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  1. The thing is, it wasn't even an analysis. It was an offhand comment about someone telling her to kill Kas. And it did give off the vibe that she made it jokingly, like she has many times before, like saying to someone they left a message in the elim doc. Now that is different from, say, the reads list that she posted, and Archer's analysis of it, which was was actually helpful. What I was wary of Ashbringer's analysis was how sure he was that she wasn't lying because he made statements like "There SHOULD be an elim in X, Y, Z" which seemed to exude too much confidence on something that was based on an assumption. And to be clear, I did mean to say "I think Illwei was actually lying" I've never seen you vote on your suspicion via RNG before, so I'm still suspicious of that vote :P.
  2. Azmine to TJ, btw. How was my tone different? I did not say that I always PM with Kas and Illwei. I said I *only* PM with Kas and Illwei. Besides, the reason I asked for a PM with Kas was partially as a joke to annoy him, and partially because when me and Kas PM, we're always gamesolving, and when me and Illwei PM we're talking about the most random things with a little gamesolving sprinkled in between. And I believe I've already mentioned that Kas plays very rarely nowadays, so me preferring a PM with Kas in a limited PM isn't nearly as malicious as you're making it out to be. I don't get this either. What was I trying to downplay or undervalue? And more importantly why would I be doing that as Illwei's teammate? I was feeling a tiny bit better about you from posts in the last cycle, but this vote is very very weird. So I was looking at you as well, when I was re-reading Araris' posts from previous cycles and I found something interesting. Refer to this post from C1: Drake's read post has a total of 2 elim reads - Steel and Pyro. Note that at this point in time, Illwei is leading in votes, and Drake is the first player to make it 2-2. But besides the point, why would you choose to RNG a vote when you have 2 elim reads? And on top of that, your RNG chose one of your only two elim reads? How likely is that? I feel like RNG is a very easy reason you gave to protect Illwei's train from running even further. Drake. I'm not comfortable with everyone running away with TUO train. Edit: @Archer and @Devotary of Spontaneity, what are your thoughts, given you voted for Drake last cycle?
  3. I'll go back to TUO btw. Both Illwei and Araris very strongly defended TUO in the first cycle, that it's gotta be a move that screams 'it's too elimy for the elims to defend themselves so we're gonna do exactly that". I'll be back after re-reading the thread looking for Araris interactions.
  4. Final words if no changes, keep an eye out for Szeth. They're being unusually proactive with their game this time. They're the only solid elim read I have.
  5. I voted for you as WL like literally 3 posts above yours xD
  6. I rarely PM anyone other than Kas and Illwei, so this was a normal reaction for me preferring to PM Kas before her :P. Okay clarifying - I do not see Matrim e/e along with Illwei, so yes, I mean Matrim/Illwei as V/E Yeah, and I'll add the fact that I find you claiming that RNG choose Pyro a bit... iffy? Too chancy? Gave your a reason to pile votes without you needing to provide a reason. And yeah, I'm reading Stick as village, so I'm not going to vote for her. Drake's posts from this cycle made me ease up on his elim read, and I sorta want to vote on Tani to protect Stick. Any with vote count? And there's 90 more minutes in the cycle right?
  7. Smh, you can't possibly expect me to go through all of those :P. You're probably the best deepwolf I've played with, given in both games we've played together, you managed to gain the confidence of the majority of the villagers, so you'll have to excuse me if I don't trust you till I personally get to see your village game and compare them Irrespective of Fifth's alignment, I'm reading Elandera and Striker as village, because they put me ahead of him in votes. If Fifth is an elim, and either of those are elims they'd have tried to get him elected. If Fifth is village and either of those are elims, and they had to choose between me and Fifth for IC, I'd imagine they'd go for Fifth because they'd like to be rid of the more dangerous player of the two of us. And as such, I'm reading both Elandera and Striker as village. StrikerEZ Matrim
  8. I feel like this is genuine and informative to give out. More the elims, less the number of villagers Tineye can hide among, so village read to Tani. StrikerEZ I'm not village reading Fifth until I've played like a bunch of village games with him :P. Szeth slightly elim read. Also, just realized there would be last minute retractions in... anti self preservation? self destruction? So we'd have to account for that as well when considering ties. Sonny's Fireworks Come one, come all! Magnificent display of vibrant colors lighting up the sky above Lord Valereux's automobile factory! Experience the joy of the visuals of one thousand colors, for absolutely free of cost. Your only charge? A word from your mouth about c'est magnifique event. Location : Valereux Automobiles Time: Sundown + 2 hours Additional Information: Preferably, kids under the age of 7 are not recommended to visits. Extremely combustible substance warning! *scribbled at this bottom* Khas, ya heckin' idiot! Watevai said bout you beautifyin mah werds? I asked ya ta spread the word that we blowing up old Val's factory up. What's this pilah garbage? It's not a darn spectacle, it s'posed ta be a statement!! KABOOM! Yah know? Not.. not heckin vibrant an what not. KABOOM!
