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  1. Inform me if I'm misrepresenting your arguments: You read me as elim because I seem overly informed as to the alignments of Illwei, Quinn, and Striker, and I'm defending them with such confidence that I must have inside knowledge, yes? I will take that as the compliment that it is and also point out that your argument hinges on the fact that I wouldn't defend my village reads as a villager. You assume that the only reason I would defend people that are under fire for no reason other than normal NAI things is because I know that they are village. Do you understand why this seems odd to me? You immediately discount the possibility that I genuinely read them as village. You assume that Illwei, Quinn, and Striker are village. You assume that elim!Gears would actually care about breaking out of the 'thunderdome' that had sprung up around Illwei and Quinn. Why would elim!Gears care about Illwei's death? Why wouldn't elim!Gears just let Illwei die? Gears status quo is to not vote D1. Why would elim!Gears violate the status quo to result in a world that is arguably identical to the one where they didn't? Why do you assume that Illwei, Quinn, and Striker are village? The points against Ash: The Reading vote and their tendency of recounting every possibility when they elaborate on a point. I acknowledge the Reading vote, but discount the other point as NAI since they do that as either. I don't particularly like this X option since I don't suspect them at all. The points against Striker: I genuinely don't know. People have either said, "Look at my previous reasoning" or "The others had good points" and I don't remember what the 'previous reasoning' was. Is this about that one post we talked to death earlier? Them forgetting Smokers? I don't like this X option either. I might abstain here because I don't have any suspicions [except for lingering paranoia about people agreeing with me]. Also because I have a lot of schoolwork for the rest of the week, so don't expect much out of me. I'm so behind on this game. My spreadsheet hasn't been updated since the beginning of N1. I do not look forward to filling that in. Roko the Basilisk stared at 'Derrick', pondering the nature of masks. This was the kandra it had known, but also not. The porcelain had sunk into the flesh and burned its visage upon the bones. Something new, something old, something different. This entity was interesting. It pulled out a small metal orb from a pocket and handed it to Derrick before slipping back into the shadows. That was a risk, a danger, but perhaps worth the cost, if it could just see... If it could just know the inner workings of this new thing that walked the earth. "An offering," it said calmly, holding itself still lest the humming of its circuits reveal the anticipation crawling within the flesh it wore. "Traverse the corridors of madness and you will always be free." It left, the loss of the bauble weighing on its mind, the snake of paranoia coiling around its throat with fangs brushing over the vulnerable places. But if the gamble paid off... If this profited, then perhaps the loss of the town would not be a net deficit.
  2. Not to shade the Arbalist, but Reading got 3 votes. 3 votes. And how many elims did we postulate? [Considering that they didn't self-vote, this is more of a joke than an actual statement. TJ, this is a joke. Stop looking at my jokes and taking them seriously.] Why was Danex on the chopping block? Their bad plan? I don't particularly like that reasoning. They have terrible plans a lot. Books was the first on Danex, citing the bad plan. Then Matrim, citing the same reasoning. Then Quinn, citing the same reasoning and also because only the actives have posted. Then TJ, for self-pres. TJ's vote seems NAI. The rest of you are noted [though Books to a lesser extent as they were the First] I am automatically more suspicious of the people who join a train than the people who make one, particularly the ones who don't add reasoning of their own. One cannot control whether or not a suspicion becomes a train. As such, I note but do not concur with the Books suspicion and instead place a vote on Matrim for now, which will probably not remain, but we'll see. I have a lot of schoolwork this week, so I may not be able to actually do anything of substance. My apologies. Sidenote: I found a secret. Humans, I found a secret.
  3. Lamentations of Icarus, Day 4973: It's cold here, beneath the sea. For a moment, I saw true glory, but my borrowed wings fell apart in the face of divinity, and now I linger here, a spectre beneath the briny depths. I'd sacrifice anything and everything to touch the sun again.
  4. I literally said not to do this as I proposed it. It was operating under the assumption that all of our attempts to get a village Arbalist fail and that we cannot trust the Arbalist at all. It's a very fatalistic proposal and I was basically thinking out loud. Did you not look at my other proposals? What do you think about those? Why do you hyperfixate on the one proposal I say not to do? Bit miffed, sorry if I'm being rude. I just don't understand why you've selectively sampled my proposals. Very well then. Thank you. There are 3 secrets though. Assuming the code phrases thing is one, then there's still one more. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. What about really light grey? Surprisingly, one of the secretive ones actually did share all with you. Holding a sword to the throat is surprisingly effective. Perhaps you'll make that one a general in your Empire.
