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  1. So, I got to see it. It was awesome. Our whole group enjoyed it.
  2. I get to see it tomorrow! Some friends and I are going to see it, with varying levels of beforehand knowledge.
  3. Skillet. I think I've found a new favorite band.
  4. A Poem, for your evening.  Morning.  Whenever you see this.



    Unbidden, I have many thoughts,

    And yet,

    Have been given no voice,

    With which to speak

    And be




    Is this actually a poem?  Is it just words that I hit the enter key on?

    1. AmazingGoob


      Anything's a poem, if you want it to be.
      That's the beauty of poetry. 
      In fact, 
      Right now, 
      I declare this post a poem
      And it shall be so.

    2. Nathrangking


      Kindness it is poetry of the soul if not form.

  5. "Right now, we need to go get the others." And on the way he wants a comm, if that's at all possible.
  6. Started Skyjacked, and enjoying it so far. I have Seraphina lined up after that, as a reread.
  7. Martin uses a window ledge to drop into the alley safely, ankles protesting. This is much easier with the braces in his mission gear. "Three of them are taken care of," he tells Ayia.
  8. Martin hesitates, looking out of the alley. Too much of a crowd. The buildings here are all one story, and that makes the choice for him. He scales the wall, palms protesting the rough concrete, and starts running towards the next alley.
  9. Martin knees the other man, using that reaction to his advantage to knock him into the wall. Not knocked out, but definitely not going to move any time soon. "Don't try that on us," he says quietly, before getting to his feet. Tvora? No. That's... well, the third guy's down.
  10. Martin breathes, and then moves. He punches one of them with his reinforced hand, grabbing and spinning to throw the man.
  11. Martin turns sharply into the alley, flexing his hands and rolling his shoulders.
  12. "That shouldn't be a problem." Martin veers off towards the alley.
  13. "I won't," he answers, then slips the bracelet into his pocket, making sure their tails would have seen it. "Go into the next alley down from where I turn." His hands are shaking.