  9. I - aren't you giving a lot of weight to what Illwei seemingly posted jokingly? That's... a lot of effort put in to something said so nonchalantly. Yeah, as I said I agree with this. Not going so far as to vote, but rescinding my previously existing village read. Nuh uh, maybe I'm giving too much credit to Illwei, but that wasn't a slip. Especially when she's come out and attacked people trying to intentionally act like they slipped village before (think she called out someone who said Mat's village claim was a slip). This statement was in the same vein as those slips. This whole post feels elimiy, like something's off about the entire. I don't know how, but it just does.
  10. Purely for the self vote, Striker's most likely to be village. I've observed that selfishness is a trait for villagers, and been seemingly all modest and humble and altruistic is more likely to be an elim trait. That's because I've done with myself the only time I was an elim with Mat, when he gave the Crossbow in a very unselfish manner to Reading in Archer's QF And I remember reading El's Lord of the Rings game with the similar mechanism of electing, in which elim Fifth oh so unselfishly wanted to vote someone else in, got trusted because of that, and got himself voted in xD Now I know you can't vote for yourself in the game, but Striker thought he could and he did, which makes me read him village. Teeeeny bit worried that Szeth voted on him too, but that seems like a poke (?) election? xD Matrim thought process to read Archer are village seems solid. Edit: Is that purple too dark? I bb-code typed it in.
  11. On me? I'm not sure if you were on, but Illwei had definitely moved off. So It was either you moved off and then he voted on me, or he voted on me and then you moved off.
  12. Okay so I went through the D1 again, and from Illwei's interactions, pretty sure Waffles is village, and I cannot see Matrim e/e with her. There's just too many genuinely seeming interactions with them. So I'm excluding Archer, Dannex, Waffles, Matrim, Steel (because of the vote) and Ash (reading him a village). And her reaction to my TUO vote very much feels like a escape from 'an elim would not defend her teammate that way' when in fact I feel that's what she did. To Archer, your summary of the last cycle makes sense, and I'll be willing to go for Drake from it if no one wants to go for TUO. And to your (and Mat's) suspicions against me: I'd argue that this way too strong of an attack against a teammate in D1. And to me gravitating towards a village read on Illwei, I catch up on posts you guys fill up on sleep of when I read stuff together at once, I get a progression of reads of players. You can see that I went from Illwei as elim to possible village in a single large post, so you know it wasn't distancing and then clearing or.. it wouldn't be a good one if I did it in a single post. Why are you suspicious of Araris? I'm actually suspicious of him. That's because he mentioned wanting to vote on me when I had 2 votes, but he actually voted on me after Illwei moved off me. Which makes sense for an elim because they'd not be concentrating votes on me, and it doesn't make sense for village!Araris because a. it's unlike him to vote on someone not likely to be removed and b. it's also unlike him to not vote on someone by giving the reason that 'he has 2 votes on him', as he always aims to vote to kill. Huh, as I'm thinking about this, Araris seems more suspicious than Drake. I'll just.. let other people cent in on this while I go check for Drake - Araris interactions.
  13. Inchresting... to say the least You see, I began with the read that Mat and Illwei could be e/e (Mat faking the reaction to Illwei's copypasta) and then their interactions seemed not e/e, and I began reading Mat the more elimy-er of the two, and the village read on Waffles made me read Illwei was village cause I read Waffles the same way for the same reason and no one else mentioned that. So, now I'm here wanting to reread Illwei-Mat interactions to get a clearer idea of him, but it's nearly 2am and you caught me on my last read-through before falling asleep
  14. Right right, I forgot only I'm mostly sure of your alignment, not the other way around xD And you know how you can be confident that I'm village? By talking! :P.