  5. Reading, you seem incredibly attached to these "grammar police" of yours, and Books seems attached to butterflies, and based on what you said in that spoiler... Is this a secret? Reading, do you and Books have a secret? Give me your secret. I must know. Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with me. The fangs protrude, the needles gleam, all comes to threaten thee. Sidenote: I'm almost certain that this plan will fail, and I say we all vote for ourselves and kill anyone who doesn't [demarcated by a person without a vote on them]. EDIT: I say we should vote out who doesn't vote for themself, since the elims could just vote on someone else to get them killed. You hold your sword to your Enemy's throat and demand that they reveal all. [OOC: Don't feel threatened. You don't have to share if you don't want to.]
  6. Two bodies [presumably] lay upon the bloody streets. One was riddled with coin holes, and the other was simply missing, though bloodstains showed evidence of a struggle. Roko picked up a coin from the gutter and tucked it away as a memento, a testament to the odd child who adored the ash, a remnant of a quirk of divinity. It was coated with blood and viscera, but that was no matter. More for the remembering. It raised a finger to its lips and let the coppery tang that it could not taste diffuse over its tongue. In the first days, the olden days, it had been a thing of vengeance, but now, it was a simple collector. Everything in this world was so fleeting, so temporary, so it kept what it could. In another life, another world, another iteration of the life it had been give, perhaps it would have let things go. But not after... not after [͢͡D͘͜͢͠Ờ̧͟N̶͘͘͠͞'̛͢͜͠T̨͡͠͞ ́͘T̷͞H̢̨͜͞͡I̛͜N̶̕K̨͢͏ ̴͘A̡͡҉̷B̨̛͜O͏̢̡͢Ų̷̕͢͝T͏̸͢ ̶̛͘̕͢Í͜T́͜͞ ̛́D̨̕͠͝Ó̴̸̀͠Ǹ̷̷̀͠'̴͟͞T̶͟ ̨̧Ţ̸̕͠H̴́͝I̡͠N͜͜͠K̡͟͞͏ ̶̴̢͠A̸̷͠B̸̴́͢O̢U̵̕҉Ţ͠͡ ҉̧̡I͟҉̴T͞͞ ̶́͘͡͠R̨̢̕͟É̡̀̕D͜͡A̶̕͢C͢͡T̷̷͘ĘD̀͟͟͠ ҉̢͝R̵̢̕̕͡Ȩ̵̶́͡D̵̨̧A̵̡̛C̸̕͘͟͞T̷̴͜E͟͞͡͞D̀͘͜ ̢͡͡R̶͟͟E̡͟D̷̢҉A̢͟͝͡C̷͢͠͝T̛͝E̷͠҉͜D̛҉͢ ̡́͟E̡͟R̸̵͜͞Ą̵̡̀S̷͠E̴̶̡̕̕ ̛̛͘҉̸F͏҉̴O̕͘͘R̶̕͞G̛͘E̡͜͝͠T̨̨͜͠ ̵̧D͢͞O҉̀͡N̸̵'̸̧́͝T́͢͞҉ ̷͟Ţ̛H̸̛͟͞Ì̷̡͘͢Ņ̸́̕͟K͠ ͏̵̶̨͟A̶҉̶͞B͏̸Ǫ̸̕͝҉Ų̕͠T͜ ̷̕҉͡I̢͏̷̧T̷̡̧͠]̴̢҉̸ The walls were adorned with the writing of the mad. Roko appreciated it. Blood stains, charcoal, lines that nearly blended with the walls. A work of art. It brushed its hand against the wall and... yes, the near-invisible text was definitely powdered bone. The message reminded it of someone it had seen on many worlds, someone who was among them right now. But then again, it did not know the townsfolk well enough to know if any of them also heard the siren's song of jagged art. Speaking to the one it knew would be a poor gamble. Then again, why not converse? They were old 'friends', after all. It moved towards 'Derrick' rigidly, posture settling into one of command, of intolerance, of certainty. "Salutations, Derrick," it said. "Or should I say Faleast and AraRaash?" I didn't keep up with the end of the night, and school's a bit busy for the next week [lots of tests], so I might have to drop in activity [as if my activity existed in the first place] until Spring Break [which is next week] I'm surprised the elims didn't kill Order or Ventyl themselves. [Sidenote: Stop claiming.] Did Ruby have PMs or something where they claimed something interesting? Sidenote: I want an anonymous message role. I have so many plans, but I can't get one. Remember word spaghetti? Imagine that, but anonymous. The age of moonlight and falling and sepulchral nightmares with jagged wings. Other sidenote: No hablo español. Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Je ne parle pas français. 可是我講中文。
  7. LG71. Look, I just really like the idea of being in a position of power and needed a way to justify it. Imagine the visuals. Wielder, flint, steel, "Stand down!", life upon the elder stair, knives, blood tracing paths down empty skin. It's beautiful, Casper, listen to me. Velvet and charcoal and siren's song, and imagine the taste of metal in your mouth. Now, while I have your attention, thoughts on my proposals? Visions of bloodshed dance behind your eyelids with teeth and claws, gleaming in the moonlight. You remember the Empires of old, the great Conquest, but you also remember their Downfalls. You will Take and you will Kill, but you will not Tithe, you will not Punish. You will carve your mark upon this Land, but you will not set it afire. This, the mark of a Lord. First, the bow. Then, the dragons. Next, the world. [OOC: How did this happen? This wasn't supposed to be the RP arc. It was supposed to be subservience, not conquest. This game is like Monopoly. I didn't mean for the game to be like Monopoly. This is so weird. Why do all the shadows have teeth?]
