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  1. I’ll be there! Signed up quickly when they said there would be limited tickets.
  2. poll

    For me, my order is Siri, Lightsong, Vasher, Vivenna. In terms of pure entertainment, Lightsong wins. For character development enjoyment, I really appreciated Siri’s progress. I also liked how her behavior and personality contrasted with Vivenna. Vasher’s backstory made his character fascinating. Vivenna annoyed me for about 90% of her PoV. Her ignorance, arrogance and judgment were tiring.
  3. Hi all! Are the leather bound books worth purchasing? They look super beautiful but I heard that the Warbreaker leather bound had some problems with the foil coming off... wanna make sure they’re worth it before spending that kind of money.
  4. I’m an INTJ and I got Elsecaller! Not sure if I agree that Jasnah would be an ENTJ because she is still relatively secluded at the end of Oathbringer even with the Queen title.
  5. Ah ha! Just noticed results for @Mestiv. I’m not alone!
  6. I noticed that too! I was wondering why mine were so separated while everyone else is within a few percentage points of each other...
  7. Elsecaller! #TeamJasnah Really enjoyed reading the Orders' explanations and descriptions.
  8. After reading Azure/Vivenna’s part in Oathbringer, I had a couple of questions. She’s from a different world and made her way to Shadesmar in order to get to Roshar. She’s a worldhopper. But how did she get to Shadesmar? And if she can get to Shadesmar, can spren go to other worlds? I don’t know if Shadesmar is connected to all of the worlds...
  9. @R J, it was after I finished reading Patrick Rothfuss’ books and wanted to find something similar. Goodreads recommended Way of Kings and I was hooked after reading the book description. It’s so cool that the Shard has been around for 10 years! I feel super behind since I just picked his books up a couple years ago. I found my profile picture after searching for Elsecallers on Google and thought the glyph looked awesome!
  10. @R J Hm... In Stormlight, either Moash or Venli. Now that Amaram is dead, I feel like Moash will become our new anti-villain. Venli... I appreciate her character development in Oathbringer but her initial power hungry drive that ultimately led to her sister’s death is still too fresh. Haha. We’ll see how she handles herself in Stormlight 4... but so far she’s left a lot to be desired. In Mistborn, it was Dockson after his personality change in Well of Ascension. I expected more from him as a key leader in Kelsier’s crew but his attitude let me down after Kelsier’s death. What about you? Who are your favorite and least favorite characters?
  11. Timbre! I want to learn more about this spren but I like the determination and spunk in Oathbringer. Favorite type of spren... probably Honorspren.
  12. Ah, there's so many favorite moments! I'll include my favorites from Stormlight... Mistborn is very good but it is hard to beat Stormlight's epic moments. When Bridge Four charges in to save Dalinar and Adolin after Sadeas' betrayal leaving them to fight the Parshendi. Kaladin and Syl reuniting after he almost lost her completely! When Kaladin jumps into the arena to save Adolin and Renarin after saying... "Honor is dead. But I'll see what I can do." SO epic. Followed by Adolin staying in the prison with Kaladin to show his support. All of Jasnah's scenes... but especially in Oathbringer when she finally shows off her abilities in the battle against Odium. And Dalinar grabbing the realms and recharging the spheres saying... "I will take responsibility for what I've done..." And Stormfather's stunned response... "These Words... are accepted." Characters... My favorite characters in order... Jasnah, Kaladin, Navani, Adolin, Taln. Might be a touchy subject but after Oathbringer, I'm not a big fan of Shallan right now. I need to see her character development in Stormlight 4. In Mistborn, favorite character is Ham and his philosophical questions. Metals/Orders... Favorite order is Elsecallers but I might be biased because of Jasnah. Favorite metals so far... Tin, Bronze and Atium. Bronze with a caveat though - only if the Mistborn is strong enough to pierce copperclouds.
  13. Hey all! I started reading the Stormlight Archive series two years ago and I'm 1/2 way through the Mistborn series now! Really love Sanderson's world building, magic systems, character development and overall epicness. Goal is to read all of his books before the November release of Stormlight 4! Recently started listening to Shardcast and loving every second of it. Super fan of Jasnah and Ivory - waiting (not very patiently) for that possible novella about Jasnah's experience in Shadesmar.