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  1. Hey glad, you like it! Of course, you're welcome to use it.
  2. I've been wanting to draw Kaladin for the longest of times but was never brave enough to start. Finally found the courage, did a sketch and even added color.
  3. After finally having the time to read RoW inspiration struck me and this resulted from it. Hope you like it :)
  4. Thank you very much! It's done with watercolor.
  5. I finished "Warbreaker" a couple weeks ago. It took some time to find the right references and such but finally managed to get one of the ideas onto paper. Hope you like it.
  6. Thank you so much, guys! It means a lot that fans say I've managed to capture her well enough.
  7. Hello and welcome! and no worries, I'm new here as well and I've never been part of a forum before either. Had some great conversations with people here already! It's so much fun! Would you want to be an Allomancer or a Knight Radiant?
  8. Oh I know, read the first book in maybe 3 days and the second was great too. I'm kinda worried about the main characters though at this point, scared something's gonna happen to them. Gotta convince myself to keep on reading I'm will spread the word, somehow!
  9. Haha that's funny but obviously your friend had the right recommendation for you might have to do the same with my friends I just started the Hero of Ages, just a couple pages in. Oh, thanks for the tip, might get one of those as a birthday present for my friend
  10. Got ya, well I'm excited to hear what you think of RoW then It is quite sad, I've been trying to convince some of my friends to read them but I feel very self-conscious when I go on and on about the Stormlight Archive and Brandon's books in general. They are just so good, I don't understand why he is not that popular around here. But that's a cool story! (Wish that would happen to me) I am doing my bachelor's degree in the US and needed a new book to read. I've had TWoK in my hand before but didn't go for it, I'm already spending way too much money on books, but then I finally got it and I was hooked. I'm now reading first era Mistborn, not even sure those are available in German yet... How exactly did you discover Brandon? Did you just pick it up in the book store?
  11. I got the Lord Ruler, too. Was really surprised although probably my Hogwarts House cemented the whole thing. Can't help being a Slytherin....
  12. Hello and welcome! I am from Germany, too. I'm impatient as well plus reading it in the original is so satisfying I've read all of Brandons books in English so far. How were the German versions though? I saw they had translated the Stormlight Archive last summer... To be honest, I cannot say how happy I am that someone else back home has read his books!!
  13. You're probably right but then again it's Vin we're talking about I just kinda wanted to have the bent coin in her hands so it's more obvious she is remembering Kelsier. You've made a fair point though, maybe I'll revise it at some point.
  14. Maybe we might get to see a couple of the excerpts at some point....Also those random rows of numbers that showed up; is there a code to them? Or what do they mean? I feel like there is so much that we don't know at all about his great plan.
  15. Haha true, you've got a point there. However, even though they have awesome powers it also sounds like a tough life. To be honest though, I'd probably also want to join an order I took the quiz and apparently I'd be a lightweaver, which makes sense. I am kinda artsy and creative but I feel like I'd need way more talent to actually be able to create anything like Shallan is capable of... Apart from that I guess just still attached to the Windrunners but same as you I am curious to find out more about the other orders. I'm sure we'll get to know even more in the next books to come.