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  1. Hmm, so I've got 2 votes on me, I've gotta vote on someone and hope they're gonna be inactive...
  2. Okay so basically don't kill Sacrifice and Keymaster and we're fine. Sacrifice needs to die to stay alive so they need to be nominated. I see Araris' self vote as either a Sacrifice self-vote or a Commoner trying to stay alive by pretending to be Sacrifice so we won't kill him, Bit of nice IKYK. Need to be careful of Sage claims obviously as Sacrifice can also pretend to be them. Actually, you know real Sage has no reason to claim because they'd be the safest kill unless they think the Keymaster is in danger. We just need to kill a Commoner this cycle. Xinoeph
  3. I still can't believe an entire conversion game played out without Kas getting converted smh But hey, good game elims! Conversion choices were off the norm the team was... unpredictable :P.
  4. It's between Illwei, Elk and Elandera now I think.
  5. smh what is that vote count
  6. Yeah, I'm passing too. Game's complicated, probably not the correct time to run it as it's set for high player count, it's not finished, it might (not sure about this) possibly need AN accounts which I'm not qualified to run as I haven't run 4 games.
  7. Okay so I was confused on whom to vote for but I just caught up and I have a suspect. Kas shouldn't die this cycle. I'm not sure if Illwei should either. Kas' vote on Mat is valid but it's also only one of the probably equally likely scenarios he's posted. Tani's retraction was.... weird. Araris would have the least villagery of the 4. But my suspect is... This whole post just sounds so odd. The bolded part, the whole thing about Illwei, not exactly committing to Illwei vote, and then only voting on Illwei to create a tie. Whole thing cares about not caring who dies. Post contains either obvious, or common consensus points. This is not a meta vote or if I think if he's Sja or likely to have been converted. It's a pure strong-gut vote that the post feels all kinds of wrong. Elkanah
  8. These? Again, all these points are under the assumption that Sja-anat is under some form of thread in D1. Each of the points are correct, so Sja-anat under the thread of suspicion, will most likely choose the convert path. But why are we assuming that Sja-anat is under some threat in D1. Why did you take that assumption? Also, why are you voting for Kas? We can clear or kill him mechanically.
  9. Hahahahaha, conventional elim play? I would have played this game as a serial killer xD Definitely made plans if I rolled Sja, I'd only use kills till I lost a life, and only then I'd start using converts :P. Sja doesn't have just these two options. Say no one suspects Sja D1. What then? It only has limited converts so it has to be judicious in using them. Say they prefer to go for roles over players. And even considering going after only suspected players, they don't just have to limit themselves to killing or converting players suspicious of them. Working off suspicion is not easy and quite simple to come off as fake. Dead players reads and posts are analysed. Third option would be to just.. leave the suspecting player alone [quite like what you did with me in LG80 :P]. Point is, even if optimal play seems like converting D1, there's a lot more factors to it, and it's fine if players prefer kill or convert. Okay Kas has a lot of points here to add, but the most important one, which I agree with him, is @Illwei why would you think consider cases when someone is supecting sja? Why only those particular cases sprang to your mind and your argued from that POV? Also, Illwei, @Azmine_king, @Tani and anyone else voting for Kas, we can easily find out if he's Sja by action economy. If he's sja, he's already trapped himself by claiming stormform. Anyone watches him taking an action and he's outed. So there's an easier way to find out without needing to vote out him. Edit: Uhhh, what do you mean by this? Especially 'the set is bigger than I thought'?
  10. Nah, this is blatant game-throwing and I really don't think Kas will this. Depends. If he is Sja-anat, he 'll have 3 charges after surviving the execution. So he can either convert 3 spren or 1 unmade + 1 spren. Depends on his preference if he likes numerical superiority or power.
  11. Ah gg lads. Village win is always fun to enjoy. @Archer, PM bias is a very real thing and when I heard you had changed your mind on Illwei after PMing her, my suspicion of her only increased :P. And @Illwei, also when you said if I were PMing you, I'd have found that you were village. No one utilizes PM bias to their advantage like you do, really.
  12. Smh, I was like 60% sure that I had caught a slip >> Your retraction was for my suspicion on you? Your highest trust was sleeping smh :P. Just saw your previous post now But yeah, screw it I'm going for stormspren!Kas/Sja!Kas gambit Kasimir Also, @xinoehp512 are you trying to prove you're not low-lying Sja by voting for yourself?
  13. Matrim's Dice You voted for me before Illwei's ISO or before Kas claimed stormspren. So v!stormspren!Kas and e!TJ is a lie because at the time you didn't know Kas was stormspren.