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  1. I will preface that the existence of female Heralds is not only realistic but expected, in my opinion. From Tanavast's point of view, it makes sense that he also raised female Heralds as he knew first-hand what women can be capable of. There are female Vessels, especially Koravellium Avast who is his partner and settled on Roshar with him, who was as perfectly capable of shattering Adonalsium as the other Vessels. Most importantly, he did not have your proposed Ashynite misogynistic cultural bias, if that even existed, because he was not an Ashynite. He wanted a well-rounded team and if the best human in a particular field is a woman, who was he to deny her Heraldhood? From the Ashynite point of view, I do not think that Ashyn has a medieval sense of chivalry and, even if it had one, that it would survive the destruction of the planet. After all, Chana was a soldier and Jezrien let his potentially really young daughter be a Herald alongside him. I would like to emphasize the latter point as I believe Jezrien as the Herald of Kings, as opposed to Taln as the patron of soldiers and who was a commoner, would be the pinnacle of masculinity just like how kings were supposed to be a paragon of masculinity in the medieval era. If the traditional pinnacle of masculinity is down to not only having women suffer through warfare and later Damnation with him but also having his own daughter be counted among their numbers, what does that say about the culture if said culture is patterned after medieval Europe? What is more likely is that the Ashynite refugees have a shared appreciation for self-sacrifice and personal courage from having to survive an apocalypse. Moreover, we know that the Heralds underestimate how much suffering being a Herald would bring to them and as such, I think the immortality aspect of being a Herald was more of a selling point to them. This was a culture that must have lost a lot of knowledge from the destruction of Ashyn and knows that they will probably lose some more knowledge because of the early Desolations and that would make immortalizing their foremost scholars and healer an appealing choice. Plus, said scholars and healer now have access to Surges which included Progression and Transformation. They might not be warriors but neither was Ishar and they can significantly bolster the support system of the more martial Heralds and the soldiers. A pretty good deal for the society, a little less so for the Heralds. Who are they to stop Pailiah, Vedel, and Battar from becoming Heralds and allow inferior colleagues who happen to be male to take their place? For Taln in particular, I don't think his sacrifice came from a culturally ingrained sense of chivalry. It was just him being the best guy ever and having a very substantial self-sacrificial streak. If the Heralds came from a culture of medieval European chivalry, why would Ishar, who I will note is a male Herald, venture out and mess around with the Oathpact Connections to sever himself and the other Heralds from it and why would the other male Heralds except for Taln be down with it? That does not sound particularly chivalrous of them. All in all, I do not think female Heralds is a stretch of the imagination for multiple in-world and unmentioned Doylist reasons. N.B. I think Battar could have a Nale-style murder nascent Radiants as her madness or be his partner-in-(not) crime because her attributes are wise and careful which can lend itself to paranoia and utilitarianism.
  2. So the German Rhythm of War cover is out and it breaks away from the Shallan in Shadesmar scene we've seen in the UK and Bulgarian cover. But whose fleet is that? I first thought it's the fleet from the Origin mentioned in Puuli's interlude but then with most of the coastal cities being oriented leeward, not toward the Origin. I don't think it's a fleet of SIngers unless maybe Venli convinced some to come along to whatever this city to declare her defection from Odium's side but that doesn't really sound as exciting as the lost sailors coming back when the night is darkest, does it? So what do you guys think?
  3. Ever since I read the Sja-Anat interlude, a quote has stuck with me. That quote was said by Tumi and I find it so fascinating due to certain implications. We know Sja-Anat Englightens spren through mechanics we don't know but seeing it described as a giving of eyes by one of her children is interesting, to say the least. Is this giving of eyes metaphorical, the way shedding light onto something makes you see the truth of the object? Perhaps it's more literal--deadeyes are described as basically lacking eyes after all, and giving that most symbolic part back to a deadeye must mean a lot to said deadeye. I'm surprised no one has theorized about this quote and I want to hear your thoughts on the quote. Could Sja-Anat Enlighten a deadeye back to "life"?
  4. Thanks for the link! Time to go down deeper into the hole! This is exactly what I think happens to at least some of the Enlightened spren.