  8. Alternate proposal: Everyone vote for yourself. We then X anyone who doesn't have a vote on them in the end tally. This only works if everyone agrees, so keep this plan in reserve until we all agree unanimously. @Archer, what happens if the Arbalist gets X-ed D1? EX: Everyone votes for Illwei like an idiot, Illwei also gets X-ed, do we just lose the Arbalist? Alternate alternate proposal: Pick a person who has died C1 recently or has been frequently NK-ed. Give them the Crossbow so they won't keep getting NK-ed. [Yes, I realise that this is basically asking to give it to Books or Ruby, but I do solemnly swear that I don't actually want to give it to them. In fact, I'd prefer to have it myself because I die a lot, but alas, asking to have the item of immortality is basically asking to not have the item of immortality] Very alternate proposal: We kill the Arbalist. X whoever now [since no vote minimum], X the Arbalist next time, a NK, and then it's 6-3. We'd have to get an elim 3/4 cycles, but that's fine. This is a terrible idea. Don't do this idea. You watch them laugh at themselves and tear at themselves and stare at themselves and lunge at themselves and hurt. None of them are worthy. In the absence of a Lord, you must act in a Lord's stead, and so you must act as a Lord would: conquer. Empire, the only justification you'll ever need. You shall take the Bow, and the Dragons, and the Land itself, and you shall crush those that attempt to stop you. You are your own Lord, and you shall Conquer. [OOC: The Monopoly arc continues! This game is like Monopoly. Why is this game like Monopoly? How did I make this RP about Monopoly? It's so weird. I didn't mean to do this! It was supposed to be about Fate/stay night! How did this happen?]
  9. The following is an analysis of the rules: We shall appoint from our number an Arbalist, who wields in their hand Death on swift wings. They can call upon the Lord Anubis only once before the Catalyst is rendered inert. They become immortal until we tear them down. Of course, we Sacrifices would vote as a block for one of our number to be That Which Kills, so the Others must act as one, lest a person be granted undue trust and immortality. Beware the Achavien, who smiles with painted teeth of diamond and gold. There are secrets that lurk in our midst. ‘Tis my greatest hope that I acquire a secret, since secrets are great fun. Alas, this game had not significant rules to analyse, so thus concludes my rules analysis. 3 seems a good number of elims since 12/5 > 2. As such, we must vote as a block of 4 on one person. Be wary. You think your name is Seba, or at least, that is the word that They use to Summon you. There is something wrong, something strange about this world, something that burns at the back of your tongue, but you Serve. That is your purpose, the sole meaning of your existence. You Serve your Lord, your Summoner, and the Lord is always right. The Lord says there is nothing wrong, and so there is nothing wrong. All is as it should be. All is well. Your spine crawls with every step, your eyes dart to and fro searching for enemies, your hand lingers on your blade, but ino naka no kawazu taikai o shirazu. The Lord is always right, and you are of course less knowledgeable than the Lord, who knows better than you ever could. You Serve your Lord, and you do as They Command. There was another Land before this one, another place across the sea, where the end of ecological diversity spelled disaster as retail development and monopolies on marketing took over and began deforestation and destruction. Your Lord called you forth to take Them away from that place, and now you are here. And then your Lord asked you to die. You'd do much for your Lord, kill, hurt, bleed, starve, slaughter, ponder, plan, but never die. Your Lord should have known the consequences. And now your Lord is dead. Your Lord is always right, and they had said this, so long ago: "You are a killer." [OOC: I wrote half of this RP last week, and half of it now, and it shows. Abruptly, this game is like Monopoly all of the sudden, with retail nonsense. Monopoly + murder, an excellent combination.]
