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  1. While on the the way back home, Fleur stumbles on a weird looking guy, who got kinda skittish when he got close to him. Merrick, yeah that's right. That was his name. Something odd about him. Situation felt kinda awkward with them just standing there, not saying a thing, so he felt he'd break ice with a joke. "Hey there, Merrick. must be a kandra, because I kan(t)draw my eyes away from you, ha!" Fleur didn't even have time to blink as Merrick sprinted away as quickly as his legs could take him. "Huh, wonder what it was I said that was wrong"
  2. Well, let's get started shall we? Got a whole doc of stuff so that I don't forget a single thing Grooooaaaaannn. I had to choose the perfect time to visit Tremredare. Two murders in the one week he was here. This visit was supposed to be cheerful and fun, he would meet lots of lovely ladies of the Western Dominance, and maybe try his luck with them. Now the entire town was in panic mode. He watched the crowd slowly disperse as the two coppers? Detectives? He didn’t know what they were, but he was very much interested in them. Wyl and Kast, they were called. They looked more than just colleagues to him. A friendship, the kind where you don’t have to speak to each other for over a year and yet reconnect as you’ve never left. Possibly brothers, but they seem to shy away from acknowledging how important one is to the other. Some of the best stories he’d heard were about male friendships, so he’d be very much interested in observing how this would develop. He watched as they parted ways, Wyl leaving towards Mayor Wilson’s place, and Kast staying back, presumably to get the investigation started. He contemplated joining and introducing himself to Kast, but thought the better of it. Maybe now is not a good time. Old lad seems to have seen a ghost, it’s like he’s surrounded by dark clouds in overKast conditions. Got the whole gloomy aura going on. Ha! One day with me, and that’ll be gone. This cheery persona really tends to rub off on people. He’d still have to figure out a way to sneak and follow them, and figure out a way to indulge in the investigation before they could do the whole “Sir, please. You’re a civilian” lecture. He turned his attention to one of the houses as there was an old lady shouting her lungs out. Ah, Arenta! Who didn’t pay the rent this time? Do they not know not to anger her? Oh might as well. Old women or young, everyone deserves to laugh once in a while. He made his way across to Arenta’s house and stared up at her, who was still yelling at some poor soul. “Hey Arenta! Now now, don’t be yelling at me, you know I’ve always paid my dues on time! I just came on to say you look lovely as ever. Do tell me one thing though. How is it fair that I have to pay my rent, and yet, you get to live rent-free in my mind?” With that, he turned right around and started walking swiftly. He had no idea how she’d react and he hoped to be far away before she could register what he had said. Hopefully, she just chuckled, and that’d be it. Haven't caught up with the thread yet, as I was thinking of cheesy lines writing this RP. Will let out my thoughts about it later when I'm not busy chasing the ladies. :P.
  3. Noooooo, I had a story all set for Fleur to follow Kast around throughout the investigation and being pesky and annoying, and the more you tried to make it a depressing noir story, the more I'd try to make it a buddy cop comedy. And then you had to go kill him -.- I guess there's still Wyl remaining. So, where there's a Wyl, there's a way? (Or is it pronounced like - he's seems too evil and Wyl for me to buddy up to him?)
  4. Oh hey, sorta forget to comment here. @Sart, thanks for running the game! Enjoyed it thoroughly when I was alive, and got a little too indulged after I died, so pardon my ranting in the dead doc Also had a great time in the group PM Kas, Illwei, Striker, STINK and Burnt. As I said in the dead doc, this was probably the best game village solved non-mechanically. Well played elims! Pretty sure Devotary has set a record for having the final vote on all her teammates
  5. Fleur Tieste was visibly confused. He was just in the village to chat up some lads and lasses, maybe fall in love, finally settle down in life? (heh who am I kidding, I've got loads of love to share with the world). And now the occupants had decided they want to kill the lead investigator? Hmmm, suppose some of these would be from the killer's party to stunt the investigation. No matter, he liked old Kast, and he wanted to find the killer just as bad. Who'd be in the mood for romance when the whole town is anxious, yeah? Hmmmm, might as well flex my skills a bit, it's been a while. "HEY! Ain't no one be killing this old investigator here. We need the killer found quickly. And besides, I quite like him. You could say....he's Kast a spell on me. You touch him, and I'll send you back in a Kast." Mmmm, a tad rusty. Ain't causing any ladies to swoon with this. Need to finetune these skills...
  6. You can just make one and then File -> Make a Copy and repeat it for as many times as required.
  7. Jeez, Ash. Make up your mind xD Archer is ready to run his game Well in that case, I'd like to take a spot on the QFs list.
  8. I've come up with a game, and I'd like to run it. It's like 70% done. @Matrim's Dice and @Ashbringer, you guys have the priority. Are you guys running it? If not, I'll take it.
  9. Okaaay from this little circle on interactions I conclude: Matrim cares who dies between Liranil and Illwei - Likely village Illwei cares who dies between Matrim and Liranil - Likely village Liranil - Not as likely as village as the above two, but responded calmly to the differences when mentioned by Illwei. Didn't feel like she's been "caught" or anything like that. Feel like it was continuation of her thoughts, not something fabricated to escape whatever Illwei sprung up on her. And little things here and there mentioned which feels too perceptive to appear from an elim. I wouldn't want any of the three grinched in this cycle. No one wants to vote for BrightEyes. Quintessential.
  10. Y'all seeee you guys are just recycling votes among yourselves -_-' Makes me think all of you are village because no one else seem to be caring??
  11. Your vote was singular because while I suspect Liranil, I suspect you as well so I'm confused to whom I should go for. This post did make me feel a little better about you. Just one of the reason. The other is that they were content RPing, so their sudden concern and the ping for VC feels off to me. Especially when they didn't follow it up with a vote. ???? Edit: We need more people discussing this than just the ones up for the grinch -.-
  12. This all... seems a lot when you could have just passed it to someone you trusted. We want to him to be here long enough to be an extra hand to grab the Shadowblaze if villagers fail to grab it.
  13. Why are you spending an action to send the thief out quickly? He can Steal from you tonight, and if he gets another item, he can try again tomorrow. There's no urgency to remove the thief from the game. Edit: Thinking about it, why did you pick up the Bribe in the first place? You could have left it and STINK could have picked it in the Night. No one were taking Bribes anyway. You are spending actions of 2 Turns for.. what? I don't understand.