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  1. I shall play as Kadio, an apathetic merchant with no care for anything besides money. Empires rise and fall, but money lasts until the collective consciousness no longer pretends it has value.
  2. You could ask one of the known Osborns to PM you and then ask them to make a PM for you without the thread watching your every word. However, the Osborn would be in the PM with you and your contact, so pick your poison.
  3. Passion to your credit, Masked Ones lurk, enemies lurking, masquerade credibility, you're too passionate.
  4. You obviously don't deal with rejection well.
  5. I decry your very existence.
  6. Chakrami finished his circle carefully, watching as the harmonic energies coalesced into his defense. He brushed the chalk dust off his hands and pulled out a fresh stick. Lines would not draw themselves, after all. The gyre spiralled, the circle pulsed, the chalk snapped beneath his fingers. Transformation, transmutation, transfiguration. Ashes to embers, dust to life. Fire that stokes one's pain, grief, and strife. Be not afraid.
  7. Chakrami drew the circle slowly, trying to get it as close to perfect as feasibly possible. He had sharpened his chalk for this very purpose. People spoke to him, but he ignored them. The circle was all that mattered. τ radians in a circle, τ radii in a circumference, mathematical perfection at its finest. The waves that comprised the strange energy Rithmatists utilised harmonised best with τ. The circle was off by several millimetres. Failure. Start again.
  8. Analysis of defenses: Ballintain: No defending, guaranteed kill on anyone with one layer of protection (Taylor, Forbiddance). This is highly likely to get you killed, but it allows you to kill more effectively. If you are lucky enough to stay alive for long enough, this will ensure the victory. Matson: 2-cycle roleblock. Good for small-scale scenarios. Use on a person, kill them next round. Taylor: Extra life. If you spam Forbiddance, you are practically immortal. Sumison: Knowledge with no penalty. Helpful, though in a 1v1 scenario with a Taylor, you will never win. This does help you eliminate the Ballintains. Osborn: PMs. Probably useless. There is no benefit to plotting in a free-for-all. Analysis of lines: Forbiddance: Defense from one kill. Useful in conjunction with Taylor. Vigor: Kill. Useful in conjunction with Ballintain or Matson (after a roleblock) Making: Useful in conjunction with Taylor (because you won't die when you don't defend yourself) Roleblock in the future. Easy way to kill someone in 2 cycles. Discussion is a moot point. Strategies fall apart if known. Alliances are inherently unstable. Trust no one, for no one will never betray you.
  9. You have given me an idea. @Ghanderflaffle, I would like to change my character to Moelach.
  10. I suppose I must enter as Jasnah Kholin because I can't remember any other ketek writers at the moment.
  11. Would I be marked down if I made my roast a series of keteks? Nothing in the rules states that the roast must be a rap.
  12. Dependent, he's broken, requirements contradictory, removing contradictions requires breaks, he's dependent.
  13. I think I will be able to play this. Do not expect much activity from Chakrami.
  14. The void of space is a vast expanse.
  15. Multiple Shallans, buried prototype Formless, Veil and Radiant are Shallan too, Shallan is radiance and veils, Formless prototype burying Shallan's multiplicity