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  1. THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO REPLIED TO THIS POST! I HAVE EXTENDED MY READING LIST AND I AM SO THANKFUL. I have never really had others to talk with about my obsession with reading (I was the kid who devoured books like food), so I am so thankful to finally be in this community and get reading suggestions from people who CAN ACTUALLY SUGGEST ME THINGS (also going to college helped that too). *happy noises* Now to my own list. 1. Stormlight Archive - It takes the cake for me hard, even if it isn't finished. The intricacies (and the scope of the Cosmere as a whole) is dope and makes the writer in me make weird noises as I try to comprehend how many things he is weaving through, often without me even knowing. Dang. 2. Lord of the Rings - I was born and raised on this series, and watching the movies makes my cry everytime. Key to my heart and honestly a huge part of who I am today. 3. Wheel of Time - Solid third for how awesome and grand it is, no higher because of its writing. Some of the characterization (especially how the women are done and the whole gender relations of the book aka "men are stubborn and need controlling vs. women are confusing and always manipulating") really puts a bad taste in my mouth, but as a whole the series is by far an incredible accomplishment and deserves all the credit it gets. Just got all 15 (New Spring included) in retail hardcover and working on a reread. 4. (oh boy here comes the YA because no one would actually introduce me to new books in my hometown) Inheritance Cycle by Paolini - Even though the writing is really simple to me know that I am a Sanderfan, I really read these books to the bone (we have two sets of them because we wore out the first) and was the last series my brother and father both read alongside me and we bonded over. 5. Probably Rothfuss and "The Name of the Wind", but its been a bit, I need to reread it, so this is very loose and would probably take 4th if I reread it. And as I said, I'm really just getting into more "adult" fiction now that I am getting suggestions, so again THANK YOU. Everything above is subject to change. Also to those who mentioned Malazan, thank you, forgot that one and I wanted to add it to my list a while ago.
  2. Oo, forgot about that one that Truthless mentioned, would agree with that sentiment. But I think it is either 11 or 12 (I think it is 12, working my way through a reread so hopefully will get a refresher soon), that was just a slog to read through. It was rough even for me, and probably the only book I have had to force myself through (even though I remember the climax being SO rewarding because of it). Aside from that, the last few books during Mat's POV is my weakness, and Memory of Light or Crossroads of Destiny would be mine.
  3. I think this summarizes my own opinion on Elhokar's kingship (even if it may not have been truly his fault and usually not his intention). The poor man had no leadership ability in any form. He was easily manipulated, had little if any self-confidence, and fell to paranoia (in an almost selfish way). He was ill suited to the rigors of leadership in nearly any capacity, bless his soul but even as a father he may have struggled. And no matter what his situation was growing up without his father and surrounded by the Highprinces (manipulative bastards on average), doesn't take away from the fact that. . . yeah, he just wasn't a good king in the sense of leadership. From a moral perspective, man, I feel for him. He tried. He really tried sometimes, and he just wasn't good at it. He wasn't a bad person or seeking harm on others deep down, but he was ill-prepared for his situation. As The_Elsecaller said above, he wouldn't have been outstanding in any alternate timeline, but even so, he was not a bad person. He was just the wrong person in the throne at the wrong time. And gosh dang it maybe he could have matured and become better like a few other posts have said, but Brandon just had to rip out my heart and stab it (twice!). Who knows what might have been after he swore the First Ideal. But thinking about that just makes my heart grow heavy. Good question and discussion @Karger
  4. In addition to what has already been listed, didn't he bond with Elokar's spren at the end of OB, in doing so becoming a Lightweaver himself on top of everything else, as was listed in the question (duh), but will reference it in consideration for other's answers.
  5. Though I may not be as much of a Cosmere Scholar than I wish, I can see how you would look at that chart and think of something like the Double Eye of the Almighty or something like that, but I don't think specifically anything about personality types or charts are influencing his writing. I think you could look up more than what I found but, here are some WoB talking about some inspiration for that chart/symbol and the interconnected lines here.
  6. Tolkien was my first big read growing up, and i have loved him ever since. Christopher Paolini was another I enjoyed, but as I grew older I didn't like him quite as much. I have read a ridiculous amount of YA fiction, and really enjoyed people like John Flanagan and Rick Riordan growing up. As an adult however, I am just starting to truly find people I would consider my "favorite" authors, rather than people I have read and just enjoyed.
  7. I have few that I can name, but that applies to my pet peeves in life in general. I am a person who takes what I get more often than wishing something could be better or get annoyed by stuff. However, I would say a few things I could think of: 1. Using a dialogue tag repeatedly. "He chuckled." for example. 2. Poor pacing. It kills me. I hate it, because it can ruin decent ideas and good writing and make it feel cheap and unfulfilling. If there was something about writing that would make me wake up in a cold sweat, pacing problems would be it. And no, Sanderson has blown me away, and I would need to read him a bit more to find anything I dislike. Still have some rosy-colored glasses on, so I can't say I dislike anything of his writing yet.
