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  1. @R JLol that’s a far more detailed explanation. Thank you. yeah for whatever reason I had lumped Khriss and Silverlight in with the 17th Shard in my previous understanding. Can’t wait to start exploring more of the cosmere groups and conflicts as the story progresses.
  2. I’ve been rereading the cosmere while in quarantine. And I think I previously muddled together Khriss and Silverlight academics with Frost and the 17th Shard making one large society within cosmere events. I’ve since realized my error. Please correct me if I’m wrong where current loyalties lie within worldhoppers. -Hoid -Frost and the 17th Shard -Khriss, Nahz, and Silverlight -The Nalthian Worldhoppers (opposed and unaligned) -The Ghostbloods -Felt My immediate question is everyone else seems to have a plot. Hoid and the 17th shard, Khriss helps in building out the worlds. The ghostbloods have a plot. But what the heck is Felt doing? Is he aligned with one? And does Hoid have any allies in the great conflict that we know about?
  3. Oroden and Gavinor are going to be key players in the back 5 after the time jump. Brandon has said that a character doesn’t need to be alive to do their flashback scenes. So perhaps Oroden and Gavinor will be the current timeline feature.
  4. Wouldn’t Windrunners ability to have additional squires be a minor form of spiritual adhesion?
  5. @Karger the theory is outlandish I’ll admit. And I give it less than 5% likelihood of happening but that’s what’s fun about it. I don’t have hardly any evidence beyond Odium shattering those Shards and them not being active players.
  6. I would typically agree. That’s why I doubt we will see dominion and devotion as there are Selish. Ambition hasn’t and can’t be a major player in the cosmere conflict. I admit it’s improbable. And they’re defined as spren yes. But that’s from a rosharan perspective. One of those when you’re a hammer everything around you looks like a nail kind of things
  7. I don’t think he carried them. He subjugated them and made them serve him as his lieutenants. But Lift’s healing combined with Dalinar’s call to unify maybe he can remake them and Ambition rejoins the battle in the back five. With another shard we could get new Spren and Radiant Orders
  8. Maybe the protect the perpendicularaity?
  9. It’s an outlandish theory but I think the Unmade are actually corrupted splinters of Ambition, Devotion, and Dominion which explain why only a few of the Unmade are sentient. I believe Sja Anat is the sentient remains of Ambition which is why she plans on betraying Odium.
  10. Leadership in literature has often been used as an effective educational tool for students of leadership. Books that are often sighted as leadership texts include: -Ender’s Game -Starship Troopers -Once an Eagle The Way of Kings’ focus on leadership should place it strongly on the list. Whether it’s Kaladin building trust, culture and cohesion or Dalinar’s adherence to the codes and setting a standard for his army. In addition you have Shallan and Jasnah’s mentee/mentor relationship, or the antithesis of good leadership in Sadeas. I’ve begun using WoK with my team to use some of the conceptual works we have read like Start with Why, CliftonStrengths/Strengths Based Leadership, Radical Candor, Leaders Eat Last, and the Infinite Game (Heavy in Simon Sinek works I know) and show how the characters apply the concepts in the novel. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to share their favorite leadership quotes from Stormlight. Thanks Everyone!
  11. I like the idea of a second anthology set. But honestly I think it should release as the short stories happen naturally. Assuming the Rock, Lopez, and Rysn stories are all Roshar based. I’m sure there will be a Mistborn short story By then but no sense in rushing it. If I had to guess we will get another anthology after Mistborn Era 2 and Stormlight 5 but before Era 3 or Stormlight 6. Maybe the novella between Stormlight 5 and 6 will be the big centerpiece of the anthology?
  12. I think that Rlain will be heavily featured in RoW. Brandon mentioned another character rising and sharing the featured arc of the book with Eshonai and Venli. If I had to guess, Rlain will be going on a mission with Kaladin or meeting Venli.
  13. I do agree that due to family deaths Rock is now the first son and Nuatoma. I believe the return to the peaks will be Rock’s major pivot point where he actively joins the fight. I would love to see some of Bridge 4 join other Orders but it seems like they are destined to be Captains of their own squires In the near future you could have multiple full Windrunners will specific squire groups: -Teft: Bridge 13 -Lopen: The Herdazian Cousins -Rock: Horneater Warriors -Rlain: Listener Windrunners -Sigzil: Azish -Lyn: Other scouts and scribes I can’t exactly predict how Skar, Leyten, and Drehy will get their squires. But Kaladin is quickly approaching a time when Bridge 4 will be scattered across Roshar protecting the world. They have been his support system and I’m sure a few will stick close to him. But in order for Rock to continue his growth he needs to face his past.
  14. First, I want the fall out of Moash with the rest of Bridge 4. Kaladin has been concealing the truth from the team. You gotta assume that Skar and Drehy saw him during the battle for Kholinar. But I want see how Bridge 4 reacts to Moash. I don’t want to see Moash redeemed but I don’t care if they exile him and “Man with No Name” him to roam the cosmere as an outlaw
  15. Love everything except the Moash redemption arc. I also want the Syl/Lost Daughter revelation and discover why Kaladin is dubbed as “the child of Tanavast”