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  1. "Sure. I'll add a few extra - we need to do this quickly if we're going to do it at all," Cassie responded. The Anarchist was certainly... enthusiastic about all of this. "I'll catch up," she said, then turned to go upstairs. It was time for a little soulcasting.
  2. "Just one eye for me. I lost it in... battle," Tyrian replied, trying to process her statements one at a time. "It's a stone. Dead stone. Yours... are alive?" Tyrian hadn't met many blind people. Warriors rarely continued to fight with lost eyes. But this Althea didn't seem like she was one of those blind shamans. Burn a city? "Hmm." What would be the point? It would attract... attention. Skybreakers, resounded the voice. But it seemed more distant. And for once, Cinder's voice came to counter it. "No. It's wrong. The people in this city are not evil. Not yet." "Hmmmmm... no. I don't want to bring this city dust." Why? said the voice. "Why?" Tyrian echoed.
  3. Schrodinger forbids the skull from messing with his twin brother.
  4. Poller kept running after Ben. He wasn't entirely sure why, the other boy just seemed... off, like something was bothering him. He didn't seem to know where he was - A woman stepped out from the boarding house, right in his path. Poller quickly jumped to one side, but it was a bit too late, as it sent her basket of - towels? - onto the street. To her credit she apologized, even though this was entirely his fault. "No, I'm sorry, I-" Suddenly he started feeling an episode coming. Quickly he reached behind him and grabbed the staff he'd lashed to his back, but not before he stumbled a few feet. "Sorry. I'm fine that was my fault I'm sorry I'll get the basket," he rattled off as he hobbled over to the fallen cargo. He replaced the towel that had fallen out, brushed it off as best he could with one hand, and held it to the woman. "I'm so sorry," he repeated, hoping he wasn't blushing too badly. Byron kept running. He could feel it now. Something was calling to him. Threatening to destroy him if he didn't come. Then he saw the building he was headed to. Only... he wasn't anywhere near it. He could just... know where it was. So he kept running, oblivious to the scene behind him. @Sorana
  5. Gets a mob of people asking where you can get those. *Inserts mob of people
  6. Schrodinger was upset nobody triggered one of his secret plot hooks, so he gave the skull the ability to conjure fire.
  7. Hmm. Suddenly I have a lot of power It’s not that kind of relevent. In fact, it’s the completely wrong kind of relevent. So I won’t out myself for now (although Striker, Vapor, Mist, Lahilt, and especially Mat can guess part of it already). I’m... confident. That’s what I’ll say. Also, History.
  8. Kas, I need some advice. I do have information, which was innocuous on its own but became... relevant. And I with the first-initial thing, I may be in jeopardy anyway. Should I come forward now, or after this lynch, or should I wait until I can surpass the shadow I'm under? Edit: @Kasimir
  9. *Opens thread* *Sees own name in previous four posts in said thread* *Realizes that's not what people are actually talking about* *Closes thread*
  10. Schrodinger Nicrobursted Vapid so that Nightblood wouldn't kill her, then threw Nightblood at the feet of Nameless and Y.
  11. Schrodinger went on a side quest to find some superglue.
  12. Cassie pushed the door open with her free hand, carrying in a cart. So. This was what the Anarchist had planned. She was impressed. There were a good amount of people here; she'd thought that it would just be her and the Anarchist. "Hello, everyone," she said, giving another tug on the cart, letting it roll to a stop next to her. "Anarchist, you might like these," she said, sweeping off the tarp and revealing the cart's contents. The reveal was slightly killed by her left arm stiffening again - she yanked it up, metal fingers finally letting go. On the cart were about ten dagger-long cylinders of a yellow, slightly molten metal covered in glass. Behind them were four spheres of the same, the size of bowling balls. The caesium was ready.
  13. Tyrian nodded. "You keep talking. About fire. But not... about fire... around fire." Tyrian was staring at Althea now. He was fairly certain she did not like fire. Something... wasn't right. He couldn't tell what, but it wasn't just Althea's reaction, her eyes flicking around. Her eyes... they looked strange. No, not strange. More familiar, when the world was strange. He looked at his wine glass again - his ruby eye. It was almost identical - not faceted, but ruby all the same. "Your eyes... they're like mine," he mumbled. Silas was still sitting and watching, as far as Tyrian saw. Tyrian kept his eye on Althea. Was she... @Sorana @bees?
  14. "I'll see you when I'm done," Cassie replied. "And I'll see if I can make that vial for you," she said as the Ghosblood left the meeting room. She waited a reasonable time, then hurried out after. The Anarchist was still waiting in the lobby; Alrik was nowhere to be seen. She quickly told the explosives enthusiast about Lord and his Hemalurgy stockpiling, and asked if he would be able to... take care of the situation. And Cassie had a feeling she'd know what the Anarchist's answer was. @Gears
  15. Schrodinger glanced awkwardly at his hidden alternate dimension, then shook his head. He didn't think that's what Melody had in mind.