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  1. I have created a meme.
  2. "I agree. It should work for the moment." Martin casts a glance at the buildings above the trees. Expanding should probably wait a bit.
  3. "Absolutely. Probably closer to the barracks, maybe a couple places throughout."
  4. "Those could probably be spread out in a ring around the core buildings, with a training ground in between."
  5. "The command in the center makes sense, and I would put medical near it."
  6. Martin shakes his head. "So, is there anything that I should be doing?"
  7. "Fighting amongst ourselves is a bad idea."
  8. "Ahh," Martin says. "Maybe don't do that?"
  9. Martin has no idea how to deal with this anymore. "Ayia, help?"
  10. "Not all of it - " Martin pinches the bridge of his nose. "Look, this isn't my specialty, so take most of my suggestions with a grain of salt."
  11. "Warcamps need some levels of normalcy to function," Martin says.
  12. "Think about it this way," Martin suggests. "The outsides need to be at least a little bit uniform, but you could paint the insides."
  13. Partials by Dan Wells. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, considering that YA of this particular subgenre is about 50/50 hit or miss for me.
  14. "There's one way to maximize roadspace," Martin remarks.