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  1. I've switched of all notifications, expect status updates, pings, and quotes, It's really much better now.
  2. I don't think mixing 2 shards (or their investitures) necessarily becomes something of both. The best example is Ruin and Preservation became Harmony. Also, Cultivation and Honor become Science, which also feels extremely wrong to me.
  3. Are you a cat?
  4. I didn't do much, but happy to help!
  5. I mean, I really, really don't get why people think killing Sadeas was wrong. And this even though I am nearly as big a pacifist as Lirin. If Sadeas would have been left alive, he would have caused the deaths of thousands of people. Not killing him would have been wrong.
  6. Ene is like Hoid, but instead of creating religions by trickery, she makes them by being storming nice.
  7. Modern vulcanization was invented sometime in the 1800s, but older civilizations used to process rubber too. I don't know much about it, sorry.
  8. Don't forget about vulcanization, though. Natural rubber gets gooey in the heat, and cracks in the cold
  9. 960 ~64 years left if we continue at our average speed.
  10. Ooh, Enemies to Lovers speedrun! I wanna know what happened(If you want to tell us)
  11. But we know that changing friction does not change the buoyant force.
  12. What do you mean by the acceleration being negative? Do you mean that objects are being accelerated towards the center of the earth? A planet rotating around a star is not a good analogy for a falling object, in this case. A falling object will have a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 (assuming not very high speed, and close to earth). This means it's speed will be constantly increasing (while falling) by 9.81 m/s per second. There is no limit to the momentum gravity can impart to a falling object.
  13. I think you are majorly confused about how forces work. A constant force constantly changes the momentum of an object. The reason that the earth is not constantly increasing speed is that, the force on the earth is perpendicular to i's velocity, this makes it go around the sun, while not changing it's speed. Essentially, any force can add an arbitrarily large momentum to an object given enough time.
  14. Gravity merely applies a constant force downward which continually increases the momentum. Terminal velocity arises due to both gravity and air resistance. Gravity provides a constant downward force, air resistance provides an upward force which varies with the speed of the object. When the magnitude of the force due to air resistance becomes exactly equal to that dues to gravity, the object stops increasing in momentum. This is what we call as terminal velocity. There is no terminal velocity without air (or in the more general case fluid) resistance.
  15. Wrong. Terminal velocity is a *consequence* of friction. In a vacuum, all objects continually increase in momentum. Do you think that there would be no buoyant force on a Slicked object?