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  1. haha soulcasting go brrr *makes copious amounts of g r a i n*
  2. Maybe... I like both, but I'd prefer Red Pandas. None, they don't have fingers and their wings would just slide across the bulb Both are cool, but birds are slightly cooler. Uhh. Hmm. Just gonna say goldfish bc it's really goooood.
  3. i was confused but just rolled with it :/
  4. yeah the second one is better i agree. thank you!!!
  5. Alright! It's Shardiversary time.

    I will now tag everyone I mentioned in the vid (in order mostly) and then talk ab who i forgot to mention.

    @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Morningtide @Szeth's Facepalm @Robin Sedai @Spook's biggest fan @The Wandering Wizard @Sequence

    i think thats everyone... in the vid at least.

    now to talk ab who i forgor.

    @Liahona aaaaa you're awesome and such a cool person you're amazing, you're fun to talk to and you like my writing which, ofc, makes me veeeeryyy happy.

    @Demon Thieves I don't think we've talked for some time, but I do know you are a cool person and fun to talk to (when you're online at least)

    idk who else...

    but yes 2 years!!!! I"VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE.

    oh sequence I forgot to talk ab your questions, I will now:

    it's been a great 2 years, even tho i ignored like one of those years, but still fun. Easily one of the biggest highlights was my Short Scenes topic in the creators corner, and the ICMBAAOM rp. i've changed names and pfp too many times, but am in the final iteration i swear.

    i just had to compress the video TWICE to make it small enough data wise to upload here. I did it tho!!!

    here is vid


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    2. Nathrangking


      Happy Shardiversary!!!

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      gosh, I just tried to watch it and the audio didn't work.

    4. Spook's biggest fan

      Spook's biggest fan

      Try it with sub title if it has it if not

      Try this maybe it will help?

  6. Scene #25: Scene based off Vantage, by Halfy & Winks, and Ashes, by The Longest Johns. I didn't like where it was going, so it isn't done and isn't the best. yeah idk mate. not as great as normal. Scene #26: Scene about a lonely old man in the forest, based on Ashes, by The Longest Johns. That one is cool and I like it. But yes 2 scenes today, as it's my Shardiversary
  7. i relate to this lmao
  8. random thoughts ey? *cracks knuckles* i got this *ahem* "how tf is kylie your gf bro how did that happen?" "what time is it?" "i want to go home." "i really need to work on my hardcore world." "i like spatulas :)."
  9. British Shorthair Either a berniedoodle or a husky Absolutely not.
  10. wtf is going on.
  11. Video shardiversary update coming today.

    second face reveal and voice reveal lets go?!?!?!

    i'll tag everyone who is in the vid when i post it but yes be ready bois.

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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    3. CalanoCorvus


      @Sequence I'll answer those in the video.

    4. Morningtide


      Yay! Congrats I'll look forward to watching the video. 

  12. no hmmm. i would vibe with whatshisface, that mf who done stole the fire.
  13. no
  14. Happy shardiversary!

  15. no