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  1. al had fully agreed and had noticed the same during the last night. he felt archy had attached tess for the ushual 'elims think like they dont prioritize pms' excuse and then backed off because he realised tess was right in the sense that pms are not a village priority this game cos of docs. archer change: i don buy archys 'forgot this game had docs' story. like cmonnnn this is a shard game, shardworld docs are one of the mosht important part/easy to remember part of the game
  2. sorry kasbro, was super busy today. al looks around and finds himself back in silverlight. huh when had that happened. oh well no matter. twas time for another adventure. hed long since given up autonomy and was now just plain ol al. he looked at the shards in containment and dismissed them. meh. he just wanted to chill. holding autonomy was not troubling but this new found freedom unburdened from the intent of shards, he liked it. kinda like just getting out of a relashunship and finding you love being single. ah. that freedom.
  3. The other way around but yeah, pre-determined pinch-hitter.
  4. You know, Stick and Alpha could probably sign up as one slot. Stick could play till her game starts and then Alpha could sub in. Just an idea
  5. Still so weird to see red next to my name smh >> Good game village! Alas, we never really got going. Nonetheless it was fun to play evil for the first time with Devo and JNV, and sorry for messing up the last cycle. Really should have self-pressed -.-'' Thanks Kas, twas fun, my activity was low but I did mention I'd be busy, ideally I would have a liked to spend a lot more time on this game.
  6. Nope you're falsely representing my actions. I mentioned it last cycle itself that I had a gut-feeling that JNV could have been a bus as you and xino knew about the scan result beforehand.
  7. Fletcher sat clueless, still no idea about the identities of the Yuelish among them. In reality though, he couldn’t care much. He wasn’t Yuelish, but wasn’t really Discovery either. They’d treated him well of course, but his loyalties died a long time ago. The day they broke their oaths. And the day he’d gathered his first artefact. The day they now called Aharietiam. He still remembered it like it was yesterday. Despite being cosmere-aware, other worlds really did not interest him. Unlike other worldhoppers, he truly enjoyed and cherished Roshar. He would have liked nothing more than to return home. But alas, it’d have to wait. He had to finish his job here first.
  8. Fletcher was listening to his recordings again, wandering eyes cautious and paranoid. There were so few of them left now and he just wanted to hunt of the one artefact which had eluded him till now. He kept telling himself to wait and that it would turn up sooner rather than later but more he delayed the more he regretted staying. He was about to turn off the recorder and head in for the night when he heard something he had missed initially. He paused, rewound the device and listened carefully. It seemed that the Yuen, Jiang had suspected Mallard during the first hour. All his other entries were not that important, he had not mentioned suspicion on anyone else. So then why, Fletcher had asked himself, was the final accusation on Gaovaris? He started to believe more in his theory that Jiang and Gaovaris had faked the enmity between them. When sure that Gaovaris was not under any sort of pressure, Jiang probably made a very light-hearted accusation. Fletcher was confused. What exactly was Georg's idea? Georg's reasoning for believing the scholar was of the Empire? It did not fill Fletcher with confidence that Gaovaris was using Georg's read of them as their defence. Refutable too, since they did not have the Yuen team composition and Fletcher felt like he would not put it past a team with high risk appetite to pull it off. "Hey, scholar! What is your case against Kipling?" he called out, intent clear to figure out the scholar even further.
  9. I was thinking Fifth would have been more likely to be a teammate of Devo, so I would have voted for him if Devo was evil, but now I'm leaning towards JNV bus, re: the second scenario from my post last cycle. So, I'll be voting for TKN this cycle. And @The Known Novel, it's really not that uncommon to distance D1. It's become more popular in the recent few games. And with anon voting and not really much pressure on you, it was really not risky as much as you claim it was.
  10. Oh huh, when I looked at 4 votes I was suspicious because 4 votes in anon-voting is uncommon, especially without any in-thread suspicion. So I was beginning to suspect a bus. Though... did TKN and Xino know about the scan result? If so, then if they are JNV's teammates then they would have forced to go along with it and bus them. Which would in-turn make Devo's vote weird because - hold on This is assuming TKN and Xino knew about the scan result - If Devo is evil -> JNV, Devo, [third member] ; Here third member likely not to be Xino or TKN because e!Devo clearly makes an attempt to protect JNV and if one of Xino or TKN were evil, they'd have informed e!Devo to join in the bus as well. If at least one of TKN or Xino are evil then -> JNV, TKN, [third member] OR JNV, Xino, [third member] OR JNV, TKN, Xino ; Here the third member is not Devo, for the same reason I mentioned above Important to note that in the latter case, if one is evil in TKN/Xino, it's not likely to be Xino because of JNV's vote on them.
