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  1. So I was looking through the Signup List and I have... two LG spots with one game in between them... I suppose the order is subjective enough for that not to be an issue but it might be an issue. (Also, the Narak Blackout is now transitioning to a WoK Climax / Battle of the Tower... not Blackout. Narak will run on the same mechanics at a later date.)
  2. “I want every dispatch, every transmission he has ever sent called up for inspection.” ”All of them?” ”Yes, all of them. Get started!” In all seriousness, they’re all good. The two Mistborn series are probably best to start with, as they work best in a vacuum. Stormlight Archive is a bit heavier due to more inter-series involvement but it is also excellent.
  3. Faleast isn't necessarily possessed by a Forgotten this time, but I'll sign up. Are there any non-Rithmatist Eliminators? Or will all Eliminators be Forgotten and therefore have Rithmatist powers?
  4. This notplotline sounds familiar, a voice says.
  5. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any word on how Break Tank games will work? Like, would it just be a run game until it breaks beyond recognition, or would there be active rebalancing? I have my Insert-Book-Climax-Game Core almost set up (which I'll post at some point), but because it relies on essentially an HP system I feel like there's a... lot that could be broken
  6. This one is dumb
  7. The time-stretching stopped. Zaria had noticed her predicament, and it appeared that the help she'd sent for had arrived. Cassie was outclassed here. Lord-son-son-son-Silberfarben wouldn't create a Pulser without a reason. That man likely had something else up his sleeves. And the Surgebinder she'd downed earlier was getting up. Cassie wasn't a fighter. Her Soulcasting and knives were flashy, but Zaria could heal herself and the new arrival had a rusting Shardblade. But... she could handle business. Negotiations. Bluffing "Perhaps there is an arrangement we could all come to. Preferably before this building collapses on all of our heads. Your master has escaped, your fellows lay dead or worse. And we can all go our separate ways." "Or..." she said, concentrating. Wind swirled around them, and an ornate, silvery sword fell into Cassie's outstreched hand. It was rather small for a Shardblade - which made sense, seeing as it wasn't one, but merely a sword Soulcast from the air itself. The soldiers didn't need to know that, though. "We settle it your way."
  8. I don't think you'd like the result. And a lot of my Elim games I ended up also having an activity problem, which... may or may not be related to the doc? I know there were also other things. That may be a good amount of why I seem to "sit back" as an Elim. I'm not sure. But I figured since analyzing Araris's death worked last game I'd try it here, and admittedly it didn't work so well. But here I am. ... okay so people do want me dead. Good to know.
  9. Illwei, Matrim, are you two bonded? Or just sticking together like you're a pair of magnets?
  10. Do not have a situation where we can lose both Burnt and Lotus in one cycle. And Liranil, you don't have to kill every cycle. It might be in our best interests to play this game slower. And Illwei, I'm fairly sure you're the only one who currently wants me dead. But I'm pretty sure I've already talked about not wanting to order around the Ajahs, so I won't give any specific targets. Gears, do you know who Breaker is on today? ... okay, apparently other people want me dead. This is a thing people usually bring up before the last 30 minutes of the cycle?
  11. The way I see it, Danex gives us a good bit of information depending on his flip, and has been suspected by a rather large group. Striker gives us...
  12. Not to mention started by the exact same people... Illwei and Matrim. For no reason save for gut and "similar reads" - which I may not have been paying attention to, but I don't think I've seen in thread frequently. If Dannex is an Elim I'll have my eye on you two next. (Ironically, Illwei)
  13. Illwei, just because I happen to stay up until midnight doesn’t mean I’ve lost my opprotunity to sleep and must stay up for 24 hours.
  14. Uhhhh... We're not... that... zealous about activity like that. I say, still browsing the Alleyverse at almost midnight when I've repeatedly told myself to go to sleep.
  15. Cassie went right, rushing forward then tacking towards the middle, slamming a dirk into the center soldier's thigh. He screamed and went down, but Stormlight was already swirling around him. Rust, she couldn't keep a Radiant down long. She Pulled, yanking several pouches off of his belt. Heh. Fool kept his spheres with his coins. She tossed the bag at Zaria. The man would probably still heal, but that would leave time for - The world around Cassie swirled into motion. Not just Zaria, in one of her bendalloy bubbles, but everywhere. The last soldier in the group was a Pulser. Like Byron was. But at the same time, completely different. This will be interesting.