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  1. 9- Shashara is one of the five scholars from nalthis (along with vasher, denth, arsteel and yesteel). Shalash (or Ash) is Jezrien’s daughter and is also one of the heralds. 16- it is strongly theorised that Ico’s daughter is timbre (venli’s spren). Timbre mentions that the radiants did something to her grandfather and we see Ico’s father is a deadeye. 27- Yelig-nar gives access to all the surges (I think) so that was amaram using the surge of cohesion. There’s a lot of confusion about what constitutes voidbinding currently but as far as I know it’ll be covered in ROW. 33- I can’t quite remember the context for this one but it seems like he takes it through the cloth because if he touches it directly, it screams.
  2. Thanks, I wanted something that had a musical theme and I love some of the compound words Brandon uses so I just tried a few out and landed on this. id go with a solid 7
  3. It’s been something I’ve wanted for a very long time and over lockdown I just felt like I couldn’t write the music I wanted to since I didn’t have the equipment I needed
  4. Tbh I think pear trees are straight up just a bit of a linguini catalytic converter, but that’s just me that’s good to know, if I ever go to America again I’ll know what to buy oooh man that’s a difficult question, I don’t really have a favourite but currently I’m loving cry cry cry by Coldplay yes I write listen and play music and in fact I just invested in a home studio
  5. I don’t know if you get these in America but my favourite is ferrero rocher. Yes Yes ooh tough one, probably just going to underground caves- idk how deep though
  6. I am super bored and open to some good old fashioned interrogation. The more whimsical the question, the better
  7. I just checked and Vasher definitely thinks responses to him. It seems NB can also "hear" what people are saying too.
  8. Those are all good examples but I think those can either by accounted to hemalurgy which is a construct of Ruin, direct shardic stuff and spirit web bonds. But the creatures on first of the sun are definitely interesting, I just don’t think we see anything quite like nightblood’s communication
  9. I wasn't sure whether to put this in Stormlight or Warbreaker so i went for cosmere. Essentially, we see Nightblood interact and talk with not just Vasher and Szeth but also just random characters (like Old Chapps). I find it really strange that the way he can communicate is via telepathy since this is something we don't really see in the cosmere. I had a thought that maybe Nightblood's cognitive aspect communicates with another person's cognitive aspect and the two somehow translate to physical. Not sure about the mechanics of that but i'm just throwing out ideas. The other really out there theory i had is this: we know of one other instance where the ability to read minds and communicate with people has been plot important. Ruin and Preservation. I know Nightblood has some weird stuff going on and I also have a recollection that in Mistborn Prime, Endowment shows up with Ruin and Preservation. So i was thinking maybe Ruin and Preservation did some shardic intervention when Nightblood was made (we already know Ruin has something to do with Nightblood from WOBs). And from this, Nightblood got his ability to read minds (from Preservation) and his ability to talk back (from Ruin). So yeah, lemme know what you guys think
  10. Hi!

    Sounds good, I might give Kings of the Wyld a go!!
  11. Hi!

    Yeah exactly! What other books do you read? Any recommendations?
  12. Hi!

    Thanks! yeah I love the idea of a language based on rhythms! Which Aon is Ene, I cant remember?
  13. Hi!

    The Breath system on Nalthis!
  14. Hi!

    I love the nalthian magic system! Its probably not a very powerful one compared to surgebinding but its so beautiful and vivid. Also as a musician, the idea of a whole culture where perfect pitch is obtainable for anyone, sounds pretty cool. In terms of non-cosmere, I really like the reckoners magic system- it was eye opening to see powers used in such a destructive way.
  15. Hi!