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  1. QF52 Cycle 4: Loud Whispers, Silent Scream Hasting sighed. Word was spreading quickly through the court. The skaa food-testers had all safetly tested the meal, and the one that Varian had evidently seasoned was clean, but Dannex's wine glass had definitely been poisioned. To make matters worse, it had been checked before serving. That meant the poisoner was not among Hasting's staff or cooks, who could otherwise be safetly executed; but among his guests. People began shouting. That Dannex was a well-respected Hasting and his death made no sense, that they were certainly innocent as they'd drunk wine as well - that Hasting could hear was true - or that they had some suspicions of their own. Eventually one voice enunciated more than the rest. "Sisar's been passing notes around to people. Doing hand signals and the like," said Philico in his clicking tone. "He could easily be the ringleader of all of this." A few people started nodding along - they'd gotten notes from him before. But Sisar stood up almost immediately. "So? That's half the purpose of these balls. To gather information. We just don't talk about it. And from what I've seen you're just as eager to hear what I have to say, outsider." Hasting looked on as the room seemed to divide itself in two. Half the people seemed to be yelling for Sisar to be ejected for espionage, the other half wanted Philico, a relatively new face in the noble ranks, thrown out of the building for... probably for accusing someone of what half of the room was doing a better job hiding. At first Sisar seemed to be losing ground, but his network seemed to have his back as suddenly Philico's group lost volume. Suddenly the guardsman on the wall slammed his spear down and saluted. Someone was flaring steel, someone else pewter. Not good. "SILENCE!" Hasting shouted. To say the room immediately obeyed his command would be an understatement, but eventually everyone turned to look at him. The guardsman slammed his spear again, but no salute. Steel was gone, but a Thug was still antsy. It would have to do. "Both of you are accused by near equal numbers, there's nothing to distinguish the accusations, and you obviously can't manage to coexist for a nice meal. Both of you leave. Now." The pair glared at each other, before turning toward the door. The crowd parted... Revealing Tesse Mourn lying on the ground, a pair of bloody coins dropped next to her. Hasting cursed, calling for a medic - but Sisar had already bounded forward with the grace only pewter could give. Well... not only pewter. But it fit the facts. Sisar helped move her to a sitting position, and Philico produced a string of rags. They were the only ones to help before the Terris got there with a stretcher and carried Mourn out of the room. Would it be enough? Hasting doubted it. But... perhaps. Sisar and Philico glanced back at Hasting, who simply nodded. Then they turned and walked out of the keep. Archer was uninvited! They were a Hasting Host! Matrim's Dice was uninvited! They were a Hasting Host! Quintessential was killed! They were a Hasting Host! Vote Count: Archer (4): Matrim's Dice, Tani, Jondesu, PizzaPower55 Matrim's Dice (4): Quintessential, Archer, Illwei, Bridge-Four Bridge-Four (1): Gears @xinoehp512 did not post last cycle, so you are being warned for inactivity! If you do not post during this next cycle, then you will be replaced. The cycle will end at 1:00 PM PST on April 19th. Get your votes and actions in by then! Player List:
  2. Without me, Mat, TJ, Striker, that makes it: @Elbereth - KKC, unlikely but possible? @Sart @Elandera @Experience @Ventyl @Straw Maill - doubt @Mist @Young Bard Kasimir - doubt @Araris Valerian ... I'll take another LG slot
  3. QF52 Cycle 3: First Come, Last Served "Welcome, everyone!" Lord Hasting rasped. Then he took a small bow. "I had plans for a grander speech, but it appears that I've developed a rather irritated throat. So, the main course is now available, and you will be served shortly." The hubbub of the room immediately quieted down - save for Table Four, which rose into excited chatter. Hasting shook his head. Those poor boys... they were hungry, but that would go remembered for a long time. He directed his attention to the Terrismen bringing out plates of roast pork and steamed potatoes, watching them listen carefully to the dietary requests of the - "DON'T EAT THAT!" a voice exclaimed, over the sickening crash of shattered porcelain. Hasting reflexively covered his ears, then looked. Table Six. Tesse Mourn was standing with a wicked glare at Varien Lithel, while what used to be the meal and plate of Kiel lay scattered on the floor. Blast, those had been antiques... but Mourn had enough poise to know that. This was important. "What did you put on that dish, Lithel!" she exclaimed. "I saw you sprinkle something on! What is it!" Varien looked agast. "It was just some salt, milady, mine tasted too sweet and I-" "Salt? Salt? What was it really, Varien? Pewter to get Kiel ejected by the Seekers? Poison to just kill them here and now? Tell the truth!" Hasting waved his cane. A guardsman stood straight, then slowly shook his head. So, no change in the room. Tesse Mourn wasn't burning brass, and no Thugs or Coinshots were getting ready to cause a scene. Interesting. And yet, Lithel looked terrified all the same. "Lord Hasting, I must request that this individual be removed from my presence at once," Mourn stated finally. Kiel nodded, as did others. Hasting gave the order, and a shocked Varien Lithel was dragged from the keep, stammering still about salt. "Have one of our skaa test that plate," Hasting said. "As for the rest of you, I assure you that-" His words died in his ragged throat as a shriek echoed across the hall. Dannex had fallen out of his chair, arms limp, wine glass spilled over his coat. Blood was leaking out of his mouth as he stared at the ceiling. It appeared that they hadn't found the right poisoner after all. Bother. Kings_way was uninvited! They were a member of the Hasting Hosts! Dannex was killed! They were a member of the Hasting Hosts! Vote Count: Kings_way (4): Matrim's Dice, Quintessential, Gears, Bridge-Four Matrim's Dice (2): Illwei, xinoehp512 Tani (1): Archer @PizzaPower55 did not post last cycle, so you are being warned for inactivity! If you do not post during this next cycle, then you will be replaced. The cycle will end at 1:00 PM PST on April 18th. Get your votes and actions in by then! Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything too important. Player List:
  4. Just an FYI that, depending on how things go, rollover may be either very quick or very long. I've got a family thing at 12:30 I was... previously unaware of and I'm not sure if/when/how long I'm going to be able to get away from that to start the next cycle. The thread and voting still closes at 1:00 PST regardless of my ability to get on to do so.
