were the gooey biscuits Allik made chocolate chip cookies? And more seriously: 2) How did Nazh get to the CR through an aluminum compass and key? What sort of insane portable perpendicularity was in that compass? 3) Is Wax a mistborn & did he and Steris have a third kid who might carry that more pure genetic trait? She said she wanted another child. 4) ...Where is MeLaan? What creature(s) is she interacting with? Are those black mists representing Outer Space? 5) Is Daal that Ghostblood dude at the end? Probably not right? 6) What are the four primary systems that are too dangerous to access? Bjendal, Roshar, Scadrial(?), Taldain(?), Sel(?)
  9. There was so much else I was ready to discuss about for this book, and I'm trapped in Wayne's death. Huge credits to Brandon, because he captured the experience around a shocking death of a family member who died young. I identified with Marasi throughout the books, and her finding out Wayne was dead-- that feeling of safety, then dread, the feeling like the world is cracking, the terrible grief immediately held back by an incredible denial-- it is so true to my own life and the way it felt. I thought I was mostly over it, and I'm clearly not. This hurts so, so bad. For whatever else we're going to say about this book, to me what Brandon did here is incredible. Not just that he wrote that scene with Marasi, but that he made me really feel the family between these characters before he broke me with it.
  10. YALL IS WAX A MISTBORN. IS ATIUM IN THAT SIXTEENTH VIAL. I'm freaking out. So happy about clearing up Trell = avatar of Autonomy. I'm too distracted about Wax probably being a Mistborn to even focus on other secrets of this chapter. storm.
  11. This gets into relativity stuff now but the thing/person creating the bubble has to consider themselves stationary relative to the thing around them, i.e. Marasi activating a slow bubble on a train & it moving with the train. So imagine an engine block in the ship. That engine block considers itself stationary relative to the ship & it's the thing creating the speed bubble. So the engine considers itself in the center of it's speed bubble constantly, but the ship continues to move through it, because it just happens to be a massive bubble.
  12. I'll try rewording it in the silly way it made sense to me. So Wayne can make a speed bubble right, and from the outside it looks like he leaps from one side of the bubble to the other simultaneously. Problem for him is that he ages while in that bubble. Now imagine he had a tiny Allomantic grenade that just encapsulated his body, but was standing on a skateboard that was already moving. From the outside he still leaps from one end of the speed bubble to the other, but for him time passes slowly. Then you just do this so both speed bubbles are attached to grenades, and the speed bubble is larger than the slow bubble. The skateboard becomes the ship. The ship moves through the speed bubble, and the people on the ship have tiny slow bubbles.
  13. Okay I hope Trell's plan is your plan, because that's a much smarter plan to combat Harmony himself than nuclear holocaust (terrible for humanity but how terrible exactly for Harmony? Harmony is still the dirt and the water and the air etc.), only counter argument is if Trell is invested in Scadrial anywhere at this point. If he is, he wouldn't want the planet destroyed right?
  14. No you're right, the quote is $5 million for that quarter. So as of BoM they probably have about 20 mil in liquid cash moving about per year. My brain is also going soccer/lacrosse and elements of Quidditch. I'm also a huge fan of it being ANY Metalborn/medallion wearer in that position, that could get really interesting. I want him to allow one Allomantic Grenade per team when they get less rare... and I want to write a whole rulebook and team plan now... Back to the Chekovium dust for a sec: Is this... is this Wax inhaling Atium or Lerasium or Trellium dust and not realizing. Is it in his body right now?