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  1. To be honest, I'm not sure lol. I just like posting things that I see that relate to stormlight and getting other people to agree lol
  2. So, litterally brother turned against brother and friend turned against friend. Sound like the Thrill to me. Anyone else?
  3. I've been here for a loooong time. I know this place well. It ain't the place you come on vacation. It's a voidbringer lair in here, mate. *TO BE SAID IN AMERICAN COWBOY ACCENT*
  4. ah yes. i too exist. Anyone else exist?
  5. i have no idea. sorry
  6. ye i know. I used that and wrote it in a notebook to write with
  7. sounds.....interesting. that would be cool tho. Your teacher would be able to tell you SO much about the cosmere. OOOOOOOOO
  8. did i read the way of kings, he asks. IVE READ IT 3 TIMES. FINISHED 3RD TIME LAST NIGHT. lol sry bout exploding. But i respectfully disagree. Yea hes mopey, yea he complains. But its all part of his LEGENDARY charactaer arc. He had given up. He contemplated SUICIDE. now look where he is. He is a ducking Knight Radiant