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  1. I remember someone saying that Roshar would be a convenient place for vegans with all their soulcast food. Of course that's not the case because, correct me if I'm wrong, soulcasters use gemhearts to soulcast the food and gemhearts come from animals. Their counter was that they could simply use spheres to soulcast the food. I don't recall it ever being mentioned that Rosharians would mine for gemstones or that mined gems on Roshar hold stormlight. So do all the gemstones in spheres come from gemhearts?
  2. I've read all the Mistborn books (both eras), Warbreaker, and Stormlight books, twice, and own paperback and audio book versions of all of them, with more on the way. I got my mom to read Mistborn era 1 and a cousin and an uncle to listen to the audio books of era 1. I am trying to get my dad to start with Warbreaker while a friend of mine is borrowing The Final Empire, but neither of them have started. What's the best way to get people into the Cosmere books? What's the best way to tie someone to a chair so they can still turn the pages of a book?
  3. I always thought it was kind of ironic that the shards that killed Kaladin's friends would end up in the possession of one of his best friends.
  4. We all know that Rock's stew is a big part of being part of Bridge Four and it's mentioned that Bridge Seventeen has a signature bean curry. How can we get Brandon to give us a list of all the bridge crews and their signature dishes or, better yet, a cook book?
  5. It works now, I was able to post my topic with my picture, thanks for the warm welcome to the Shard
  6. Last week I decided to buy all the Stormlight and Wax and Wayne books, all are the UK versions, when they came in I quickly noticed that my copy of Words of Radiance part 1 had a gold title while all the other Stormlight books had metallic red titles. At first I thought it was s**tty design and my OCD kicked in and it kinda annoyed me but I ultimately thought nothing of it. I started looking into it and I couldn't find any pictures online of a copy with a gold title like mine. I discussed it with a friend of mine, he got me into Brandon Sanderson's books, and we concluded that it must be my GOLDEN TICKET and now I get to go to Brandon's chocolate factory!... Nah it is probably just a weird printing error. At any rate it's kinda cool even if the title is a bit hard to read. What do guys and gals think?
  7. Glad to be here
  8. I tried posting without the picture but that still doesn't work
  9. I just made my account and wanna post my first topic but the spam protection wont let me I get the Spam! You're new so no links page when I try to submit it. This would make sense if I had any links in the topic but I don't, there's only text and a picture. What do I do?