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  1. @Kasimir when he starts [OOC]-ing @Matrim's Dice, take that upvote for the Bear pun (I'll just assume that was deliberate). Speaking of puns, I'll be very disappointed if the dead doc is not named 'Dead and Diseased'. I'll be honest, Mat. Before that post, I was getting increasing suspicious Araris and you bussing each other, and whoever survives gets a solid village cred. Not sure about that anymore. My main reason to suspect you is that Araris seems to ignore you for his Progression action. I still don't know the reasoning he took off my role-block in N1 (or if he even was the one who took it, as he still hasn't confirmed it). Really don't know why he would remove Kas' double vote as well. But the cycles he goes for other targets, preferring them over you. Even last cycle, he told he forgot, which sounds fishy (of course you claim you would have role-blocked him anyway, but that's another matter). I find no reason why village!Araris would find me and Kas more suspicious than you. And of course, having not stated any suspicious before, he suddenly gets suspicious of you in D3? First 2 cycles, he says. Why Progress me and Kas over Mat, if he suspected him? And of course it's easy to say "I'll act on my own suspicion and cleanse people who I suspect." without giving any reasoning. Mat, I know you can't exactly answer these suspicion because these suspicion are based on Araris' actions. That last post of yours did kinda feel like it's genuine, and not a bus. I do agree about the Illwei-Araris connection. I think at least 2 out of Araris, Illwei and you are elims, but at this moment, if Araris is elim, I'd say you over Illwei.
  2. I'm assure you I'm not. I even mistook the dead Medicine people and Araris as Biologists, remember. We don't want to spread misinformation among village. Lahilt probably told a random letter to prevent other people from knowing his Background if they had the same as his. It was D1, and like you said, one would be wary about giving even a clue of their role. I really think there are only 5 Backgrounds.
  3. Hmm, 2 Historians killed on D1 and N1, so it is possible. I don't know, I'm just theorizing here. Did you target scan someone in N2, and if so, would you mind sharing the result?
  4. My bad, I did think Medicine as Biology xD Biologist is easier to tell than And I correlated Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And no geez, I'm not a biologist. How can I claim to be of the 7th Background when I'm staunchly opposing the existence of the 6th? I also believe there has to be a certain number of players from certain Background dead for that Background Action to be unlocked (except Realmatic Theory which makes me believe there are less number of R-Theorists than others). Because for a game to start with 5 Target Scanners is literally insane. @Lotus can you confirm if you started with this ability or if you didn't, which cycle it was unlocked? EDIT: I mean, he has to come up with a reason, he can't just come out as an elim (I mean, he could, but obviously he'll try his best not to die). Could you come up with a better reason? I reckon since he ran the LG67, he chose a power that he was very familiar with.
  5. There are already 2 dead Biologists right? And Araris has claimed as the 3rd. And yeah, that's why I'm telling what Straw says is false.
  6. Yeah I disagree. Since Lotus' vote manipulation is Surge related, I'm going to assume Target Scanner is the result of the background (which Lotus has claimed previously as a Historian). I think it's also safe to assume Backgrounds give same power to everyone. i.e. all Historians = Target Scanners. We already have 2 dead Historians, Lotus, and other 2 Historians who have claimed to Kas to make it 5 Historians at the beginning of the game. We know there's Biology and Physics (we do not know what they do), we know there's whatever background that gives vote scanner ability, and we know about Chemistry (Chemists = Action Scanners). That's 5 Backgrounds with distribution heavily skewed towards one of them. Seriously doubt there is a 6th Background, especially if one of the Background already has 5 members. Physics (1) + Chemistry (1+1(claimed)) + History (5) + x(2(Kas + claimed)) + Biology(3) = 13. I firmly believe the rest of the 6 players are distributed among the known Backgrounds, and there is no 6th Background (making it heavily unbalanced). And as well all know, it's easy to make up stuff, like what Devotary did (she got very creative ) Ninja'd by Kas who basically said what I said in a much neater way and by Lotus, so the assumption in the first sentence is now true.
  7. I have Striker as the 4th vote for Devotary. He voted before Sart's action claim. I think you missed this somehow. TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN: MONDAY/0219HRS/L3 = TRUE. W[9-11] = FALSE. W[13-15] = TRUE.
  8. Araris voted for Matrim. Straw started the alternate Lotus lynch. Then Illwei and Matrim followed. @Kasimir, was Lotus one of the 2 Target Scanners (I'm going to assume Lotus is a Target Scanner, because that's what her post seems to imply. @Lotus, please correct me if I'm wrong) who claimed to you? If she's not, that means we have 3 Target Scanners, and I really reaally doubt all 3 Target Scanners are Villagers, so you might want to look at those 2. @Araris Valerian, I'd like to you to answer this whenever you can:
  9. Lol xD Speaking of @Araris Valerian, was it you who removed my roleblock or was it Silber (or someone else)?
  10. Yeah, I was about to vote for Straw. Lotus, you should have given some other reason and seen who would have avoided lynching Straw and who would have supported, like how Sart did. My reasoning was the same as Sart. Straw was the first person to provide Lotus as an alternate lynch to Devotary, and Lotus lynch actually gained steam before Sart action-claimed. I was also looking at people who voted in C1 and C3, but did not vote in C2, to determine who would have possibly changed Devotary's null vote to a vote on Pyro, and only players who fit that bill are Mint (who was inactive), Straw and Ashbringer. Ash actually voted and retracted, so that would put attention to him, so if we would want to move a null vote, I don't think he would vote at all. Besides, I suspect Straw more than Ashbringer, and Ashbringer's interactions with Devotary felt E-V rather than E-E. These reasons are somewhat moot now, but can add to the fact that Lotus saw Straw target Sart. Edit: @Matrim's Dice and anyone who had condition-actions, did you lose your power?
  11. No, Progression is the heal. Don't know what Medical does.
  12. Hmm, we know 3 double voters. Kas claims to have lost his power: He also claims Double-Voter #3 forgot to use their double vote: The remaining double-voter is @Illwei. Can you confirm if you used double-vote? Also, I don't find any reasons for Abrasionists to remove vote off a 10+ lynch vote because a) it's pointless and b. it will make them look suspicious if they are found to be manipulation the vote.
  13. So Lotus was not exactly covering for Devotary as I theorized. If not, Illwei's vote on Pyro would be visible to Kas. BUT (hold on here some crazy theory about teamwork) Devotary could have made sure that Lotus' reassigned vote properly fell on Pyro! (Ehh, not convincing but still it would be a very cool scenario if they manage to coordinate that) But why was Devotary's vote added? Bah, the simplest answer is we have a null-to-full vote converter. There is one vote missing actually. I'm convinced Vapor Vanish is real.
  14. You're basically adding numbers at this point lol Howw? 3 double voters are (Illwei, Kas, Player #3) and 2 Tensors are (Pyro and Devotary). Where did you get 3 (2 if you consider the Vapor Vanish) more vote manipulations? xD
  15. I think he's asking why you voted two times two times Here: And here: So a lot of reveals in this cycle, which seemingly coincidentally (and weirdly) seems to focus on Devotary. Vote scanner is not something I've seen before, but definitely not a stretch with the amount of vote manipulators in the game. I see no reason for Kas to lie unless a team of (Kas+Sart) are bussing Devotary (which I find unlikely as I don't think there is any need to bus right now as there was literally no suspicion on Devotary before this cycle from others). Coming to the possibility of vote manipulations, there's this idea floating in my head since D2 lynch (that Kas did not mention). I find it weird that in both the lynch cycles, there was a tied vote, and one of the lynchee had vote manipulation to save themselves. I was toying with the idea that Lotus is covering for a teammate who manipulated the vote to save her. In this case, Lotus does not actually have vote manipulation but pretends she does so that we do not doubt others for doing that. Sure, there's a 20% chance (there were 5 players with one vote on them so chance that her vote was reassigned to Pyro again was 1/5), it's still weirdly convenient. Now with Devotary's vote apparently on Pyro, it's surely a possibility that Devotary would have manipulated the vote to save Lotus and Lotus claimed it to cover for Devotary. Something to ponder about. Of course we'll get to know if it's true or not if Devotary gets lynched (which like a definite possibility now), but yeah, if Devotary ends up with Pyro-type vote, it's definitely worth to follow it up with a Lotus lynch. Edit: @Sart, can you clarify if you have target scan or action scan?