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  1. I seem to be leaning on the idea that the soul in the gemstone is going to act like some kind of dead spren, and when combined with the honorblade, it could grant advanced powers. I heard on a Sanderson livestream before, I can't remember the exact question, but someone asked 'Can you bond 2 spren and gain the surges of 2 orders?' and Sanderson responded with something along the lines of 'Good question, RAFO'. It makes me wonder, what would happen if Jezrians gemstone was combined with a regular shardblade, or better still, an honorblade from a different herald? We know that shardblades have a gemstone in the pommel, don't remember honorblades having one, or at least, a gemstone isn't needed to bond one. I'm just wondering if this could be any implication to mixed orders, if not through bonding spren, through gemstone and honorblade/shardblade manipulation.
  2. Generally i do find it weird that there is mention of the tranquiline halls and we know little about it other than the fact they need to be reclaimed. it Vorinism it says that the Tranquiline halls was the original place where mankind lives. In Oathbringer we discovered that humans are not native to Roshar, they came from destroying their own home... I assume this is referring to the Tranquiline halls being destroyed by the use of surges. But it also says the Tranquiline halls need to be reclaimed.. reclaimed from who? Voidbringers? This leaves me a little confused, because I’m now questioning what the Tranquiline halls actually are, is it the original home for the humans or something else entirely? Are the Tranquiline halls on Ashyn?
  3. Yes! Exactly! I still like to believe that Odium has tried and failed in past to recreate the Heralds and the Knights Radiants, and over time, he has been trying to find new ways to understand and recreate everything on Roshar. It would be nice if the Unmade are an attempt to 'make' the Heralds in some way, only heavily failed and flawed, thus creating something else entirely. And Odium is still 'trying' to recreate various important artifacts on Roshar. Even if the knife doesn't have a direct effect on the Radiants, i'd like to think it gives Odium more of an understanding of the Herald. Which Odium could somehow re-use later. I just find it too strange that the Unmade can be trapped in a perfect gemstone, etc, and now a Herald has been trapped in some kind of Gemstone. For something that aren't meant to be counterparts, they certainly are having similarities.
  4. Thank you! I will do an introduction later, I just wanted to get this written since it is fresh in my head. And yes I see, but I do get the impression that it isn't clear even from Sanderson's responses. He has said 'kind of' and 'some fuzziness there'. Interestingly, I get the impression that there is a minor link there. The last point is interesting, that the Unmade are Splinters of Odium. Is it possible for a shard to splinter themselves? I think it would be interesting if Odium had splintered itself to try and mimic the Heralds. We know spren are splinters of honor and cultivation. could the voidspren be splinters of odium? One that He created himself, and the unmade are a larger splinter made to mimic a herald? hence the 'kind of'? Ive edited this because I've accepted that the Heralds didnt create the knights, only shaped. But, I still think Odium could have been trying to recreate everything that was happening on Roshar itself. Trying to 'create' mimic of heralds and surges through his own spren? albeit, the unmade became something terrifying and wrong, not quite what the heralds themselves are. Instead of trying to create a powerful spren to lead voidspren and bonds (thus creating his own 'knights radiants') he managed to create something else entirely by accident, which could imply the flaws Odium has and the misconception he had about everything on Roshar. Dalinar's change in behaviour towards the end of Oathbringer shocked Odium, since Odium thought Dalinar would give in. This could imply something much deeper in humans that Odium failed to grasp, which is why the Unmade became so twisted. Perhaps that could explain why Moash was commanded to kill Jezrien, maybe Odium wants to find out something more about the Heralds, something he is unaware of. Or maybe Odium has found a new way to try and recreate the heralds in his own vision, to counter the failed attempt with the unmade? I don't know ofc, just theorising.
  5. The first thing I would like the point out is that, this is something that came to my mind this morning when I was unable to sleep due to the heat in the UK at the moment, it could be very flawed and I could have had many things really muddled up. But, with everyones input and thoughts, I am sure more sense could be made out of this. Outside of the books, I must admit I am unsure with how much has been revealed from Sanderson himself, most of this could be unproven or thrown under the rug, but I think it's intersting. So, I have a theory about the Unmade, The Heralds and Honorblades. Basically, the history of the Unmade is very cloudy and in modern Roshar, their history is largely unknown. Some sources claimed there was 10 but it is generally assumed that there are 9. This I think is very interesting and quite important. There are 10 heralds, and only 9 Unmade (but there could be 10, see what I am getting at?). Ever since the Oathpact was abandoned, only 1 herald went to Braize, being Taln. This means there are 9 Heralds left on Roshar, incidentally there are 9 Unmade. I think there is a link there… I do believe that there are 10 Unmade, and even though sources indicate that they have existed on Roshar since before the Desolations, I debate how true this is (backed up by the clouded history). I think, in previous Desolations when the Heralds were trapped on Braize, they were being tormented and fighting against a specific Unmade (one per Herald, and its Voidspren). After the Oathpact was broken, and only Taln went to Braize, his Unmade went with him. Thus, 9 Unmade were on Roshar with the 9 Heralds, and 1 on Braize with Taln. [Off topic I thought of in my edit, but, the Unmade could be Odiums ‘Heralds’. We have seen the Fused use surges, maybe there are different types of Voidspren, similar to the different Spren needed for each order of Radiants: Honorspren, Cryptics, etc.] For whatever reason, the Voidspren remain trapped on Braize as long as one Herald and Unmade are present. (This I can’t seem to find a logical reason for, but I think it is important, something about a Herald being on Braize keeps them trapped, even if it is one Herald.) After Taln had given in, and returned to Roshar, everything on Braize was freed. Thus, the coming of the True Desolation. This also means I think a 10th Unmade has come to Roshar, one that has been ignored. (this backing up some sources from history that claim there were 10). This was the first thing I have been thinking on. Secondly, Moash and Honorblades. Moash killed Jezrien in a way that is unlike that in history, when a Herald got killed in history, they seemed to return to Braize, however, Moash killed Jezrian with a knife that contained a gemstone. I think Odium has been cunning in his planning. 4500 years had passed since the last Desolation, the longest time in history; this is A LOT of planning time. We don’t know much about the creation of Honorblades, and we know Shardblades are Spren that mimicked Radiant surges, but Honorblades are said to be a type of Splinter of Honor. I think however, Odium has found ways to create an Honorblade out of the Herald itself. This would be interesting, if the gemstone in the dagger Moash used has bound the herald, (also confirming this death being ‘different’), then perhaps that gemstone can be used to create a new Honorblade. And this could have interesting implications, imagine if his new Honorblade/Heraldblade?, allowed the wielder to become to new head of that order of Radiant. Imagine if, it actually allowed them to manipulate and ‘control’ the knights under that order; it would really mess up Dalinar’s plans. I feel like Moash will also be the first person to wield this. I find it too strange the Jezrien (being the order of windrunners, thus Kaladin, Moash’s ‘friend’) is the first Herald to be killed in this way. If a new kind of power is created from Jezrien, and Moash wields it, then, he could take control of the Windrunners, and if he is able to somehow influence them, he could turn them against Dalinar. And Moash being Moash, will probably try to convince Kaladin that this is the ‘right’ thing to do. Ironically, this could be what leads to Kaladin debating breaking his oaths, as what Syl and the Stormfather have been promising would happen, but this time, in a way that is ‘different’ to The Day of Recreance. Since this is the True Desolation, it would make more sense that things would turn out differently to how they have in the past, ESPECIALLY with this additional time Odium has had to plan.