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  1. Pyro said it was more that I specifically tacked it on at the end, which made it look like I was mimicking people. Which makes some sense to me, but it’s risky to leave out when discussing You-Know-Who in such worried detail.
  2. I get that this is mostly a joke, but I didn’t think we chose who the medallion went to. Otherwise 2-3 people could cycle it between themselves. And if it can’t go to someone who already has it, it could act as a scan function as to who had previously used the medallion. According to the doc, it’s random. Although it just occured to me you may have meant handing off the thing without actually using it. In which case, disregard this post. Speaking of which, how do buying medallions/charged spikes/lerasium beads work? I guess lerasium you get to pick which (allomantic) power you get, but are the spikes/medallions completely random? Or is it that x, y, and z are available, so pick one? If spikes are the same as medallions in that regard, a 10 boxing difference in the prices seems... quite low for the functionality difference. A one-time use then scrambled into the population versus a permanent ability for anytime use. Plus Feruchemy is much more straightforward. I’m not sure if “recant” is what I was trying to do, but I see what you mean. My meaning was yes it’s a worry that there’s more than an SK in play, but not an act-now-with-no-evidence worry. I did think I had hit something with my theory, but I want to avoid the chaos of... similar SK hunts. Cough. Plus multiple people getting suspicious about different things kind of threw me off. Pyro thought it suspicious that I specified that I was more worried about elims, which I tried to defend. Then Ventyl thought it was weird for me to write such a big post and then not advocate for searching for it, which is why I specified the elims in the first place. TL:DR, I’m apprehensive about The-Role-That-Must-Not-Be-Named, but more worried about elims who I know have multiple threats. And am easily confused.
  3. Welp. Silberfarben was the only one here I’ve interacted with on the Alleyverse. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad for me.
  4. Faleast covered his ears, pulling his widebrimmed hat from below his chair and sticking it on his head. Somewhere, he couldn’t quite tell, two people were bickering quite loudly. They didn’t even seem to be arguing over who was a Loyalist; it seemed that they were just trying to one-up each other for how many words they could spew out of their mouths at one time. Each trying to be the one to close the conversation. There was a third voice, acting as a commentator, or perhaps a secret third competitor. Ah well. Faleast leaned back again, drawing some strange looks from those around him. He glanced at them. “What?” he asked, pulling his duster back from his eyes and tightening his coat. “We’re going to be here a long time. Might as well get comfortable.” At least no one was pointing fingers at him anymore. He’d stricken up conversation with a few of his accusers, but they had seemed to take interest in other parties’ affiliations. They all seemed like nice people just trying to find a way out of a bad situation. Faleast kept his eyes open and uncovered - he’d try to rest, but if anyone else wanted to find or talk at him, he’d be right here waiting. Edit: And we have a new page again with new context! Although none really necessary for my post.
  5. Tineye/Steelrunner? Thug/Steelrunner? Slider/Steelrunner? Double Steel? .... almost anything with F-Steel. Thug/Bendalloy is a double misting, not a Twinborn.
  6. Just to clarify something, and put a quick cap on my kandra speeches; I’m mainly worried that the kandra isn’t an SK role at all, which is what most seemed to assume at the beginning. It’s not figuring out what abilities they have, it’s the fact that they likely do have something that we won’t expect from an SK role. Which I think most people are now at least somewhat convinced of. I also wanted to talk about it now because a) we have no actions/little conversation to lead to elim suspicons, and b ) I’m on mobile rn and can’t sift through messages to find my own suspicons. Both of those are probably from me being a newbie at being suspicious of people. Alright, no more Kandra talk from me. (But PM me if anyone wants to continue theorizing!) (Also, b ) without a space autocorrects to and I can’t undo it... so awkward spacing it is .)
  7. Oh. Gotcha
  8. ...At risk of regaining attention, you still have a vote on me. So one vote needs to be retracted from someone.
  9. Actually, with the Chromium feruchemy, is it possible to recieve items through RNG instead of through spending? Or is it only when someone with items is lynched? ... if I’m wrong, then I’m at a complete loss as to what F-Chromium does here. As I suppose I am in the real Mistborn books, so maybe it’s just supposed to be confusing. I’ll see what Xino’s analysis has to offer, or maybe @StrikerEZ you can clear it up.
  10. Well, it’s better than a pool of 25 for all of us. If we maximize we can all get items, rather than just whoever is awake the longest at reset.
  11. Cool. That makes our shopping lives easier.
  12. @StrikerEZ - is the boxing cap per person or in total? Can each person earn 25 boxings per day, or can only 25 boxings be distributed to everyone?
  13. Don’t discount a Slider’s protection ability. Since the redirect affects both the Slider and the Slid-ee, it’ll be a lot harder to stop a Slider from protecting someone than stopping a Lurcher, who has no self-protection. Also, where do we get that extra actions aren’t affected by the unique action limit? Because this seems to make a Duralumin Gnat more powerful than a Steelrunner and just as powerful as a Soulbearer, which seems very... off to me. Edit: What I mean is I could be right in worrying about the Kandra, or I could be completly off. I don’t want to start a full-scale hunt until we learn whether the Kandra even has kill potential. And doesn’t the village lose anyway if it’s 1 villager vs 1 elim? Is that how parity works?
  14. Wait, so did your character accuse mine or not?
  15. Faleast watched as a crowd gathered in one corner, led by three people all wanting to hear what someone called Lumen wanted to say. He thought it strange that so many would start accusing the same individual, even if they were all mostly frozen in shock. Then again, Lumen had evidently failed to say anything in his defense or to accuse another, merely muttering something about the mist and the rule doc everyone had, supposedly, seen. Only now that he was accused did his head rear. But the same silence could be attributed for many in this room. Then an individual turned and pointed to him. “You, Faleast. Do you have an excuse? Or will you just sit there alone?” Faleast sat up and shrugged. “I haven’t seen anything to draw my attention. I also don’t want to draw unwarranted attention. I just want to figure out if these Loyalists are the only threat that we have.” He nodded to himself. “There’s been a Kandra in the area. Who knows what a Faceless Immortal is capable of.” ——————— I just added it because I didn’t want my giant post on the fears that the Kandra could do more damage than we think to be taken as a suggestion towards starting another Kandra hunt. I’m worried, but I’d rather we let something actually happen before I act on that worry. And to be honest, I am trying to blend in, a bit. I don’t know what keys people off that a person is either Village or Elim, so I’m just trying to act neutral and natural. And people keep ninja’ing my long post... I’ll leave it at that. If you have any other questions let me know.