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  1. My vote is 2nd POV will be M-Bot! He's finally free of his coding, I'm interested in seeing him deal with that.
  2. I like that time range, either 6 weeks for a book, or starting in September and doing a book a month. Since you've read them recently, is there a good way to split the books up? I also like the idea of it being spoiler free for your friend.
  3. Anyone out there planning a reread before the releases of the novellas & Cytonic? Maybe we could plan to do certain chapters by certain dates & discuss. Regardless, I know I'll be rereading them since I need a refresh on the characters and plotlines.
  4. Hehe, I stumbled across your profile while listen to a Requiem (I'm currently about a minute into the second movement) and I was like Owo. This is amazing, you are amazing, I love coincidences (except it's hardly a coincidence due to the frequency in which I listen to requiems...) :lol:

  5. Gavilar could have had Breaths: And Life sense potentially??
  6. I did see this theory somewhere else (Todium's Champion thread?), and the second I read it it really struck home. There's a scene in Oathbringer at Gavilar's funeral, the Soulcaster says something really weird to Dalinar that could be interpreted as Gavilar lived on.
  7. I love this! I could picture every shot, fantastic job. The voiceovers were great picks. Great job being subtle with the storyline without really giving spoilers. I want to watch your movie now.
  8. The fact we're all saying and thinking different proves this scene was confusing, at least. I agree nearly completely with what @Leuthie says, except for the last paragraph. I'm not sold on Todium able to read the memories he excised. My opinion is Todium would have to (harmonize?) with Endowment's investiture to read the memory, and Odium wouldn't want to do that.
  9. I am in line with this theory too, that the Fleet story is more than foreshadowing Kaladin's Book 2 arc but also Kaladin's whole 5 book arc. Except my brain keeps thinking he won't become Honor but rather the Wind and send out windspren shardplate like a Rosharan Oprah. Now I'm wondering if The Girl Who Looked Up is foreshadowing more than just the Book 3 reveal or Herald stuff. Maybe it's supposed to signify Shallan worldhopping. Looks up and sees the rest of the Cosmere or something. Hmmm.
  10. I agree with what some others are saying that it wasn't explicitly stated in the books. Do you perhaps listen to the 17th Shard podcast? I listened to their recent B-A-M episode and they referenced an earlier Recreance episode where they'd all concluded and agreed that the spren were willing participants in the Recreance. Perhaps that's where you heard it, or enough commenters in the forum had heard it for the idea to spread.
  11. I savored every chapter. Every moment with these characters was delicious. So glad the 17th Shard exists and is so active to give me something to hold on to until the next Brandon book! Some stand out moments for me besides the part 5 insanity: - Wishing Kaladin would fight during the beginning of the occupation. Then when he did finally fight back and I realized how bad it was for him mentally... I felt so guilty. - When Formless took over I seriously thought Shallan was a fake persona for a moment. - I can't get the image of the cryptic in Ishar's spren experiment out of my mind. So disgusting and horrifying. - Venli's scenes make me want to go make ceramics by hand.
  12. I can get behind this theory!
  13. I think Moash is due for a good ol' GRRM satisfactory death. I am liking the idea of he loses Odium's favor and can't live with the guilt. I don't hate him though, I agree with what was said earlier, that I understood and agreed with his initial anger. He called Navani out on the Roshone thing which I appreciated. Dalinar didn't learn from his mistakes - literally sent the abusive ex-highprince to live a luxurious, if mostly imprisoned, life in Azir, where I'm sure Dalinar assumes he can't hurt anyone anymore. And for the purposes of the books he probably won't. Still it frustrates me that Dalinar hasn't had to learn from that mistake. Doesn't mean I forgive Moash though. Just wish there were more characters saying some of the caste-system things he says.
  14. 1. Journey before destination, you bastard. - I likely won't forget that line ever. Too badass. 2. I will seek freedom for those in bondage. - I've been hyped for a Willshaper Oath ever since I found out it was my order.
  15. I've been anticipating this thread all book and I love that I can finally jump in and comment! Everyone's ideas are awesome. I agree that it's probably something simple, three or four words. 1. I can see a general Windrunner Fifth Oath being "I will protect... Myself" where myself is interchangeable. 2. Kaladin and Teft have called themselves the watchers on the rim a few times. I could see another version being "I am the shield" or something similar. 3. I think Kaladin breaks the mold though. I think he does something insane like "I am the Wind". > He talks about an affinity for the wind his whole life > Fleet started his race in the West, nearly fell in the Azish mountain range like Kaladin in RoW, and ultimately dies in Shinovar, where Kaladin goes Book 5. He then rises as part of the storm / the wind. > The idea of Kaladin Stormblessed is becoming mythical even to people who know him as a man. > Syl hints at the sadness she'll go through when Kaladin eventually dies. Kaladin also mentions how falling isn't quite the same as Syl's flight. I think these things are foreshadowing that Kaladin and she will get to ride the winds together forever. > I personally think this will be the way to escape the chemical imbalance he deals with and finally be happy. But I think it was really important for him to (invent?) therapy first, because it's definitely important to see that as an option. Had there not been a war I can see him taking therapy far. I still believe the research / methods will continue on after him. This is my way out on a limb theory but I'm going all in on it. My issue with my own crazy crackpot theory is how does being the wind even help the war effort at all. Unless he can become shardplate for everyone.