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  1. Welcome to all the new join-ees! Unfortunately, I’d rather wait and see if we can get some more players to at least get over 9. So I’m going to delay signups end until Monday at Noon PST. If nothing changes by then, I’ll figure something out.
  2. So, it would be a little difficult for me to run a Conversion game with 4 players. And by “a little difficult” I mean “the Elims auto-win if Sja-anat isn’t exed D1”. Signups will likely be extended by a few days. I’d prefer to get at least 9 players to have the full range of Unmade, but I could manage with less.
  3. Mid-Range Game 53: Unmade, Remade The lights were beautiful to Sja-anat. Each light was a tiny flame, a soul or a spren. There wasn't much difference in the long run. Some were brighter, some were darker. And others had that slight tint, the tiny bit of rightness that she'd granted them. She'd been working on that. It had been hard, but it had worked and it made her proud. She'd successfully Enlightened spren without the other Unmade noticing their alterations. Odium may have noticed, but he was distracted as of late. Something about that Kholin fellow. Regardless, Odium had boundaries. Sja-anat's power had been Remade; his influence was too faint to directly limit her anymore. He'd notice that eventually. And Odium could not stand defiance for too long - he'd send his Unmade to bring her back, Unmake her once more, and teach her a lesson while they were at it. Sja-anat smirked. Well, it was time to learn just how far she could stretch this. LG start, LG D4 start, same thing. Hello! Welcome to Mid-Range Game 53: Unmade, Remade! This game is a modified conversion game centered on Sja-anat's attempt to defect from Odium's forces and bring down the rest of the Unmade along side her. Please note however this game is RoW-spoiler free (I made most of it about a year ago) and has all the Unmade together... because. General Rules: Unmade Roles: Voidspren Roles: Death Rattles: I'm the GM, I currently don't have a coGM. I kind of want to try this without a co-GM though. @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM. The game will start on Saturday, September 18th, at 12:00 PM / Noon PST. Let me know if you'd like to join or have any questions! Player List: Spectators/Pinch Hitters: Quick Links: (What did I miss)
  4. The QF is over, and Araris's LG is almost up... so I suppose it's about time for an MR to start. I've still got a schedule to figure out, but I should be able to make it work, and from what the current schedule is only @StrikerEZ is ahead of me (and is taking a break iirc). So, I should be able to run my Conversion Unmade game. I do need to get some finalizations + get it to the rules committee, but I'll have more time for that tomorrow. Hopefully I can launch signups by approximately the LG start.
  5. I'm going to be moving for college next week, so... that would not be a great time to start running a game, both due to the chaos of all that and trying to find a rollover time. But if no one else is available, I could probably run it after that week. Whether that means I run the next LG instead of this one, or whether that means I just wait to put up signups / delay the startup for a week or so, I'm not sure. But during school is still better since I'll hopefully have a schedule to do rollovers instead of being on random camping trips So I'm not ready this week / if anyone wants the slot this week. But starting in a week or two I'll be available, whether that's delaying LG80 or running LG81.
  6. That was… that was me.
  7. Hey I just watched Tenet. Huh. (Very much recommend!)
  8. To be honest, I was quite worried at the start of this game. I was planning to be a Villager so I could relax a bit with anon rules and, well, that didn’t happen. I was also planning on grabbing an Artform gem and abusing the anonymous writeup posts to write about Faleast and AraRaash fooling around, and, well, I got the one role where I couldn’t do that so I just grabbed one anyway I was also planning on RPing Jalnor more but then I noticed I was one of four people who submitted RP characters and decided that I shouldn’t out myself as Ash D1. Not that I hid very well, but I wasn’t trying too much with my work schedule. But I had a lot of fun this game. Unlike the AG there were a lot of ways it could have gone differently, and we were about one slipup away from winning. Me swapping to Falcon might have been that slipup, but Beagle was out of excuses and with so many PMs around I’d get outed no matter what I did. Also, I was camping and inactive and may or may not have panickedly tried to find cell service to actually submit a kill action… That reminds me of something, actually. Faleast and AraRaash were rather busy playing cards. @Steeldancer, mind if Abaram gets a little rerouted by a certain saddened di-Shard? There’s a lot of things Lamentation could do with a Fused…
  9. My heart’s kind of set on running the next MR instead of the next LG. I’m moving out to college in a few weeks and that’s going to need some adjustment. Could probably take LG81 or 82 though. (Also one of those LG spots hinges on the RoW spoiler period being up, which… is actually pretty soon but I don’t think quite here yet.)
  10. Well. I did exactly one thing this game but I did it really really well @Araris Valerian, because you mentioned this in the dead doc - my main reason for voting you was because you voted for me based on something Archer did, with Archer still alive. I thought that was at least worth pursuing, and then you didn’t bring it up. TUO was mainly because everyone seemed to suspect them at least a little but nobody seemed to want to go after them, after two rounds of villagers trying and then promptly vanishing. (Also, there’s a non-negligible chance AraRaash would have drawn the Shardblade card and then just summoned his Honorblade and stabbed someone. Fortunately Ash was the one playing this game )
  11. Well this will be fun.
  12. I haven't seen a reason to move it.
  13. … did what? I don’t think I thought you were cardblocked, just that V!Kas’s result doesn’t necessarily clear you from putting in a kill. Edit: Oh. Right. HrhrhsvdkbwgJhshhdbdvxbdbhshjx Draaaaaaaaake
  14. Hmm. Good to know... Follow-up: If a cheated-in card isn't used immediately, does it just go into their hand? And would that show up on a Two of Swords scan that same turn?