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  1. How was your PMs with Fadran, and what do you think of him?
  2. People who have been resistant to Gears lynch were - Ghander, Vapor and Jester. Among them, the most suspicious is Ghanderflaffle as they have been sneak-defending Gears ever since the role-block PM reveal. They were also one of the early votes on Turtle's lynch and the shift away from Gears in that cycle.
  3. I was literally the one pushing strongly for Gears' lynch even after everyone retracted their votes post his TLR claim.
  4. I really don't get the voting for Quinn. She's the reason we even know about Gears in the place, and she's a roleblocker. The other TLR claim to Quinn is enough for me to believe Ash was telling the truth to me about being contacted by TLR. And the elims would have definitely killed Gears off last cycle itself in a double tap ( @Matrim's Dice, please confirm if it's possible. If someone with an extra life is lynched and targeted with a kill in the same cycle, they lose both their lives?) to finish off our PMs. Gears.
  5. Hmmm, I still don't see a case where an elim roleblocker blocks an elim kill, and the main thing that set off my bells is you clearing me, which is what elims always do before killing me off, but now apparently the choice was Quinn's so.. I'll wait for a counterclaim. If there isn't one, then I'll think about it. EDIT: Ventyl, this is super suspicious. You do know he'll survive the lynch as he could be Spiked right?
  6. Why is it suspicious? If you believe Gears, then you'd believe his scan on me? Think about it, why would he claim to Quinn, whose alignment he didn't know, and not claim to me, whose alignment he apparently did? Y'all lynched Reading to give us info about Gears. Reading wasn't TLR and he wasn't a WGG'd elim. That means, as clear as a day, Gears was roleblocked. Are we really considering that an elim!role-blocker blocked elim killer to frame someone more than the simple fact that Gears is an elim whose kill was blocked and is now lying to get out of the lynch? Like the fact that elim!roleblocker would block elim kill is more farfetched than a WGG because we didn't even know that roleblock would show as "attacked but survived" in C1, and I don't know why elims would know any different as Mat didn't mention it anywhere else, and role-blocks never showed the message in previous games, so the elims would have no reason to believe that role-blocking the elim kill would show the message. Besides, what's the point? To frame a villager at the expense of a kill? When they could have easily gotten mislynches as it was just C2, and not waste an elim kill. Why would they choose Gears to frame, a player who always dies very early in the game? Pretty sure they plan to kill me this cycle, so they'd clear me here and then submit the kill so when I flip village, Gears would get trusted. People in PM with Gears, do look out of the scope of PMs as it's very easy to get manipulated in PMs. It's quite clear from all the info that we have in the thread that he was the one who submitted the role-blocked elim kill. I really hope TLR who scanned Ash trusts someone to claim to them.
  7. Yeah no. Gears. Ashbringer and I had a PM going in which he told me that TLR had scanned him first and he had claimed to him. Now that we know Ash was village, there was no reason for him to lie to me. I'd rather believe him over someone who has escaped 3 times in a row. Also, I'd imagine you'd want to contact me as soon as you had scanned me to build a village trust. You haven't done so, as it is the first time I'm hearing you have scanned me. You're lying to escape the lynch again.
  8. 1. Gears PM-chain spreading too wide could possibly be explained by the reduced no. of elims (I think Mat mentioned that the game would have lesser-than-usual no. of elims because of the Spiked ability). So if the PM-chain mainly spread through village, it's the reason by the chain spread quickly. And I actually seriously doubt the elims would want to start a chain that can be traced back to them, because we would want to trace a claim if it lead to a mislynch. 2. Actually, shouldn't Gears have passed on the chain? What did we all do when we received the PM that Gears was role-blocked? Did we spread the message or did we PM Gears to tell we received a message that they were role-blocked? Here, Gears received the message that Quinn was role-blocked and instead of spreading it, decided to PM Quinn?
  9. Hey, don't thank me. xD You might still be an elim. I just find that, even if you are one, the fact that you cannot defend yourself is a bit unfair.
  10. Guys, be very careful about believing PMs because basically you're keeping the other villagers in the dark, and you're not giving the person you are accusing a chance to defend themselves. Now, as a voter of Gears, I'd like to know why do you believe Gears isn't an elim. Has another role-blocker claimed to you that they blocked someone else? If so, why is it more likely that their block targeted Reading and not the person who claimed to have blocked Gears? Anything else to explain why Gears is village, something more than "PM reasons"?
  11. This post sounds very hedgy. I actually think Reading is village (or village aligned TLR) since Reading is now pursuing a lynch on Gears, and if Reading was indeed WGG'd elim, he knows Gears lynch and Gears flipping village would only implicate him. We still haven't heard from the presumed other roleblocker. I believe they would have told it to someone they trusted by now because if they die to an elim kill, they take the info with them. As I said last cycle, Gears being role-blocked (as an elim) is more likely than Reading WGG or the presence of another roleblocker for the reasons stated above.
  12. I'm going to sleep so i won't be around for roll-over. Most of you make a good case against eltruT. I still think something is off about Gears as it's the case of WGG on Reading vs Role-blocked elim!Gears vs Role-blocked elim!x with the roleblocker silent and not revealing whom they role-blocked and I think role-blocked elim!Gears is the most probable of the three. Turtle's alignment also might help to decide which of the three cases occurred.
  13. So a village role-blocker blocked village Gears? That would mean that the attack on Reading was WGG then?
  14. So, what's the theory now? Genuine roleblocker started the chain and Turtle tried to muddle it up or an elim started the chain to pin Gears? If it's the former that would be both Gears and Turtle are elims. If it's the latter, there's an elim at the head of the chain. I think Books mentioned a defence for Gears as they said an elim would try to sow chaos and blame other villagers, but I'm of the opinion that an elim would be cautious in doing so as such fake roleblock claims can always be traced back to them, so they'd not want to risk another elim's life while trying to save elim!Gears.
  15. Basically the farfetched scenario I think Quinn mentioned. A case where there's no role-block and spiked!you were attacked by an elim team-mate so you could get cleared. I say this because if Gears is village, that means the creator of the chain is an elim, meaning the creator is not the roleblocker, meaning there was no role-block, meaning you survived by some other means, meaning your elim teammates attacked you to clear you (since you didn't claim TLR). WGG stands of Wounded Gazelle Gambit, a move where an elim attacks a protected team-mate to clear them as village.