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  1. It needs to be noted that during pretty much all of Dalinars atrocities, he was under the influence of the thrill. Sadeas on the other hand, he calculated, plotted and schemed. He had no problem sending men to die needlessly. None of this was in the heat of battle, under the influence of an unmade and not in control. That was all extra
  2. Rather than being due to the magic system, is there a link between becoming a cognitive shadow and going crazy? The heralds, the fused and shards that have the vessel killed all lose their minds. Warbreaker spoilers
  3. Knights off work - the story of Szeths luxury cruise around the Reisi Isles, sun bathing and pina colada.
  4. Not conclusive put it does seem very likely. I think that we're going to discover all of them, excluding Taln, in Kohlinar that night.
  5. Ruin and Preservation didnt work together, not in the end anyway. The vessels of Honor and Cultivation were a couple, possibly with child. I think their bond would be stronger than any other cohabiting shards. I'm clinging on for dear life on the this theory, I havent got many straws left to grasp at
  6. Consider me converted. I also think rock would make a good edgedancer, and the thought of a man of his size sliding around would be great! He and lift would also make the most dynamic and comedic team. Her calling wyndle a voidbringer and giving him grief. Him bowing and respecting/worshipping his spren. At a distant second place I'd say willshaper
  7. The timelines are strange at the assassination. So in the new prologue, Navani finds the meeting just after the guests have arrived, Eshonai finds him in the same room with different people after that. Jasnah finds Gavilar and Amaram in the hallway speaking. Then after sees Nale and Kalak in a different hallway just as the screaming starts but presumably they left after Navani saw them. The assassination probably deserves it's own theory thread but at the minute it looks like there were at least 5 heralds in Kohlinar that night. Gavilar playing 2, possibly more groups. It wouldn't surprise me if he had links to the ghost bloods and the diagram aswell.
  8. I think the investing would have been done when first arriving on or preparing to go to Roshar. As far as we know, the other shards he splintered weren't working together like Honor and Cultivation are/did, hence the risk he would need to take. They were a couple after all.
  9. I do agree with that, but to be a world singer you have to actually "sing" about the world, not keep quite about it. I dont think hes secretive, I think he was like all bridgemen not watching to talk about their past. “Now, as the Truthwatchers were esoteric in nature, their order being formed entirely of those who never spoke or wrote of what they did, in this lies frustration for those who would see their exceeding secrecy from the outside; they were not naturally inclined to explanation; and in the case of Corberon's disagreements, their silence was not a sign of exceeding abundance of disdain, but rather an exceeding abundance of tact.” —Words of Radiance, chapter 11, page 6[ I agree that lightweaver is a far stretch, it was more based on his relationship with hoid than his personality. I think elsecaller would be a solid bet though.
  10. I did consider that at first, but the more I thought about his chance of splintering a shard power couple the more I thought he'd have to take risks. He needed to make them over invest themselves to make his move, what better way than a war to save their chosen planet and people. Honor and Cultivation were already heavily invested in Roshar, if not Ashyn aswell. Odium just needed them to go that extra mile.
  11. I dont think truthwatcher, they're said to be secretive and not talk or write about what they do, Sigzil was an apprentice world singer. Got to be lightweaver/ elsecaller. He was Hoids apprentice after all. Either lightweaving for the storytelling (even though he disagrees with the notion). Elsecaller to study and world sing about the only citys yet unknown to him, in shadesmar. Maybe even abit of world hopping for good measure. I hope we see a flashback or reunion in an interlude or something.
  12. I theorized on a post in another thread about the Heralds, Odium and the unmade. Basically I think that originally they were heralds of odium, excluding Taln, bonded to splinters of odium. In Oathbringer during a Dalinar flashback when hes drinking with Jezrien, hes asked which of the unmade are in his head. Following this Jezrien speaks these words, "We let them in. We attracted them, befriended them, took them out to dance and courted them. It is our fault." These bonds were then broken or "unmade" to seek Honor thus creating the unmade we currently see. When the Helalds took up their powers and the oathpact, we know that Honor made the blades. Was it cultivation who granted to power to bind the fused to Braize? Uncertain for Taln yet but the 10 Heralds have become the 10 fools, was this a boon and bane deal from Culltivation? Before they broke the oathpact they were all tired and scared but no indication of being crazy. So the boon was the power to trap the fused. The curse to either be tortured physically on braize, or mentally on Roshar. Alternatively, the heralds becoming the 10 fools is an inherent trait of Honor, from the amount of his investiture (possibly a little intent included) given to them. Honor can be both good and foolish, it can be what's right and just, it can be an excuse for your own misguided sense of pride and longing for unequivocal respect. The idea of following your oath no matter the cost, even if circumstances change, is rather foolish. Plus towards the end its said to be all honor himself was interested in. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the 3, and your own crazy theories on the subject.
  13. I think that Nightblood was made using Larkin bones. Warbreaker spoilers:
  14. To contradict my last post completely, what if honors perpendicularity is in solid form like we've seen on another cosmere planet. There are quite alot of mentions of the strata in Urithiru and the wind blades in Kohlinar. Either this is commonplace in all the stone in Roshar, or the blades were made from the rock removed from the mountain to create Urithiru. Eitherway the strata could be condensed investiture. The perpendicularity moving around the planets rock formations. Jasnah didnt surface in a pool, so being Roshar, she would have come through stone.
  15. A couple of days ago I would have been onboard with this theory, been thinking of something else though. We know that Taln was the herald that shouldn't have been. What if originaly the other 9 were heralds of Odium, he made 9 splinters which they bonded. They broke or "unmade" these bonds to seek Honor. In one of Jezriens ramblings to Dalinar he talks about how it was their own fault. "We attracted them, befriended them, took them out to dance and courted them. It is our fault." He says this just after asking which unmade is in Dalinars head.