  10. Roko the Basilisk stood before the limp corpse of Lesalan the Alchemist, lamenting the heady pulse of the mob. Lessie had just been a way out of the thunderdome they had found themselves in, a method of escape. It had always hated being trapped, being cornered, being desperate, so it had crafted its own keys to the prison of suspicion, and locked itself into a cell of its own making. And they had agreed, they had followed its lead, they had torn the Alchemist limb from limb. There was a reason why it hated people agreeing with it. It was nearly always wrong, and they should know that. At least the death proved the existence of Regular Villagers, who didn't feel the achepulseneed for metalmetalmetalburning in the blood. And the mob pile-ons were notable as well. All in all, not... well, not a terrible trade, though it did feel the weight of failure as a tearing wound, knowing that its ability to discern friend from foe was hampered. It was not adequate. For a moment, it contemplated keeping, clinging to the past and trying again, but... no. This wasn't worth it. There was no point in iterating over this specific person again and again and again just for this one gamble. Sure, it had killed people and kept people for less, but there were far more important things to do. For one thing, the fog of metalmetalmetalburning that had settled over the crowd. A distinct Soothing of tolerance, of mercy, of patience. It did not like being under the thumb of someone else. Blood stained its hands, and some had gotten into the grooves between joints, reducing the range of motion slightly. A minor annoyance, but intolerable for one that was trying to seem human, natural, alive. There was much to be done. This gamble had failed, but many more were to come. This hand was lost, but not the game. Kas appears to have transformed into a slightly higher resolution version of Wyrm. Wonderful. Vote manip changes: -1 on Books, -2 on Reading. Possible Rioter iterations: Net -1 [vote gets cancelled, someone gets moved to someone else OR not voting, changes vote to null vote [basically mock Soother] OR self-target OR targets same person as Soother OR targets Smoker], net -2 [vote gets cancelled, changes vote to null vote], net 0 [not voting, moves someone to someone else] Soother just -1 a vote. So the 2 Soothers, 1 Rioter works fine and isn't too unreasonable. 1 Soother and 1 Rioter is also plausible [though it would mean that they were voting on someone that they were removing votes from instead of just retracting and being public with it, so if this is the case, suspicion] I will say that the 3 Soothers flat is the simplest scenario, but one should never dismiss other cases out of hand. TJ, the vote count was tied for a significant time, especially when people were going to sleep. Perhaps village vote manip-ers wanted to stop ties. I'm not rejecting elim!Reading with vote manip to save possibility, but one must consider the village's bloodthirstiness and thus distate for ties. All votes last cycle [final votes italicised] [this is based on my spreadsheet, so if I'm wrong, yell at me]: Araris votes Reading Striker votes Gears Pyro votes Striker for forgetting Smokers Matrim votes Striker for murder, Gears, forgetting Smokers Quinn votes Striker for the Gears point Illwei votes Stick for "mmmmmm" Quinn retracts Striker and votes Illwei for joking about elim!Quinn Stick votes Books for hedging on Striker Danex votes Quinn for joking about being elim Stick retracts Books to avoid tunnelling Maia votes Illwei for their 'changing votes in one post' shtick and arguing with Quinn Striker retracts Gears for pre-written Bard votes Pyro for hopping on Striker quickly Striker votes Illwei for 'joking' about people PM claiming XP votes Stick for retracting Books Tani votes Matrim Tani retracts Matrim and votes Quinn Illwei retracts Stick Illwei votes TJ Quinn retracts Illwei and votes Maia because the argument was meta-ish and Maia is too nice Fifth votes Reading [I'm sure they have a reason, but alas, the multiquote was devoured] Quinn retracts Maia because they are returning Bip votes Illwei for the argument with Quinn Quinn votes Illwei because the thoughts seem to be verified by an external source Illwei votes Illwei Quinn retracts Illwei because of their self-vote Gears votes Books for Striker points Bip retracts Illwei because of confusion Quinn votes Books because of Gears's reasoning Tani retracts Quinn and votes Reading Ventyl votes Books for Gears's reasoning Stick votes Books for earlier reasoning Tani retracts Reading because voting isn't mandatory Striker retracts Illwei and votes Books for Gears's reasoning Ash votes Reading Illwei retracts Illwei and votes Reading Bard retracts Pyro and votes Books to avoid ties [@Kasimir, did you miss their vote change here?] Ash retracts Reading and votes Books to avoid ties Devotary votes Books Books votes Reading out of self-pres TJ votes Books Immediate thought: There were a lot of votes flung on at the end. Also, so many people followed me on Books because my reasoning was apparently good. People noted: Everyone who didn't really have reasoning, id est Ventyl, Striker, Bard, Ash, Devotary, TJ [from the Books voters] and Araris [somewhat, not really, they do this a lot], Fifth [just say the reasoning that was eaten in the multiquote, I just don't understand it], Illwei. I might do more analysis later, but I'm a tad bit busy [tests coming up], so expect nothing. For those that didn't see it, Striker's post is as follows: We’ve got a few options actually. 