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  1. I absolutely love this! And I think there's a good chance that is true, considering Brandon comments about it being a peculiar point of view.
  2. I love this idea!
  3. I always thought the WoK cover depicted the scene where Dalinar salutes Kaladin after he saves Bridge Four from listener archers.
  4. That's because it's not in the video. He had to clarify later in a Reddit post and in that night's livestream after he was bombarded with our confused questions
  5. We don't know for sure. That was just that user's theory.
  6. Wow, nice catch! I had never seen that WoB.
  7. Hi! First time poster here! For a time I have wondered why Shallan's eyes don't glow red. We know from WoB that when radiant's glow, whether through their skin or their eyes, they do so in the color corresponds to their order (source). My understanding is that order colors are the those of their associated gemstone. So Kaladin glows blue because windrunners are associated with sapphires. Renarin should glow green, since truthwatchers are linked to emeralds. Dalinar's glow should be yellow (heliodor), Szeth's gray (smokestone), and so on. Lightweavers associated gemstone is garnet, which is red. We've seen one of Shallan's personas, Radiant, beraring a garnet colored shardplate: So, why don't her eyes glow red? In 2016 there was a post on this matter (which you can read here) where @Cortez theorized that she's been unconsciously hiding the red in her eyes since it was the reason for her mother trying to kill her (I don't know how to quote a comment :c). But beyond that I haven't found much explanation. Do you have an idea about why this is?
  8. When Dalinar grabs Oathbringer again, after Amaram's death, he says that it doesn't scream as much as before. The Stormfather tells him that it hates him less than it hates the others, that it remembers the oath he fulfilled with it.