  8. Why, thank you! Ooooohoho. Sir, good question. I would say Moash Sadeas, easily. If I was in Adolin's position I would not hesitate to do exactly what he did, whatever the implications. It is hard to say that someone deserves to die, but in that position, the best outcome for everyone is stabbing the bastard through the eye and giving the dagger a twist as a goodbye.
  9. Hehe, I mean, purple eyes would be pretty cool. I am not as informed in the various Orders as I would like to be, I have simply read the books (twice each now), and picked up what I can from there, but I am currently reading up on them as I evidently need to find one to prioritize for the Kickstarter I shall have to get back to you with that one. Edit: I would say Dustbringer if I am correct in my skimming of the different Surges. The idea of zipping around the battlefield with waves of destruction coming from my hands sounds rather fresh, even though being a Windrunner or Skybreaker and flying would be mildly intoxicating. But no, the idea of skating around people to annoy them sounds rather fun, and then being able to run up a wall to get away also sounds rather fun, so why not mix that with fire hands. Edit 2: Based more so on the ideals or attributes of the Orders however, I feel like I would land more with the wise/careful Elsecallers, or protective/leading Windrunners. And when I get a little too full of myself, maybe the Skybreakers, just/confident. (a little overconfident perhaps, and a little full of my own opinion of what justice is, but definitely a possibility).
  10. Oh, as a character, the Nightwatcher was such an interesting piece of the story, and I love powerful beings who can grant wishes. They can be so very fun to read about and to use in stories. Gaunter O'Dimm comes to my mind. But if I would ask for a wish. Hmm. Wishes are an interesting thing, and I have always maintained that if I wished for something it would be a really dire moment even without the guaranteed curse of the Nightwatcher. Too many stories of wishes going wrong for the wishee. But if I would wish for something. . . I don't know if I could. I would always be to worried about ruining something else. If by wishing for one thing to end now, I rob myself of something even better later, I would choose not to wish at all. My momentary happiness would never be worth the pain of others. But if my wish could help others and only cause pain to myself. . . Maybe. Maybe a little deeper answer than you wanted lol, but I am one for such conversations, especially about things that I love discussing.
  11. Well thank you already for the warm welcome, I lurked a little before hand to get the common questions out of the way
  12. Well hello, I had the privilege and joy to truly find Brandon after WoT was suggested to me, and I stumbled upon Stormlight soon after. The series quickly blew to the top of my favorite books as I devoured it. Unbeknownst to me, I had actually read him before with the Reckoners, which was a pleasant surprise, but the series wasn't my bread and butter like epic fantasy, and I didn't expect this new-to-me author to have such ridiculous genre range (like seriously, the man is a legend of writers purely by content). At that time, I was burnt out of my public library in a small town (the only one interested in fantasy and reading that much of it), and with no one else to talk to about these amazing books or recommend me new books. Through great chance, WoT was suggested, and soon after I began to seek out books and new authors in the fantasy and science fiction genre, and I am so happy I was able to find Sanderson, and now, an awesome community of fellow fans and fantasy nerds to talk about them with. Thank you all for that. Little more about me: Around the same time I found Sanderson (aka when stopped lying to myself that I was a jock and threw myself back into being a theatre nerd and bookworm ~5 years ago), I finally figured out my own passion was storytelling. Brandon definitely helped provide some encouragement around that time alongside an amazing English teacher, and I have never looked back. I am currently pursuing my passion as a student of creative writing in college, supplementing my classes with Brandon's amazing lectures that he has posted on YouTube, and devouring more writing and books as I go. I have read the first (two or three, I don't recall, high school was a mess) of Mistborn, but really need to reread them as well. Currently rereading through WoT at The Shadow Rising, (#4), as I managed to find a full hardcover set (including New Spring), but depending on this quarantine and if I can kick myself back into my rhythm of reading like a word addict, I will reread Stomlight in anticipation for Rhythm of War this fall. Super excited for WoK Leatherbound, even though my bank account isn't. Tier 4 hopeful, but it will be a wonderful addition to my growing collection nonetheless. Favorite Sanderson book (so far, I have yet to read Elantris or Warbreaker. Yet.): Oathbringer, easily. Man, those last few hundred pages. Chills. If I can do even a part of that in any of my writing, I would be fulfilled. Favorite character, why must you make me choose. I don't remember details from Mistborn enough to do justice to those characters, so alas, just from Stormlight. Token comment, "Hoid is a beautiful sassy boy". Skipping over the main characters, even though I like all of them, Adolin holds an interesting place in my heart, capable and confident in so many ways yet not without fault or doubts. A poster child, who did well in near everything except for some things he cared about the most. (Honorable out-of-fandom mention, Matrim Cauthon, how I do love this man of contradictions and complexity). Well, that's enough out of me, I shall begin my long campaign of lurking amidst the fandom, posting little and listening much, and I shall see you all around. And appear when you never expect it. Hehe. Cheers, Purple