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  1. It was okay I guess. I personally found the beginning much more interesting than the university. oh and I really don't like kvothe
  2. Every fantasy book I have ever read sort of revolves around the idea that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So any books with magic systems that involve creating or destroying energy?
  3. if there are infinite universes, then in one of them I am the author of the cosmere
  4. the name dalenar really really bothers me
  5. guess I'm last
  6. so bondsmiths created the oath pact?!! also Kaladin needs a hug
  7. why is that so dangerous?
  8. i'm going to pretend I understood that
  9. if it ever does. sorry I'm just becoming too used to Brandon's productivity.
  10. a few days ago I subscribed to the newsletter but still haven't received anything
  11. or is this ability exclusive to bondsmiths
  12. Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania made by Team cherry. If you are bored because of quarantine I HIGHLY recommend you check it out
  13. I understand how the medallions grant you Feruchemy but how do they grant Allomancy?
  14. this is probably because most people aren't world hoppers and aren't aware of the vast distances between other planets
  15. Does this imply VenDell has access to the metallic arts?
  16. When a feruchemist is filling a pewtermind, is he investing it?
  17. is this investiture different from the investiture in a nicrosil ring?