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  1. I'll come back to your questions later, Elbereth. I'd rather analyse Striker's posts in case I die tonight. A question about grav-assisted kill. It should have been our first indication about elim!Striker (It was mine, but y'all convinced me I was crazy (looking at you, Mage )). As Araris said, the question would be too suspicious for an elim to ask, that made me lean mildly towards village after Striker's answer. But this post isn't about me, it's about Striker. But this proves they have at least one gravitation role, more likely to be a Windrunner rather than a Skybreaker. He's probably honestly accurate here, though we should be worried about him underselling the elim team. 7 elims with a buff village is not unlikely, and something to be wary about. He's probably semi-accurate here too. Seeing as his earlier question about grav-assist kill, Windrunner is almost definite. Ventyl has all but confirmed he's an Edgedancer, and I do suspect him for reasons you'll see later in the post (of course there could be multiple Edgedancers, I'm not suspecting him solely on his role). The last statement makes me think they do have a Lightweaver though. Anyway, guessing the elim roles can be dangerous since there might be multiple KR of the same Order. I'm not quite sure if this is distancing. This came pretty early in the cycle and stayed very late until he shifted his vote onto me. Someone could chime in about it. I feel like it's not, makes me give a few more village points to Gears. Too little role-blocks and redirects with the elims? They already have one via Windrunner, which makes me think they don't have Elsecaller or Willshaper (or Bondsmith since it can work as a double-roleblock as well, if you think I'm an elim!Bondsmith). It also makes me think he was lying about elim!Stoneward. This also strengthens the elim!Lightweaver because I believe they do have at least one scanner, and if it isn't an Elsecaller, it should be a Lightweaver. This.. I'm not sure. It feels like an appeal to behave like a villager. Since my last long post till this post, even if Devotary's posts were not lynch discussion, her posts definitely felt helpful to the village. More on Devotary in a read post. *IMPORTANT* This is the prime reason I suspect Ventyl. At the time of this post, I was on 3 votes, Ventyl was on 3 votes, and Striker was on 4 votes. My vote was on Ventyl. He voted on me, specifically preferring a lynch on me over Ventyl. He obviously knew that if he voted on me, I would also shift my vote to him as self-preservation, which would end up with him on 5 votes and lynched. He had a vested interest in saving Ventyl above me, and above himself. That too with the knowledge of Ventyl being a KR. It doesn't make any sense at all for him to prefer a lynch on me if there was a village KR as one of the prime lynch candidates. Is it only because they're siblings, or do I make sense?
  2. Yeah, the thought crossed my mind. I think it even slightly contributed to me reading Striker as mild village.
  3. Huh? I don't ever recall calling you 'crazy'. Sorry if I seemed to imply it. Yes, I did indeed mean you were being your usual chaotic self.
  4. So my paranoid self was sorta right.My initial two suspicions were Ashbringer and Striker. Striker because he asked that specific question about Abrasion-Progression-Kill. He gave a very clear answer so I was convinced. I'll have to go back and check what exactly the question was.
  5. I think we can sort-of clear Joe because he literally had no incentive to vote on Striker is Joe was an elim. He could have just claimed inactivity and not voted at all. It will be very interesting to see the list of active people who did not vote, instead. I am also on my phone, but I'll make a proper post some time later.
  6. Well that's a relief. We'll probably have PMs open from D2. I'll make some analysis post based on Striker's flip and post it this cycle itself in case I die. Main thing is I survived D1, and now I can do some analysis.
  7. Wait, Progression will still stop Gravitation assisted kill right? It says Gravitation is immune to all effects that would alter the vote/action. Progression isn't altering. It's stopping, right? If not, I made a big mistake of claiming. @Straw
  8. I'll explain why I role-claimed. Since the elims will notice the two votes missing, and know that they didn't do it, and they would have seen me talking about claiming hypothetically, they will put two and two together to deduce I'm KR. And they knew I was under too much suspicion for another village vote manip to have saved me. Meaning I would be the likely target for elim kill today. Hence I'm giving you the info as well, hoping I could ask one of the village protect roles to protect me if they feel I'm innocent. Even if they don't actually protect me, this puts enough doubt in elims mind that they might not waste their kill on me as there's a chance that I might be protected.
  9. No I took both the votes off myself. One using Adhesion and one using Tension. I was scared of getting role-blocked or someone voting late on, so I didn't want to take my chance. What use is an extra charge if I'm dead?
  10. I'm Bondsmith. I'm using vote manip to save myself. Will explain if my actions aren't roleblocked and I survive.
  11. Very well. I can't risk a last minute vote. Since everyone is scared to vote for Ventyl, I'd have to vote for you, Striker. Sorry, you leave me with no choice. Sorry for the double-post, but I'm voting.
  12. I'm usually very very careful about people who defend me( Eg. Fifth in QF45). That's like the first step towards pocketing. I don't think you're pocketing me though. But as you said, you're vote on Joe is weak. Edit: I'm very scared of a late hammer. Mage will probably shift his vote back to me. There's Devotary waiting to play the executioner. So many people unwilling to vote. Jeez.
  13. Huh, I...honestly don't know what to make of the post. Never heard of a player telling role-claiming is their play style. You intentionally put yourself in harm situations for information? I don't get you at all. I'm like the only person pushing hard for your lynch. As such, for a person claimed to be a village KR, there has been literally no attempts at a mislynch on you at all. Only after a lot of convincing posts have I managed to sway maybe 1-2 players. There was literally no need to frame me. He could have voted for me and I'd be on 6 votes and halfway towards the dead doc. So I'm not quite sure of this. They'd lynch Striker this cycle, and use his lynch to frame me? Hmm, not sure about that. Give an example please. I'll give you my thoughts on my votes. I voted on Gears thinking it was 5-2-2, having not noticed Gears' vote on you (as in it was actually 5-3-2). After my vote, it became 5-3-3, then Joe voted for you and Mage retracted his vote on me making it 4-4-3. At this point, Straw corrected me showing Gears' vote on you. My obvious choice for self-preservation was you, so I voted to make it 4-5-2. I will remind you I stated my strongest suspicion on Ventyl back before all this. So when I saw people suspecting and voting for Ventyl, I'll obviously shift to see if I can get my strongest suspect lynched right? Ever since you replied to my question, I had no intention to lynch you. My vote on you was just to save me. And I definitely will change my vote in the direction that will save my life again if need be.
  14. Brilliant. I did not know many players other than me felt the same about Ventyl. Striker
  15. Sart voted on him thinking he was distracting us from lynch discussion by discussing whether Adhesion is better than Transportation. Matrim basically agreed with Sart's points. At this point there was a train between me, and Striker. Ventyl had one vote on him I think. So Gears preferred Striker over me. Joe's reason is also basically the same. Mine is I self-preservation. Yeah, I don't like it either, but a man's gotta live. I would move my vote to Ventyl but I'm in a precarious position. I'd like at least one more vote on him for me to move, as you've told you're likely to shift your vote back on me. Edit: Ninja'd by Mat