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  1. I agree, and I am definitely overreacting. Not to just deflect to something else, but I think maybe I'm more upset at the fact that becoming a squire nearly guarantees you being one of few(ish) chosen radiants. If there were 50 windrunners, all from different parts of Roshar, all with as difficult a road as Kaladin had I wouldn't be as irritated. Windrunners may be a bad example because Bridge 4 had so much trauma. But taking someone as a squire should, for the most part, be just that. You remain a squire, not nearly guaranteed to become something more.
  2. The title really should be Too Many Radiants. I'm sure this doesn't bother a lot of you, but I really can't get behind how many radiants there are. (I've only read part 1 of ROW so far) I was never even really a fan of the squires, but grew to be okay with it thinking they would remain squires. Nearly all of Bridge 4 has their own spren? To me that takes away how epic Kal's journey bonding Syl was. Gaz has his own spren? Really?? I understand you need to be broken to form the Nahel bond, but what made me love these books was the incredible abilities of the Knights Radiant and how rare I thought that feat was. As an Adolin fan I was always looking forward to him potentially saying the words or reviving Maya. Unfortunately that excitement is gone. It's become commonplace to be a Radiant which I really can't get behind. Started part 2, but am struggling now. My "dark brain" as Syl would call it is thinking my favorite series is no more
  3. I've gotta say my biggest takeaway is how frustrated I am that there's hundreds of radiants running (or flying) around. It just doesn't feel special anymore. Everything that Kal did and worked for...yet someone like Gaz has a spren? I understand you need to be broken to form a bond, but this is just a part of the stormlight archive I really can't get behind. As an Adolin fan I've been waiting for him to potentially say the words or revive Maya and how epic that would be - considering everyone close to him is a radiant. Now it's just more embarrassing than anything. Hang out with a radiant for a month or two and get your own spren. Can't get behind that at all.
  4. Almost done with the first Mistborn trilogy, about halfway through Hero of Ages (love this trilogy)
  5. Didn't realize that there used to be thousands of Radiants! I guess there only being 10 would be somewhat strange, just hoping the squires maybe can't swear all the ideals, or aren't as strong, or even need to be near the "main" Radiant in order to have these abilities. I know that's what the rumors suggest, hoping that's true!
  6. Thank you! Favorite book is The Way of Kings - just love the Bridge Runs and it's what I talk about when trying to get my friends to dive into the Stormlight Archive. Also the ending of the book was just incredible. Favorite magic system is the use of Allomancy in Mistborn. The battles between two mistborn are just incredible. How about you?
  7. Hello! I found myself on this forum a lot searching up questions I had after reading and decided it was finally time to make an account! I've read all of the Stormlight Archive and just recently got each book on Audible and am listening to them all before Rhythm of War comes out. I am a HUGE Adolin fan - not often do you see a character who has it all, but isn't conceited and isn't jealous as everyone around him starts to surpass him. I'm just finishing the first Mistborn trilogy...and wow I never thought I would find something better than The Stormlight Archive, but Mistborn may overtake it. So, I had a question on Squires. It's a question regarding your opinions on them? Does it take anything away from the Knights Radiant to you that now nearly all of Bridge 4 has the same abilities as Kaladin and a few have even bonded spren? Again, as a huge Adolin fan I always thought it was going to be unlikely he would become a Radiant, but if that moment ever did come I would lose it and probably shed some tears of joy. Now with squires it went from unlikely to inevitable (still have hope he is the first to revive a dead spren). The Stormlight Archive is nearly flawless for me, I just don't know if I can get behind a Knights Radiant losing that exclusiveness. What are your guys thoughts on Squires?