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  1. Clinic: Infirmary Room 4E Alicia continued to shake her head, "I really don't think so," She sputtered, "I'm just a doctor, what benefit would I give? I'm a non combatant."
  2. Clinic: Lobby "You lost the chance for me to join the second you caved to the Kaos." Calano growled, and his Lightsword split into to Light shortswords. He always had been better at dual wielding. He felt the pull to join his wife, but he knew where it was coming from. He gritted his teeth and resisted. "Haly's gone," Calano said, "Leave her to me," He said, gesturing at Emma, "But take care of the skeletons, if you can." He turned back to his once-wife. Then he received the impression that Insa and Emma were related. That... that was unexpected. "Insa? Your sister???"
  3. Clinic: Infirmary, Room 4E "I.. I really don't think that's a good idea." Alicia said, paling. "Please."
  4. Clinic: Infirmary Room 4E "I'm... I'm sorry. I've never seen this before." "I- I don't understand."
  5. steel inquisitor
  6. Clinic: Infirmary, Room 4E Alicia Duvir backed up against the wall. She did not like what was going on.
  7. I like it here.
  8. ....No
  9. Clinic: Infirmary, Room 4E Alicia tapped a few buttons on the screen. "Oh, Class 5?" Alicia said, then tapped a few more buttons. She nodded. "Yeah, the energy matches up. Class 5D."
  10. Clinic: Calano's Office "Don't care," He muttered, and blinked. His vision changed, seeing through the walls of the Clinic. There you are. He thought, honing in on Emma's location. "I'll make it suffer." He said, then spun on the spot. He disappeared, then reappeared behind his once-wife. "Emma!" He shouted. @The Wandering Wizard
  11. Clinic: Calano's Office Calano felt the rumblings. Felt the presence of his wife, corrupted and angry. Watched as Telrao put up the bubble. He hung up. Then he cursed. He summoned his Lightsword. Any emotion pertaining to trying to save his wife fled. Your wife is gone. He told himself. Only Kaos remains. And that was that. He banished any hope of kissing his wife's lips again, of holding her in his arms. He banished any thought of weakness in the face of whatever she'd become. The Kaos had made the mistake of corrupting the one being he truly loved. And now It had taken her away from him. It would know true pain. It would know true sorrow. It would know true Grief. "Telrao," He growled, "Where are they?" @Telrao
  12. Clinic: Calano's Office "Yeah, they're here," Calano said, "But Lerac started... coughing... and I think they went to the infirmary. Why?"
  13. Clinic: Calano's Office Calano turned to face the wall. "Thaidakar," He said, "Who else is with you? Where are you?"