  5. I think healing into another ethnicity is much harder than transitioning if a person utilizes cosmere healing. As we know, cosmere healing works by matching up your body to your spiritual aspect. In the case of a trans person, the person identifies as another gender which then makes the spiritual aspect match the gender they identify as while their body is left unchanged. Cosmere healing then changes the body to fix the discrepancy between the spiritual and the physical aspect of the person. With ethnicity, while the biological change is arguably simpler on the surface, the spiritual side of things can get weird because yes, there must be changes to your spiritual aspect because now you have different parents, personal history, and cultural background too. After all, ethnicity is a social group that shares a common national or cultural heritage, not just the distinctive features, unless you mean healing into having features that will make you pass as a person of a different heritage but divorced from the cultural aspect which would be a whole different thing (cosmetic cosmere healing perhaps?). So if one can somehow heal into another ethnicity, it requires a discrepancy between one's perception of their ethnicity and the ethnicity they were born into. I won't be asking why the discrepancy exists on a case-to-case basis but I believe the cause and the person's background contribute to the plausibility of the ethnicity change. If someone has been naturalized into the intended ethnicity for a major part of their life, especially adoptees, I think that will help in the change because they have the Connections and context to believably construct a cultural experience that they have lived through though. If a person merely thinks of themself as being of another ethnicity without having a complete picture of the cultural experience, we encounter a problem. If the person can heal into another ethnicity, what cultural heritage is getting added into their mind and where did that heritage come from? If the heritage comes from an incomplete understanding of the culture, it errs on the side of Yikes as that will include stereotypes, cliches, overgeneralizations, misinterpreted bits due to the person's own cultural biases, and cultural components that are divorced from their contexts. If the heritage comes from the spiritual ideal of an ethnicity's culture, no ethnicity is enough of a monolith to have one specific spiritual aspect to Connect to and the person will need to choose a very specific experience to Connect to which can be hard if you don't know enough about the culture or its people in the first place. If our hypothetical person has overcome the cultural heritage quibble, there are a few other problems to contend with: We have never seen anyone being healed into having a different parentage within the same ethnicity and cultural experience using cosmere healing or magical mechanics that can do both healing and shapeshifting, let alone changing their birth cultural background. If, as you have stated, changing one's parentage is easier than transitioning, we should have seen an instance where that happens. As far as we know, there are no confirmed examples. Most of the changes are a more thorough healing of damaged tissue, restoration of lost limb(s), and the most extreme one, transitioning, is more like changing into one's gold shadow, still the same person of the same parentage but with a different set of sex markers that matches their gender, not an entirely new person born from different parents. Cultures usually don't force their members to physically and biologically conform. You can be naturalized into most cultures and be accepted without overhauling your entire body. Unless a culture forces that level of conformity or the person is experiencing debilitating dysmorphia due to not physically fitting in, the change will be unnecessary. If the person wants to conform to that level, a cosmetic procedure can do the trick without the whole spiritual mumbo jumbo part. If a person can canonically change their parentage and they want a full-blown ethnicity change, with added cultural heritage and all, then we encounter the magical mechanic quibbles, which are: A very large amount of Investiture is needed. They are changing their physical aspect while simultaneously fiddling with their spiritual aspect and that will require way more than a handful of spheres. A ridiculously specific Intent is needed. They are making up a whole new personal history greatly influenced by the ethnicity's culture. A farmer and a merchant of the same ethnicity live very different lives and don't get me started on a particular community's quirks' influence. This can get into Soul Forgery level of Intent specificity so hypothetical person better prepare their Intent. The number of new Connections one needs to forge. Not only is the person Connecting to how they see themself but they're also remaking their entire life from parentage to cultural background. The results can easily be botched. Perhaps the physical transformation happened and now the person passes as their intended ethnicity but their cultural background doesn't. Maybe they resorted to Connecting to what they think the intended ethnicity's culture is, maybe their Intent wasn't specific enough, maybe the Intent was specific but the details are wonky. If our hypothetical person can overcome the mechanical hurdles, in theory, they can change their ethnicity but the amount of work required and the still-present question of the possibility of parentage change. This makes changing ethnicity much harder, if not impossible, compared to transitioning. If cosmetic cosmere healing is possible, that person would have a better chance passing as another ethnicity by having magic cosmetic surgery done on them and delving into the culture they see themself as a member of though now there might be some ethics and moral quibbles. N.B. There is, in fact, away for a trans person to transition without having a full-on chromosome switch: the Investiture can change the presence/absence of the SRY gene and provide the hormones to promote the traits the person wants. While there are definitive markers of male and femaleness, it can get complicated because biology is weird that way. I'm attaching an infographic on that below for perusal purposes:
  6. Why not Vargodium or Taravangium? No, I wasn't ready At. All. And the epilogue killed me and I am nothing but a Shade wailing around in disbelief.
