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  1. Also his incredulity about taking the name Stormblessed
  2. Definitely seems like Navani will be the unintended third main character with Venli and Eshonai
  3. I think you’re going to see Kal either bond a second spren or part of Syl’s history is being a child of Honor and Cultivation: -giving Kaladin 4 surges -allowing Kaladin to balance his soldier and surgeon aspects into one self actualized person -Brandon gets to play with how these new reasonances would operate, essentially giving Kal new power sets.
  4. You never know with brandon. Sometimes you breeze right over somethings. Other times it drags out for an entire part. As long as it’s I interesting and the characters play in interesting ways, I’m here for whatever.
  5. Well maybe she had a rich suitor to marry and killed him too. I joke of course
  6. They keep teasing the Mink is a Radiant. But it maybe a subversion. Though it seems part 1 will start at Hearthstone and move to the Fourth Bridge over Herdaz. How will Lirin feel about the civilians being pulled into a war zone?
  7. The physical Bridge 4 will never fully disappear from the series at this point. And yes I love seeing the Windrunner/Edgedancer Partnership. Hoping we start to see a few other orders jump in to help.
  8. For how cool the Fourth Bridge is, I wish we would have seen some of Bridge 4 along for the ride. I expect we will see them in the battle.
  9. Definitely sounds like there is a finite amount of Windrunners. We know Teft and Lopen have bonded spren. Wondering how few are we talking?
  10. And Brandon has been open to having a double bond or a radiant with an honor blade
  11. Keep in mind Roshone was the lord influencing Elhokar that got Moash’s family killed. It makes perfect sense that after the king, Moash would hunt for Roshone to get his vengeance. I could see him legitimately surrendering if his bloodlust is over. But I could also see him feeling betrayed by Kal and Bridge 4.
  12. I think it would be cool if Skar became a Stoneward. I mean Renarin is Bridge 4 and he’s a corrupted truthwatcher. I keep feeling like Kaladin is headed to bonding a second spren or Syl is some hybrid Honor-Cultivation spren. It just seems like Kal’s plot will be one of rememberence more like an Edgedancer this book. Plus it would be cool to see him get another 2 surges.
  13. Keep in mind, Gav became obsessed with the Way of Kings. And his secret is what leads Dalinar to start his study of the book. I think Gavilar is clearly a jerk. But I think he was actively trying to do something good.
  14. Recent WOB from Comic-Con: Questioner If a Radiant uses an Honorblade or binds a second spren, could they get new abilities/ resonances by having access to Surges that aren't usually combined? Brandon Sanderson Yes, they can. Are we going to see Kaladin bond a cultivation spren? Or will Syl end up being part cultivationspren like I’ve theorized? Kaladin even takes a second in the comic-con reading to wish for a nearby Edgedancer to assist in a certain scenario.
  15. Also Dalinar’s powers sound similar to Spren Hemalurgy... Just saying