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  1. Insanity Clinic: Library "Well... what are you good at?" Calano asked, lowering his hand. @PyroPhile
  2. Hyron muttered, "Cheer up, Stuck Up," to Miyako just before the voice said "Hold." They froze, sticking their fingers in their wrist pouches, ready to strike.
  3. Insanity Clinic: Library "I can just get you there instantly. You experienced with dealing with large groups of slightly traumatized people?" Calano asked, preparing to snap Pyro to the group. @PyroPhile
  4. Ruins of Tal'rin: Central Cellar Calano nodded and followed Bookwyrm through, into the Clinic Library. Insanity Clinic: Library Calano breathed in, enjoying the soft, quiet smell of books. "I'll go check on them. Can you get started on those runes?" @Ookla the Perpetual @PyroPhile
  5. no definitions. no examples. guess based on your own honest parameters.
  6. yeaaah...
  7. Hi there everybody.

    I just went on the Role Playing forum page to observe it and saw that Insanity Clinic has surpassed 100,000 views.

    My gosh.

    My. Gosh.

    That is a LOT OF VIEWS.

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      yeah that is also HYUGE

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      And you just hit 2700 content count!

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  8. i'll get it to you in about an hour and a half
  9. is that a question? can't do it if it's not a question :] @Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat
  10. Hyron waved Yerik towards them. "This way! I've lived in a forest all my life, I know what to look for."
  11. Scene #86: Neon
  12. Hyron blinked, noting that Miyako was walking in a direction that went to a section of woods that was not as dense as the rest. They were pretty sure Miyako had been on her own for... a long time, if they were this awkward leading people. "Uh, Miyako?" Hyron said, thumbing towards the denser part of the forest, "There's better areas this way, " They said, and started to walk that way.
  13. Ruins of Tal'rin: Central Cellar "I run an Insanity Clinic for the Moderately Brandofandonitis Afflicted," Calano said, "It's in it's own pocket dimension in this vast multiverse, and we're wondering if we should go back to translate some runes." @PyroPhile
  14. Ruins of Tal'rin: Central Cellar Calano blinks, then shrugs. "Okay," He turns to Bookwyrm, "So, are we going back to the Clinic or what?" @Ookla the Perpetual @PyroPhile
  15. Ruins of Tal'rin: Central Cellar "Pyro..." Calano said, "Well, welcome to... here. Tal'rin, I think it's called?" He turns to Bookwyrm for confirmation, who nods. "Yeah, Tal'rin." He says, turning back to Pyro. "How'd you get here?" He asks. @PyroPhile