  7. Binding a whole Unmade, particularly Ba-Ado-Mishram, into a gem doesn't sound too easy though Re-Shephir was bound to one by a Lightweaver. The thing is, we haven't seen Ba-Ado-Mishram's influence in the current story afaik when she should also share Re-Shephir's ability to escape her imprisonment and influence stuff which indicates a very strong binding.
  8. I believe Honor used the UNITE Dawnshard in his last fight against Odium and he's not sure whether UNITE would still be accessible when he records the vision. He couldn't have known the Bondsmith candidate is bonding UNITE one piece at a time and so he was also telling them to look for other Dawnshard which he knows are rare and hard to find.
  9. My personal theory: the Dawnshards are CHANGE, SURVIVE, UNITE, and UNBOUND CHANGE (the ability to change one thing into another) Current Holder: Rysn Theorized Previous Owner(s): Cultivation who then hid it on Roshar. Connected Shards: Cultivation (change through growth) Ruin (change through inevitable entropy) Endowment (change through gift) SURVIVE/STAY (the ability to keep one thing the same) Current Theorized Holder: Kelsier Hypothetical Previous Owner(s): Mistborn spoilers below Connected Shards: Preservation The Survival Shard? UNITE/BIND (the ability to bond things together) Current Theorized Holder: Dalinar Hypothetical Previous Owner(s): Ishar, Honor, Nohadon Connected Shards: Honor (bound by oaths/contracts) Devotion (bound by shared desire/emotion/belief among people) Dominion (bond to the land) UNBOUND/UNRAVEL/FREE (the ability to break a thing's bonds and limits) Current Theorized Owner: Rayse who used it to destroy multiple Shards with mostly minimal damage to himself. Hypothetical Previous Owner(s): - Connected Shards: Odium (unbounded hatred/passion) Ambition (unbounded will/desire) Autonomy (freedom)
  10. I think Honor was bound to UNITE after Melishi imprisoned Ba-Ado-Mishram, presumably died or broke his oaths, and the Recreance happened. The tower vision is arguably the last vision to be recorded. Honor thought that UNITE might be rendered inaccessible by his death. UNITE instead was only broken with the pieces attached to the visions, Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow within the Stormfather, maybe Nohadon's CS but he's a weird one, and perhaps to things with strong Connections to UNITE which I shall call relics (if Nohadon held UNITE and then write The Way of Kings, the book might develop a strong Connection to UNITE). According to my theory, as a Bondsmith candidate receives more visions and becomes familiar with the relics, they bond UNITE one piece at a time. When a candidate dies before fully bonding UNITE, the pieces fell apart back to their respective visions and relics. When a Bondsmith candidate finally bonded the Stormfather, they can gain access to Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow's piece. When they reach the Fifth Ideal where they become one with the Stormfather, they fully bond with UNITE, So, Dalinar has a significant portion of UNITE, enabling him to open Honor's Perpendicularity, but he's not fully the holder of UNITE until he reaches the Fifth Ideal.
  11. Hello from Indonesia
  12. I feel that too... Also, fellow international sanderfan?
  13. There's daylight savings time
  14. The joke answer: Pailiah was and still is a MILF The serious answer: Perceptions of Pailiah's appearance clash. The Vorins see Pailiah as eternally youthful and maybe Pailiah fights against it, seeing herself as she should be, a millennia-old woman.
  15. So I'm Dea (a.k.a the person who sent the last one). To be fair, I was reading OB and I just took that one thing and ran with it and I would have forgotten about it. Also, I sent the clues right before making my 17S acc.