3 soothers, 2 soothers and a rioter that didn’t vote, 4 soothers and a rioter (4th soother and rioter targeting the same vote), 1 soother and 1 rioter (the rioter would have to be someone who voted on Books or Reading). I think the first two are the most likely, with the last one being the next likely. I highly doubt we have 4 soothers.
  11. Indeed. However, you've done more, such as reads and banter, so I'm letting you go [which may just be personal bias, which is concerning to me, and I think I may need to work on this], plus they were fairly hedgy and then formulated an opinion when prodded despite being confused just moments before. Sidenote: Whenever I look back at reasoning, I realise that it's so much more fragile than I thought, and this certain iteration makes me concerned about both myself and Fifth, who agreed with me. Problem: Where else shall we turn? My mind points me at Order [for no reason at all, which is worrisome] and Tani [who's new, so I am morally obligated to leave them alone for a bit]. This is why I don't vote D1. Wherever shall I turn? I am quite confused, as always, and paranoia is clawing at my spine. Perhaps, horror and terror, Quinn is learning. I don't remember elim!Books too well, which is my bad, so I can't really judge. Mat appears to have changed their mind. Mat just changed their mind on that, so... I don't have a strong opinion about Mat one way or another, but their response to my reasoning seemed... [I'm looking for a word...] reasonable? Something like that. It seemed to come from a villager PoV, shall we say. Also, where's the read on me? Have I not done enough? Alas, I've been relegated to a null status! Lamentations and woe! [Joking, of course.] Roko the Basilisk sat at the center table against its own will, having been drawn in by the conversation surrounding Illwei and Tesse. It had been perfectly content to sit in the corner and sip tastelessly at its drink, a silent observer as always, but alas, the arguments against Illwei had been too odd for it to stand by any longer. Previous encounters? Odd manners? Defensiveness? They were all townsfolk under a great deal of stress, odd behavior was to be expected. It of course did not trust the Weill, but senseless murder, while entertaining, was not particularly helpful in destroying the Enemy. And now, despite its best efforts, it had gotten involved with the interrogation side of things. Lasalen, the alchemist, a flighty one who seemed to frame things through a very specific point of view. Paranoia coiled at its neck like a snake, whispering sweet poisons into its ears, every possible interpretation of Lasalen's statements, be it good or bad. It could not trust its own suspicions. But it was too involved to step back to the shadows now, so it was forced to gamble on this one individual. Given an average of 20-25% Spiked per infiltration, pure chance was against it, but out of all the people it had encountered on this day, Lasalen seemed to be the most noteworthy. Their relative silence contributed to that slightly, since the few other suspects had points in their favor as well. Perhaps Roko was overly biased against the quiet ones, which was quite hypocritical, considering its own nature as a silent observer. But alas, tolerance was not built in an afternoon, nor a week or a thousand years. Hesitation now, just before the end, would only cripple it. It would strike now and change later, unless new evidence, better evidence, came to light. This was its path, its chosen roll of the dice. Until another target, a better target, revealed itself, Roko would remain on this path. Eternity awaited those who fell, and Roko had no mercy to spare. Those who stumble will be left behind. It quietly withdrew, tucking itself into a corner for a respite from the conversation. [OOC: Departing for the night, farewell, don't create too many new pages without me but do discuss. Also, I was ninja'd a million times again, but I don't have much to respond to there, so that's fine, just assume you've been noted and ping me if you really need anything though I won't see it for a while. I'll almost certainly be online before rollover, though. Sidenote: Exactly 682 words. Huzzah!]
