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  1. What is that in your glass? No, no, I'm in the building, I'm just lost... no, I'm not robbing them, I'm robbing the other guy!
  2. "Really? Better you than me, man, I can't deal with engines unless I've got Reese on the comm telling me exactly what to do."
  3. "Right, um. Er. What do you do for a living on your spaceship? I used to work on a hauler, but I'm living in Maine now."
  4. "Does that exist though?" Martin asks. "I've never been anywhere that wasn't strange. Space is strange. Earth is strange." He rubs his wrist again. "It's hard to escape the strangeness sometimes - am I talking too much?"
  5. "Nice to meet you, Scotty." Martin rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. "I don't suppose you know how to get out of this... strange dimension?"
  6. Oh, goodness. Okay. Ummmmmmm.... any rules I should be aware of? And how exactly do I do this?
  7. "Um, no, I'm Martin." He holds out a hand. "And you are?"
  8. "The state of the world," Martin remarks. "I've done that a few times myself."
  9. "I've never met a mime," Kindness says. "But I've heard of them."
  10. "Can you tell us what we're getting?"
  11. I vote @Ark1002.
  12. I do, when it's not discussing preview chapters.
  13. Welcome to the Shard!