  16. As Ishnah mentioned, Blackbane works quicker when injected and she and Shallan concluded there should be a pinprick where a poisoned needle is used to kill Ialai. I am ruling out the possibility of Blackbane gum because there was no mention of Ialai chewing anything or swallowing something other than wine. Some have suspected that Shallan, or at least a fragment or a suppressed fourth alter in Shallan's system, did the deed. I personally don't believe it was her and I think a hidden Ghostblood agent, either in Adolin's squad, among Shallan's Lightweaver team, with the cultists, or even behind the escaped door in the chamber, is a more likely culprit, though this is based on rampant speculation on my part. This is mainly due to the reasoning that poisoned needles are fiddly little odious things and Shallan would probably be very aware of it if she's carrying it. Let's consider where the hypothetical needle would be if Shallan was carrying it: Safehand sleeve (either in the pocket or as a device to keep the sleeve's end shut) Her satchel (sketchbook included as a part of the satchel) I find both options to be very unlikely because the needle risks being too close to Shallan's skin for the former and it could prick one of the cultists instead for the latter. If Shallan is hiding it in a secret pocket or even in her hair, she would be painfully aware of it, either from knowing where she had put it or if it had slightly pricked her during her time in disguise. Also, I don't think there were moments in the text that suggests Shallan was the murderer other than the dazed and a "Did I do that?" moment. While one could argue that maybe Shallan or the suppressed alter fronted and murdered Ialai when Veil was still pro-assassination just before deciding otherwise, I don't think it's likely because someone else, most likely Veil, would notice. Also, I think if there is a fourth suppressed alter and said alter was the one who murdered Ialai, Shallan's now-canonical form of DID would veer to close to Hollywood DID territory and that would go against what I believe Brandon is intending, writing a good DID rep. TL:DR Shallan didn't murder Ialai because needles are fiddly and is a little too Hollywood DID to be what Brandon is intending with canonizing Shallan's DID
  17. Gravitation: weighted blankets Illumination: Urithiru Movie Nights Abrasion: stone-skating rink
  18. Horneater White is a clear liquid. A Blackbane infusion or just some Blackbane mixed into the drink would most likely discolor it. Unless the poison is not Blackbane and we can rampantly speculate what unknown liquid clear, tasteless, and odorless poison did Ialai have on hand.
  19. Can we not have another fridged female character? That would also as run-of-the-mill as killing off a mentor and arguably more so considering how often he does it in the Cosmere. Adolin not being "broken" enough for the spren bond is more surprising than if he had bonded a spren earlier in life. Consider how he needed to step up after the burning of Rathalas and how he set aside his own trauma after his murder of Sadeas and Elhokar's death in Kholinar. In my opinion, the publication of in-world Oathbringer and Dalinar's confession of being the one to kill Evi would be more likely to break Adolin.
  20. That would be an interesting choice
  21. A mole in the team doing the stabbing is the most efficient method to murder Ialai. You only need to prick Ialai just enough. The mole can just slide the needle out, wait for the poison to get into Ialai's bloodstream and then feign shock. No evidence left behind. The mole can just hide the needle again. The only problem is who is the mole. Adolin's men are hand-picked by Adolin himself, a Ghostblood operative must be there from the start and survive multiple battles and earn Adolin's trust while being a spy so we can rule out any of Adolin's men unless a Kandra affiliate of The Ghostbloods has infiltrated them. I think that would be unlikely because unless we have a Paalm situation again, the Kandra are loyal to Harmony who is dealing with his own problems and be very unlikely to join a secret society meddling with another planet. A member of Shallan's Lightweaver squad is a lot more likely as they are the spies of the Radiants. My money is on Ishnah as @GudThymes had mentioned. She has a history with The Ghostbloods and the only question would be how long has she kept up this act.
  22. Sounds risky to me. As seen in the text, team radiant searched the room before leaving. Ialai is still in the chamber to be searched for pinpricks. Shallan and her team will search every corner of the room. Veil noticed the back door and would most likely suggest seeing what's on the other side either by entering or tell Pattern to explore it for her.
  23. @Karger They still need to figure out a way to remove the dart without being noticed though. A dart flying the wrong way is even more suspicious.
  24. Scadrians know about magnets, so one could assume that Iyatil knows too (either as a knowledge passed down through generations of the Southerner diaspora or as common knowledge in Silverlight). The problem is what kind of freakishly strong magnet would The Ghostbloods have access to if they want to remove the dart. Also, a mole removing the dart would be a lot more effecient.
  25. A dart would stick out but no one seemed to notice unless the dart was removed before Shallan could check the body. If Ialai was shot during her capture, she was surrounded by Adolin's men. If it was before she was herded out, Shallan should notice. There's an arguable tiny timeframe of when the dart could be shot, which is when Adolin broke into the room and Shallan is distracted but the same problem of the dart being noticed is still there. A stabbing would be a lot more subtle.