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  1. I noticed in chapter 121 of Oathbringer Moash was “...enjoying the peaceful rhythm of pick on stone”. Later in chapter 122 of Oathbringer “...the numbness drove him to keep working, to hear that steady beat of metal on stone that let him pass between times”. I think there may have been a few other references of Moash zoning out and I wasn’t sure if that been discussed before; I wonder if Moash is tuning in to hypno-Singing?
  2. I like everyone. Every character has a backstory. I liked Gaz even when he was awful. Amaram was even doing bad for a good reason. For cryin our loud the Lord Ruler was doing bad for a good reason. If I had to pick one, I guess Taravangian. One day he is a sweet ol Pap and the next he is a Pap yelling at his news TV station how wrong everyone is.
  3. White Sand is pretty accessible. If I had a smidge of ability (and stubbornness by the boatload) I could do magic, but, I think having Biochromatic breath would be delightful... if only it wasn’t so morally pesky.
  4. Favorite character is tough. Nothing is more fun than reading Lift. Wayne is fun, but... no daddy issues, swear, I like Dalinar the most. He’s like Kal but with a To Do list. Favorite book might be Way of Kings.
  5. I decided to get off the sidelines and get a login. I started with Mistborn in Audible, now I’ve got the Cosmere in audible and print. On Stormlight: I haven’t identified any posts citing the fondness of fashion Rsyn and Adonin share. I suspect it’s coincidence buuuut... Also I haven’t identified any posts citing Moash’s ability to zone out and be a rock breaker as long as he hears the rhythms. Or did I misunderstand? Simple, I know, but I want the best for everyone. I want him to overcome and be a good guy Listener (somehow).