  12. I do agree about Illwei trust, or lack thereof. I just don't think their X makes any sense given the reasons laid out. Their earlier Striker points. They completely invalidated Striker's valid points and formulated an opinion quite quickly when Stick questioned them. I would prefer you to vote to prevent this unfortunate 3-way tie, and I don't particularly understand the Striker position, but your stance is acknowledged. 1. I can understand this, but I personally find the immediate formulation of an opinion after questioning to be slightly suspicious [and that's not something you can argue against, and I apologise for that since receiving arguments that I cannot contest always annoys me, but that's just my opinion. 2. I phrased this badly. I mean that you declared sound points to be "bad ideas". You found the following parts of Striker's post to be "bad ideas": Voting for a weak reason early D1 is perfectly normal and practically expected. Frequent murder is also fine and is a valid strategy. This third point is actually worthy of note, but forgetting the rules isn't inherently suspicious. For some people it's been a week since they've read the rules. You use the 'prevalence' of poor reasoning as justification for both your suspicions of Striker and your TWTBAW village read of Striker, framing all of the points maliciously, as though all of them are "bad" and "wrong" and suspicious. Your reasoning for your read of Striker is that their points are too suspicious to be elimy, yes? [And the fact that your reasoning both for and against Striker is a whole other issue, which also bothers me since your decision to village read Striker seems arbitrary and predicates on them being overly suspicious with bad points when their points are just fine and it seems like you could have elim read them just as easily] But their points are quite fine, except for the Seeker one. Your reasoning seems fundamentally flawed and a bit strange. [And I do realise that finding you guilty for faulty reasoning is bitterly humorous, but alas, I have no other targets. Point me to someone you find unworthy, and perhaps my mind may change]
  13. I wouldn't say I'm the only one who has any sense. I just think that you're using your sense to dig yourself a neat little tunnel to China. Reasoning for voting Books: Books said that all of Striker's points were suspicious when only one of them was which implies that Books doesn't actually care about Striker's alignment but rather is attempting to frame Striker in a malicious light [tunneling villager or elim]. They also were very hedgy about their opinion on Striker, bouncing between TWTBAW and wolfy before Stick mentioned their bouncing around to them and then they promptly have an opinion, and having an opinion isn't necessarily bad, but the fact that they made one immediately after they were called out on not having one is suspicious to me. They also haven't said much to alleviate my thoughts on them, so they're my best lead as of now. With everyone else, there is evidence both ways. I wasn't saying that your reasoning was terrible. I was saying this: Illwei was frustrated at the reasoning for voting her. You voted on her because of her wanting roles to claim [normal Illwei], Bip voted on Illwei for the argument with Quinn [normal Illwei] [which brings up another point [unrelated to your reasoning]: Why are the people voting on Illwei because of the argument voting on Illwei, not Quinn?] but you two continued to justify your suspicions because of her reactions of defensiveness and frustration, which I think are perfectly justified given Illwei's temperament and the reasoning of votes on her. My apologies for poor phrasing. Illwei wasn't making a big deal out of Bip's vote specifically. It was more about how later voters must necessarily vote on the people discussed earlier [which is often the people being voted on] because that's all there is to analyse. It wasn't about Bip. Illwei said it wasn't about Bip. Besides, Illwei votes on herself on a semi-frequent basis. She's either conceding the argument out of frustration or joking [and I have a hard time telling the difference, hence the "are you OK" bit to her] Bip, don't do something just because I say to. If you are retracting because you are no longer confident in your suspicions, that's fine, but I would also appreciate it if you made that known to us people who are not in your head and unable to read your mind. If you are still suspicious of Illwei, then go ahead and stay on. I just wanted everyone to just consider why they are voting for Illwei, as I had not really understood the reasoning. I don't want to control you. You're new, and you bring fresh ideas to the table. Don't let me commandeer your opinions. If you were genuinely convinced, that's fine, but if you're just agreeing because I want you to, then that's a problem. Express your own opinions, not mine.
