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  1. I love this. I've read books too. This is practically what happened honestly.
  2. Hi... Sociopathic Fangirl
  3. And all the times it meant maybe
  4. What I can't figure out if this is funnier if it was said by a religious person or a yaoi person or someone who disliked both. (Aka we want to know more about this)
  5. I can't help it! She's so cute and adorable and I keep going dkjsabfhbvsjkdvsjhfvfnvjfkb
  6. I mean, most of these are just rarepairs, and the rest of them are crack pairs. And some are like genuinely good ships
  7. Ati x Leras is an *awesome* ship. The true Horrific ship that should not exist:
  8. How are you so storming awesome???
  9. When was this? It seems like at least a few months old
  10. Mhm, I've touched them
  11. Anyone who wants to can try for the next game