  5. Great! Thank you!
  6. Essentially the title - is there a way, as the creator of a PM group, to change the title/name of that group? I feel like I've seen it done before but I can't find a way to actually do it. (Mainly asking because a PM of mine is based on a now-outdated username of one of its members - so it's not a major issue if it's not possible to do, but it would be a useful tool to have.)
  7. No, as they would get an unfair advantage on information. Less so in this game's rules, granted, but it's still there.
  8. QF52 Cycle 2: Open Floor, Locked Door "That was dreadfully rude, good sir," said one of the nobles. The discussions quieted as more sensitive ears picked up the word and whispered it along. This was a societal ball; rudeness was highly frowned upon. Even Lord Hasting himself drug his gaze up from the fine wine he'd nearly doused himself with. "I would contest that assumption," replied Trollten. Hasting nodded to himself. The High Prelan had the power of his rank, but he also had... eccentricities. "Contest that assumption?" Liranil said in what sounded like a tone that was well and truly concerned. "It is not your place to contest what you believe my feelings are. And I am offended. Gravely." Her companion Illwei quickly began nodding along. "I apologize, I meant no offense, but you see-" The rest of his voice was drowned out by shouts. First Sisar denounced him as posturing, and then finally the newcomer of Kiel added in his voice. Hasting gripped his head. Then closed his eyes as a gong went off in the distance. "High Prelan Trollten. As much as we appreciate that you decided to come... we cannot have our guests causing such a ruckus no matter their station. I must ask you to leave." Trollten began to say something, but the words seemed to die on his lips as Hasting gave him a drunken glare. This was his keep, after all. The Final Empire's servants may have more jurisdiction, but that never seemed to correlate with real power. Especially after the Elariel incident. "I understand. Or, I claim to. But I may be forced to file on this, Hasting. This is unprecedented." "We live in unprecedented, good sir. Now, will someone please escort him out?" he finished. A guardsman stood up from his post, but he was quickly pushed aside by Liranil. She still looked angry for having her evening ruined. "I'll do it. Myself." * * * "OUT!" Liranil shouted. Trollten jolted, then began walking into the mists. He was noble, not afraid of them. It impressed her, somewhat. It wasn't often you saw an obligator without a carraige, but it seemed Trollten valued a different aspect of himself than pride. And Liranil was still creeped out by the mists... they swirled back and forth, but never seemed to go into buildings. It was so odd. Click. Liranil turned around at the noise. The side door she'd come out of... hadn't she left it open? "Hello?" She walked over to the door, put her hand on the handle. It wouldn't budge. "Hello?" She slammed the knocker, the sound reverberating. A flash of some reflection, and she turned around. The mists were coming closer. "Hello?" Was that something moving in there? "Hello- HELP!" The Unknown Order was uninvited! They were a Hasting Host! Liranil was killed! They were a Hasting Host! Vote Count: The Unknown Order (4): Liranil, Archer, Illwei, Bridge-Four Liranil (1): Matrim's Dice Matrim's Dice (1): Quintessential Dannex (1): The Unknown Order Bridge-Four (1): Kings_Way Your selected PMs have been created! (Or will be shortly.) Other than these, all PMs are closed for the rest of the game. Flyingbooks has decided to drop out of the game, so they will be replaced with a pinch hitter. Everyone welcome @xinoehp512 to the game! In addition, @Jondesu did not post last cycle, so this is their official warning to post or be replaced. (And I've only got one pinch hitter left... if anyone outside the game would like to pinch hit, just PM to let me know!) The cycle will end at 1:00 PM PST on April 17th. Get your votes and actions in by then! Player List:
  9. QF52 Cycle 1: Welcome One and All! Welcome to Keep Hasting! Hang your coat on the wall, or simply hand it to the nearest Terrisman, then sit down and enjoy the show! We have a large selection of appetizers, salads, and champagne, but best of all is our main course, a young pig raised especially for this day. Four out of five Tineyes said they'd never tasted anything better! And, of course, there are the festivities - dancing, reading, plotting, scheming! There's fun for everyone! In the interest of hospitality, I must inform you we have Seekers among both or guests and staff. Not that Allomancy is forbidden, of course, but it may attract... undue attention if not used discretely. We wouldn't want anyone to have an unfair advantage, would we? Oh, and stay off the third floor corridor. We've got more than Seekers up there. Cycle One will end in approximately 23 hours, at 1:00 PM PST on April 16th. A few reminders: The execution, in addition to being anonymous, will kill all tied players and has a 2-vote minimum. You can vote around in red and green in the thread, but I won't be counting it. Or looking at it, for that matter. Remember to vote in your GM PM! PMs are closed. You can request one PM in your GM PM, but that will be made by the GMs at the start of next cycle. Because I forgot to put them in the PMs... the wincon of the Hasting Hosts is to execute all of the Elariel Eliminators. The wincon of the Elariel Eliminators is to reach parity (equal numbers) with the Hasting Hosts. If you haven't got your GM PM yet, just PM or @ me. The inactivity filter is for 2 cycles (48 hours). Have fun! I feel like I'm forgetting something... if I forgot it it probably wasn't important. Yeah. Player List: