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  1. I've read Skyward, Starsight, Mistborn original trilogy and Alloy of Law, the Way of Kings, Elantris (mostly, I skipped some of the more boring parts), Reckoners, the Rithmatist, and the first four Alcatraz. My favorite was probably the Skyward series.
  2. That better?
  3. A drawing by my sister of Spensa in the last chapter of Starsight with Doomslug and M-Bot. (after the epilogue, which is weird.)
  4. Here's a video of a little game I made based on Starsight. It's kind of like Asteroids, and it's not meant to be very textually accurate, just reminiscent of Starsight elements. (The ship, of course, is M-Bot.) Starsight.mp4
  5. I am here. Yeah.
  6. I got a score of 33. Do I get any mushrooms as a reward?
  7. Makes me weep.