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  1. I have. Again, I don't know if that's what was being foreshadowed. But considering that both chamsfiends and lanceryns are native creatures that form bonds with spren, they may as well be able to form them with humans. Dawnshard spoilers:
  2. Don't forget we've seen a very special bond develop between Rysn and Chiri-Chiri. I don't think it's that much of a strech to say that chamsfiends can have similar bonds. In fact, Chiri-Chiri becoming more sentient/intelligent maybe have been foreshadowing this moment.
  3. Wasn't it the sand from Taldain that Raboniel and Navani used in their experiments?
  4. I think it will be interesting to see the duel play out in the first parts of the book, maybe even in the third part, and have Dalinar loose. From then on we could have the build-up to the most epic climax in the series.
  5. Being a Bondsmith I guess she will find a way to make fabrials by binding willing spren, and not through the old methods. Edit: Maybe between her and Dalinar we can see the rebirth of the deadeyes?
  6. So, seems like Moash is now blind: "But he couldn't see them. No matter how much Stormlight he was given, his eyes didn't recover. He was blind" Why do you think this happened?
  7. I got the impression that El and Raboniel where close, at least scholar colleagues. Maybe that's why Raboniel seemed to hate Moash? She does have plenty of other reasons tho...
  8. We know that he is a scholar who was stripped both of his rhythms and of a certain title (maybe He Who Quiets or Voice of Lights). We also know he is scary AF.
  9. That is what happened. While talking to Taravangian, Odium says that he's angry because he had lost his champlion again. First Dalinar, then Stormblessed.
  10. I straight up interpreted that Taravangian approved the attack on Emul because Raboniel and the Fused ordered him try to take Dalinar and Jasnah off the tower. PD: I don't know if you are from Argentina, but I like your name
  11. Nice catch! Your comment made me think that maybe it's Odium "filling" those intelligence "gaps".
  12. I feel positively about it because I think that, through this job, he will grow in the direction he needs while being a surgeon. I do not think it will last. Not even to the end of this book. Like with him being forced out of battle, the feeling is positive although the situation is not the happiest. This book seems to be his upswing, so I belive he needs this in order to progress.
  13. poll

    I think it would be nice to have "None" as an option. No offense intended.
  14. I absolutely love this! And I think there's a good chance that is true, considering Brandon comments about it being a peculiar point of view.