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  1. The Shadow Hegemon and Puppet Master is the true ruler that manipulates our dear Channelknight from the darkness between dreams. Bow down before it. It cares not for your worship, but it will ensure you are not crushed as it sweeps away the rabble.
  2. I nominate the Shadow Hegemon and Puppet Master.
  3. The subtle distinction between games and death lies somewhere in the place where danger lurks a step behind.
  4. A reads list, to make the most of the time before my end. Village: TJ. I scanned them, so it's a certainty. Quinn: They've been very helpful in keeping me alive for this long, and I think an elim would have killed me the day I claimed TLR. Noted but no read: Danex: They proposed the chain. I'm actually leaning towards village for this, for some reason Vapor: They seem to suspect Quinn for no reason. I don't like it. Ghander: Same as Vapor. Somebody: They've been a bit bandwagony this whole game. Everyone else is just floating under my radar, because I am bad at reading people. Be a bit more active, yeah? I know RoW came out, but it's been a week.
  5. I think [without evidence] that ralkalest is the pre-Shattering [or at least really old] term for aluminum. Or maybe the term diffused before Devotion and Dominion were Splintered.
  6. Perhaps. I wouldn't say that it is necessarily an extension of Autonomy, but Autonomy is defined by the ability to choose, so I suppose it could be a choice made. It might be an extension of Ambition, but Ambition demonstrates want, not the expectation of having.
  7. I need a word for the callous, uncaring selfishness that comes from necessity or a self-centered utilitarian standpoint. Not greed, since that implies want. This is the sort of feeling that comes from, "That will help me, so it's mine now." Alternate guesses include Apathy, Procrastination, Ignorance, and Persistance.
  8. I'm afraid it probably will, unless you want to learn language through only text.
  9. This is a language experiment similar to Viossa, if you've heard of that. The experiment shall entail several individuals each speaking a different language while trying to reach common understanding. Each individual must select one language that all other individuals do not know. This experiment shall occur over Discord, so those of you without shall not be able to partake. Invite link: Taken Languages FAQ
  10. It seems that RoW hype has stolen the general populace away. Whilst you languish in your book-induced delirium, I shall simply contemplate my impending demise. I will survive this lynch. The elims may or may not NK me. I suspect they may not, since if they don't, it makes me appear Spiked and thus a prime target for next cycle's lynch while they get to kill a villager and not risk having an elim up for the lynch the cycle after. If they do NK me, I die. Either way, I will be dead by the end of next cycle, unless the general populace decides to lay off after I survive. Alas, my doom is inevitable. Farewell. Trust Quinn, hopefully. Trust TJ. I've lost the game, but my faction can perhaps win in my stead.
  11. We interpret Valor as aggressive because there is strictly more valor available in a violent environment than a peaceful one (since there is more conflict to be brave in the face of), so it would be in the Shard's interest to foster a violent environment. The Shard itself may not be violent at all, but the planet/area it dwells on would probably be more violent than the average Shardworld. In addition, Valor has no moral component, and courage depends greatly on the cultural lens it is viewed through. Our views of Valor and courage are shaped by our world. Perhaps Valor's world considers eliminating one's enemies to be incredibly courageous, and killing unarmed prisoners to be no less courageous than anything else. I suspect Valor's magical system depends on courage, defined as "the ability to do something that frightens one" or "strength in the face of pain or grief". So the stronger you are in the face of your fear and pain and sorrow, the more magic you can channel. However, do keep in mind that fear is in the mind, that pain and anguish and sorrow are quite relative. Perhaps one fears killing unarmed prisoners. Perhaps one kills one's family intentionally so that they might stay strong in the face of pain and grief. Valor is not rooted in morality. We cannot treat it as a Shard rooted in morality. Perhaps this is why Hoid hasn't visited. He doesn't like Valor's amorality/violent planet.
  12. Cultivation has set things up so that she'll always come out ahead. Before she tampered with the three mortals, she was on no one's side, which was strictly disadvantageous if Odium won. In addition, it meant that she would gain nothing from Honor winning. After her meddling, Odium owes her everything, Honor's Champion owes her everything, and even if all goes wrong, she has a backup plan in the form of Lift. If Dalinar wins, he will be forced to consider her in the future, if Odium wins, he might not destroy her immediately because of the changed Vessel, and if none of them win, she has her own chosen warrior to help her. I do not think a Vessel would willingly scheme to be replaced, as that is quite literally death. However, perhaps Cultivation is simply planning for that future, since Odium has a history of Splintering Shards.
  13. Timeline: C1: I aligned with the village. C2: I could have submitted a scan but forgot because school is awful. C3: I submitted the scan on you at Quinn's behest. C4 [now]: I got the scan, told Quinn, and thought telling the thread would be more productive than telling you then the thread, since I was going to claim in any case. This would be the first you'd hear of it anyways. My apologies for not reaching out.
  14. My mind has exploded all over my carpet. That will be so hard to clean up. 4 Shards? 4 Shards? The lore in this letter... And Pattern is the spy or at least lying? My favourite spren and possibly tied for favorite non-worldhopper Stormlight character? I hate the fact that sleep is a requirement for my brain functions. I can already feel my mind slowing. The explosion probably didn't help. Aside: Taravangian interludes every part? Huzzah!