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  1. Happy Birthday and New Year! 

  2. harmony

    That makes it interesting though as Odium hasn't gone for Ruin or Preservation as far as we know. I'm pretty sure that Trell isn't Odium but I'm not sure what is happening in terms of that on Scadrial. But if Odium managed to kill Sazed, like Ruin killed Preservation then Odium could Shatter Preservation and pick up Ruin as a second. However, would he even be able to separate them anymore? Have the Shards become one shard now? Is very interesting imo. But I 100% can see a Harmony x Odium clash in the near future. Maybe in which Harmony actually surrenders to Odium in order to embed the stopping power of Preservation within him.
  3. harmony

    Okay so considering the fact that Sazed picked up two shards at his Ascension, does that make him the most powerful being in the cosmere? Or would that title depend on which shards were combined? For example, the opposite nature of Ruin and Preservation make changes hard for Sazed. If someone, say Rayse, were to have shattered Preservation and picked up Ruin, would that be a more powerful combo? Regardless, would Sazed be able to contend with Rayse given he is Harmony (Ruin AND Preservation) and Rayse is only Odium?
  4. I think you would be right to be honest. Moving it between because it would make a lot of sense. What if the Feruchemist was a Mistborn too? Like I wonder whether they would just compound Investiture and have infinite Investiture. Like they wouldn’t need to burn metals to get it or whatever?
  5. Okay, this may be a stupid question... But, theoretically, could a bronze misting (or mistborn) become a bronze savant? Like the bronze equivalent of what happened to spook in HoA? If so, what would happen? Would they potentially be able to sense through copperclouds, like vin with hemalurgy? Or would they just be able to sense the pulses more clearly?