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    I aspire to be be a light in the dark, the Syl to a Kaladin.

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    far away, so the bullet doesn't hit anyone you know.
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    Physically? Washington. Mentally? I go where the wind takes me.
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    Reading, writing, music, history, cosmetology and practical style.

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  1. "Oooooooh," Kindness gasps. "It's beautiful!"
  2. Kindness zips through the gate.
  3. "Fair point, fair point."
  4. "Is that the true use of that verb?" Kindness wonders aloud. "Is it even possible to punch without touching?"
  5. Okay, hear me out. (Spoilers for Oathbringer)
  6. "I think the king?"
  7. "Um, stay calm please," Kindness says. She bobs up and down nervously. "Getting angry won't help anyone."
  8. "Enter!" are you okay?" Kindness zips over to him. "Oh, never mind that was a silly question. I need someone tangible over here! Who knows medicine, maybe!"
  9. Blue goes beautifully with silver!
  10. Kindness wraps her arms around Queen, giving her a big hug.
  11. "Oh dear. Should we hide?"
  12. "That sounds very sad, Q." Kindness's glow dims. "Would you like a hug?"