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  1. And @Experience, too... Well, that was chaotic.
  2. I moved off Turtle. Edit: I think Elandra is village, but Shard is not a lynch I’m comfortable joining... bleh
  3. Okay, first of all, Illwei's given Turtle a satisfactory reason for her suspicion of Condensation. As for Condensation... trying to blackmail Illwei is bad. Trying to blackmail Illwei with information he's freely shared... is... confusing but probably just as bad? She seems to be more inclined to attack Illwei than defend herself. Which is interesting as an Elim would want that lynch gone, even if the behavior isn't that AI. And if Illwei did claim Hemalurgist, then Condensation could have killed him... although that would be a fairly obvious trap for any experienced Elims. I'll hold off voting Condensation for now, but depending on if she gives a defense or not that will likely change. Elandra voting on Condensation without mentioning self-preservation is a little nerve-wracking for me, but considering Turtle still had the second most votes and Elandra's given good defenses I'll let it go.
  4. AraRaash opened his eyes. That was unusual for several reasons. For one thing, AraRaash didn't need sleep. Faleast was still too attached to human behavior to properly use that quirk of kandra physiology, but AraRaash had perfected it, letting him control their shared bones while Faleast's mind slumbered. For another thing, he was pretty sure that when the blast had happened Faleast was in control and AraRaash had been delegated to brain-cleaning duty. Something about not stabbing anyone on this highly-Invested ship and after the glorious victories on Sel and First of the Sun. But now AraRaash was in control. And Faleast was... still there, but distant. Oh, and he had half an access panel fused to his arm. AraRaash tapped a bit of gold, restoring the burned bits of flesh, then simply slammed his arm into the ground to knock off the shards. The arm grew red again. "Oh, ru-" ... Faleast. FALEAST! Faleast opened his eyes. He was on the ground again, but in... a completely different spot than he'd thought he'd been flying towards. Come on, I need that brain of yours. The Dahkor isn't working. Dahkor. Faleast sighed, staring at the chaos they'd caused. While the sensitive equipment in the walls seemed fine, the panel itself had been ripped from its hinges, taking a significant amount of hinge along with it. There was then a rather large dent in the floor. He smirked. "It seems to be working perfectly fine to me," he said. "I doubt even a Pewterarm could damage that floor. It's pure titanium." You know what I mean. The bone's magic triggers whenever I try anything remotely requiring strength, and then it overdoes it. We're lucky nobody saw. "We're lucky it didn't kill us both," Faleast whispered. "I told you we shouldn't have brought the full set with us. We need time to test it, time to figure out its limits and its deeper abilities. All we know is that it's Fjordell, its bone-related, and that it's either so strange or so evil that no text in Elantris or Silverlight ever mentioned it. We only know what it's called because of Wyrn's slip." All the duralumin spikes are in place. They're Connected to Fjordell and the Dahkor monastary better than anyone save that gragdet. There's no reason for it not to be working. "Maybe the HI is interfering. Or maybe the bones aren't made to have an off switch. They just... are. Like a Blessing instead of Allomancy." He reached into his bag. "Let's be careful for now. Don't overexert. This is a ship in the future - the Dahkor might be more well known here." "I just don't know if that's good or bad for us." He pulled out a box. A Walki-Talki, or something. It didn't walk like it was supposed to, but it worked fairly well as a spanreed for voices. "This is Faleast; I found the problem with the door. Looks like sabotage."
  5. ... this explains a lot. Lemme go back and see exactly how much.
  6. In interest of getting a vote out before I forget tomorrow... Turtle. Elk's come back and done analysis, and seems to suspect a Turtle-Mist team; Turtle suspects a Mist-someone team as well as Elkanah, and then votes on... Condensation, for no visible reason. @eltruT, can you explain this more? I'd also appreciate @Mist's input here - do you suspect a Elk-Turtle team? Because if so then we have a nice little suspicion circle and are one step closer to Aman's secret wincon.
  7. Well, last cycle I managed to say nothing of game importance in those 4 posts... Mist's been talking a good bit on topic. I'm not sure if that makes me trust her, but I don't see any reason to vote for her.
  8. Okay, I have time to actually say something. Looking back at the last hour or so... Ventyl's suspicious post does seem very... Ventyl... but I think it was a fair source of suspicion. Illwei and TJ started it, and Devotary's made a tradition of voting very late in the cycle... Turtle's vote is the one that sticks out as bandwagon-y. Her and Elkanah are probably the ones I'm going to look back at. Maybe some of the others like Condensation, who's posted a lot but hasn't said a lot. (Like... oh wait, that's like me.) Elkanah's being chaotic, if being different than his Monk form... he feels more like LG69 Elk. But without the Narcotics to vent his chaos into... this game has so little RNG compared to the other few games I've played with him recently. Trying to look good or somewhat-good isn't entirely NAI, as it benefits both Elims and Villagers. Turtle is seemingly keeping secrets... the voting Mist because of a connection she sees to her is interesting, but there's not a ton of use in keeping those suspicions quiet in day turns. And in the MR she managed to turn her new-player status into a weapon, so I'd put her cunning then (and therefore now) relatively high. More to come.
  9. Speaking of a heart attack... er... nice new profile picture? Backs away slowly
  10. And if @Elkanah votes on Illwei, the vote circle shall be complete...