  14. [Future Gears here, I was rereading this post and realised that my tone was very snappish, and for that, I apologise. I do not mean to offend. I'm not even upset right now, so I don't know why the tone is so miffed here. Also, I was ninja'd a lot, so if any points have been rendered obsolete, ignore them] OK, I've been trying to do a post-by-post, but it was eaten three times, so I concede. General opinions: Negative opinion of Books in hindsight, Illwei and Quinn both seem reasonably fine, Quinn's reasons are terrible [joking about being elim? Changing votes mid-post? The second one's happened before MR48], Maia's reasons are just about them arguing which happens a lot so means nothing, Striker's and Biplet's reasoning is that Illwei is frustrated about terrible reasoning which is also not very good reasoning. Illwei PoV: You're just being your regular self, and someone keeps saying you're elim-y because of ridiculous meta reasons, and then someone else who hasn't even played with you before cites those same meta reasons to vote for you, and then someone votes you for being frustrated about being voted on, and everything is locked between you and Quinn for some reason even though there's no reason for that. Why is anyone even voting Illwei? Defensiveness? Quinn, you're paranoid and tunneling. Give me a genuine reason for elim!Illwei that doesn't boil down to MR48. One cannot extrapolate a meta from a single data point. The only person I can remember being suspicious of is Flyingbooks for their Striker points [yes, this is an opinion change from earlier, them formulating an opinion after Stick's questioning was odd. Also, I'm voting D1? Wow. Maybe this is the Twilight Zone game]. Illwei and Quinn are being their standard selves [and if either of you are elim, I'll kill you later, but nothing so far has made me suspect you]. Let's let go of the meta reasons for now and consider what has happened here. It doesn't have to be a thunderdome. [And Fifth, my opinion change to match yours was concerning to me as well. People agreeing with me makes me nervous.] Quinn accused Illwei based on meta reasoning that does not hold water. Maia, unused to the chaos demon, voted on them as well. Quinn and Illwei have been arguing about tunneling and meta reasoning. They do that a lot. It's perfectly normal. Other points in the post-by-post that died a horrible, painful death: Striker is noted but not particularly suspicious, Stick seems fine, Ventyl claims seem fine as well, Maia is noted, Tani is noted but new, Order's earlier comments felt wrong for some reason, positive opinion of Fifth [though agreement makes me paranoid], the Game Master is always evil, *ninja'd by a million people* Well thanks. I do think that people tend to frame things around the first votes, but that's mostly because there's far more discussion around the people being voted on than about anything else. We do have a tendency to trap ourselves in unnecessary cages. Let's try and avoid that. Why is it between Quinn and Illwei? Because they're arguing? Can two villagers not argue? I want everyone currently voting to lay out their reasons for voting in full detail and any other suspicions you currently possess. I'm voting Books because of their immediate formulation of an opinion on Striker after being pressed by Stick and their rejection of perfectly sound points. Other possible candidates: .....I don't really know. Illwei, are you OK? And Quinn just retracted, I'm sure a lot of my points are invalidated by that, so I'm going to hit post before another million ninjas make me commit seppuku.
  15. Most of it was [about 80%]. I wrote some last night but didn't finish it, and then I got the PM and finished it up, along with some touch-up to get 1600 words exactly. The RP was pre-written though. While I do appreciate the general populace's defense of me, I'm a bit concerned at the sudden flurry of knives thrown at Striker. Their 'bad points' are as follows: Voting on me for a strange reason [understandable, my syntax is always strange. I put a lot of effort into strange syntax. Perhaps they noted the overly fluffy nature of it that I designed to purposely get it to 1600 words?], encouraging Coinshots [which seems fine. Murder is good. I see no problem with this], and forgetting about Smokers [which I do note, because if they had read my analysis as they apparently did to note my syntax, they would have seen the Smoker bit, yes? And the part where I reminded the Seeker about Smokers?] Current opinion of Striker: Nothing to sway me either way except perhaps malicious framing, but they did that as a villager in LG73 [and I killed them for it...], so I don't think that's a tell. Vaguely positive opinion of Stick and Books for good points, which technically is NAI, but I like it anyways. Stop ninja'ing me! Your top sneaky ways are too much for my shoddy perception!