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  1. Martin shrugs. "I'm not sure where we would find one." He leads them into a larger room and looks around. "This was a PT room. So if we came in from west..." He trails off, staring up at the ceiling. "There's a control room two halls over. Schematics will be there, and supplies nearby."
  2. Read The Robber Girl. It's pretty neat, if you like really beautiful, but easy to read prose, I'd recommend giving this one a shot.
  3. "This base was primarily a medical base," Martin says, pausing by a loose panel to reach elbow deep into the wiring and pull a part of the system free. "There's an AMP here - it's a device that can perform surgeries on a patient without guidance. An AMP put my chip in, and an AMP is one of the few things that can get it out safely." He stops at the next intersection. "Trouble is, whenever I was here, I was usually drugged or terrified out of my mind, or unconscious, so I'm not quite sure how to get to where it is."
  4. I finished my shift! It's pretty comfortable, and I think that for my first time setting sleeves, it turned out really well. I also started work on the theorized apron - and it's so easy! Also, it rained today, but it was also warm, so I went out in the rain without shoes, socks, or glasses, and played with my sister and her friends until it stopped raining. It felt so good!
  5. Martin switches the flashlight to his other hand when they get to the first door. As he suspected, there's residual power left for these systems. The panel next to the door still glows, and the keypad accepts his code, unlocking the door. "Just in case," he tells everyone, "if you need to get through one of these doors, use code seven two three nine." They might need to know that.
  6. The way into the facility is through a small building that looks like a storage shed. There's nothing in there except stairs, which Martin leads them down, clicking on a flashlight as he goes. There's more than a little echo, too. "Watch out for loose wires," he warns. The flashlight beam reveals loose panels in the walls, the insides of the facility hidden behind them. "They won't shock you, but don't trip."
  7. "Off we go," Martin says.
  8. I'm still debating posting this (If you're reading, I decided), but I figured I might as well. I'm not diagnosed with anything, and likely won't be anytime soon, but in the past couple years I've dealt with a lot of self-worth issues, and also being comfortable around people. I don't do well in loud, crowded places where I can't see or hear well, and I can't keep track of what's going on. I also have a tendency convince myself that I'm a bother by existing and to lie to myself that I don't deserve friends, or love, and because again, nothing official has been stated, I also don't get to talk about above issues or ask for help because there are others who need said help more. I am now aware that that is not true and is a pretty terrible train of thought. I still deal with it, I just recognize it now, and can sort of steer my thoughts a slightly less miserable direction. Anyway, yeah. Don't think that. It gets you nowhere, and really sucks to live with. Y'all matter and y'all deserve help.
  9. I'm sewing again! I'm halfway through the side seams of another shift, and I set the sleeve myself! I might make an apron after this. I still have so much fabric that I should be able to do that and make a petticoat. That'd be five projects from one length of fabric.
  10. Eyelash curlers. I don't understand them. Have you ever swapped cat-befriending tips with others?
  11. Got a chance to watch Dunkirk last night, and I have so many thoughts. (A bunch of random production and cast related thoughts below.) Overall, I really liked this. The story was well written, and I thought pretty unique, especially the lack of dialogue. I almost teared up a couple times, and I was definitely feeling the tension. The actors were also really good at conveying their thoughts and feelings non verbally.
  12. Not at all! You essentially said what I already knew, and it's something I'm working on growing out of as I get a bit older and I can see things in a more nuanced light.
  13. Read All Quiet On The Western Front. I definitely get why this book is considered to be so good. I did not enjoy reading it, but at the same time, it's a very important? might be the word? story.
  14. This is more metal than rock, but Sabaton's music is pretty good if you've not listened to it before.
  15. Anybody else ever want to reach out to someone because you're struggling, but you don't because if you talk about the one thing, all the other things are gonna come out because they all feed into each other and it'll probably be fine eventually because it's probably just a storm of teenage confusion that'll go away one day?

    In other words; I'm very confused, tired, and a little bit miserable and I don't know why.

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      Lemme know if there's anything I can do, okay?

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      That's rough. I feel you so much. Let me know if I can help!!! For now, I usually read one of my favorite books when I feel this way. It just makes everything better you know?