  11. Did any of you guys have a PM with JNV? Did you hint that you guys suspected them? That would confirm it for me because it would lead to them voting together to protect JNV. Devotary Also, JNV claimed they won the bid for a scan C1 right? It wouldn't have been a lie [unless it was won by their teammates] because there would be a counter-claim. Did they reveal who they claimed to have scanned? Their choice could reveal some information, I like to delve into IKYK situations.
  12. Reads - Leaning village -> Archer, Alpha, Devotary Too much RP did not read [basically neutral] -> JNV, TKN, Xino, Hoid Leaning evil -> Fifth I'm on leave tomorrow, so I strive to get more than the one SP I've been getting each cycle ;-; And to actually sit and read RP posts.
  13. Fletcher had definitely not seen Left (or Right?)'s intention to accuse Randen. And he believed unless there was another potential member of the Yuen in trouble, then Yuen!Left/Right would not double up to stand out as one of the accusers. He tried to remember if there were any obvious suspected party in trouble in the first hour but none came to his mind. He recalled Randen voting on Krow but that's it. Perhaps he wasn't paying attention, but unless Left or Right are teamed up together with Krow, he was willing to believe Left/Right were village for now. Especially if they accused Randen after Fletcher had stated it publicly he would do so. (tldr - leaning mild village on Devotary) "If someone else was heavily accused in the first hour, could any of you inform me?" he yelled at the crowd. He remembered another important thing from his travels far and wide. "If the group of suspected party is quite small, then the guilty party always hides by making singular mild accusations. We need to look at players trying to fit in." (In games with small number of players, elims usually vote in side-trains in the initial cycles. I had no idea how to phrase as RP, that's the best I could do :P) Also @Fifth Scholar here because I'm confused why he's narrowing his choices to only players in the main train. He pondered over the remaining suspects and he wasn't really sure whom he suspected. He was busy the other day and had missed all the discussion about accusations. Of course he had a device to record all the talks in his vicinity. He would go over those later and make a decision, hopefully before the end of the hour. However, he did suspect the people who were accusing Left and Right this cycle. It would be very easy for the Yuen to stay out of the spotlight in the first hour and then accuse someone who voted to kill the removed party. Kas, I've greyed out the non-RP bits for you. Anything particular in PMs or just gut? Reading this as village, pretty solid logic and nothing nefarious in this, especially since he's backtracking from e!Alpha. I don't believe it's the same as his distancing from Mat in the last game, different situations. Mat and Archer were already under pressure at the point and discussing with Wiz to vote on on a teammate would be a very unnecessary bus. I'm inclined to agree with the read as well, though perhaps not as strongly as Archer as I was not privy to the discussion.
  14. Hmmm leaning mild evil for this. You know my situation was the same last game and yet I was on point about you and sorta less on point about Mat in D1, and Alpha in the later stages of last game. Sure, my presence in terms of volume might not be much, but I can still read players well on my good days. I do concede that since the game discussion would mostly be in the form of RP, I might fare less well than last game but still I don't like that you reduced my contribution to games solely based on the volume of content/presence.
  15. Reiterating the thing that I said in the previous game that I'll be busy till the end of May, so expect meagre activity. I tried to read all your game-discussion-within-the-RP posts, I did. But I'm too busy to sit and go through them all in a day, so I'll be playing this game off-the-cuff. Fletcher sat in his shop with Aeo buzzing beside him, contemplating the recent events. Mainly how they'll affect his sales. He had placed his shop strategically to both increase his sales and as a hub of information so nothing could get past him. He had to hide his more... risky artefacts from inspectors after all. "How much for that?" asked a customer, nothing really shady about this person but Fletcher narrowed his eyes as he realised he was pointing to Aeo. "Not for sale," muttered Fletcher shooing him off. Seons were not only rare in the Rose Empire but the secret to whisk them off Arelon was a closely guarded piece of information. He did not get to where he was by doing his business blindly. Contrary to the popular opinion, the saying 'there's always a price for everything' was not how Fletcher worked. You needed to match the items to your customer base. Not only their tastes but also their personality. You could not sell your not-exactly-legal items to a commoner. As a result, Fletcher had extensive knowledge about not just his customers, but everyone who had come to his shop to enquire specific items. So it was not exactly surprising to him when he learned of the Svordish ambassador's death as he was one such customer. Asking about dangerous items could only get to killed. Now Fletcher had a problem. He'd told the ambassador that he'd procure the item. Was he in trouble now? Was the ambassador killed for it? He'd need to keep his ears open and eyes nonchalant. He was just a guy with a shop. No one could have guessed that he was the source of his own items. No one in this world knew he was a renowned smuggler from distant worlds. Not a fan of Szeth implying he wants to keep his voting a secret. D1 voting is an important phase and sets the stage for the rest of the game. No voting in the thread means no accountability for the votes and no reasoning at the time. Elims can get away by giving some random excuse after the fact. Matter of fact, I'd like to know why @Archer thinks secret voting mechanic is village-helping?