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  1. Not really, but also yes. TPBM is wearing a bandanna.
  2. I'm working my way steadily through Knife of Dreams. Wheel of Time is definitely a lot more enjoyable to read when you already have an idea of what's happening.
  3. If I had a nickel for every time the same person asked me if I'm Amish, I would have two nickels.  Which isn't a lot, but you would have thought he would learn after the first time.

    I think it's hilarious (he just does not know what to make of me), but slightly weird all the same.

    1. dannnnnex


      if he asks again just say yes 

    2. Flaming Coinshot

      Flaming Coinshot

      But-wait-aren't you-


  4. Another day, yet a new concept!
  5. I'm currently steadily moving through Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky, and liking it quite a bit more than most of the epic sci-fi I pick up. I'm not sure if it's the writing style, or just how the world is treated, but I'm having an easier time clicking with it.
  6. I'm sorry. (Sending you hugs) I know how some of those things feel, and they suck.
  7. Only in the very vaguest sense, but I have liked what I have listened to in that genre.
  8. Two truths and a lie:  When I was cleaning out my desk drawers today, I found three 3-D printed models of my upper teeth, a box of rocks, and a prism from Miami, Florida.

    Which one do you think is the lie?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      It's so absurd, it must be true!

    3. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette

      Well, it's just retainers, right? :P

    4. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      Basically, one set was for an expander, though.

  9. No, I had to put the bag together. It was a leatherworking kit, so I stamped and stained the pieces, then put them together to make the bag. It's a very good size to hold just about everything I need for a day.
  10. I was given a messenger bag kit that has already proven very useful, I'm really enjoying using that.
  11. Yes, I do. I like the smell after it rains and the sound of rain on the roof and running around in the rain with my hair down... all of it. What is your favorite bead shape?
  12. Dune part two for me, and Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer looks really good.
  13. I absolutely agree on this. Living on a Prayer is such a good song for 2 am. Something about the delivery of those lines, and the word choice... I'll go ahead and add Don't Stop Believing by Journey, because if I'm up at 2 in the morning, that would probably be what I was listening to.
  14. My suggestion would be to start with small things, like the work for the class you're in, or what other classes you have. Then that can branch out really easily into other get-to-know you topics, like jobs, what parts of the classes are difficult or easy, how you spend free time, and so on. I'm definitely in a different phase of life though, so take that with a grain of salt.
  15. In what many might consider to be a rather disconcerting fashion, a young man ambles out of one of the walls. He doesn't seem to notice where he is at first, studying a book in his hands. The shape of his knapsack and the rolls of paper sticking out of it seem to suggest that most of the sack is full of more books and maps. He looks up, blinking. "Oh. Well, this is new," he says softly, closing his book with one finger to hold his place.