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  1. (Sorry again for being absent, college was being a bit wild.) As of now, I'd probably say Cassie would take it easy for a while and stay at the Emporium due to her mental/physical condition, while also trying to set up her Ghostblood connections to start the Mecha-Cassie process. (And also getting rid of that spike stockpile, probably to the Ghostbloods as well. She doesn't want those on hand.) She wouldn't turn down NullBlade being around to help with the shop and with trying to figure out what happened to her memory, but wouldn't involve him with Ghostblood things. Byron would probably stay at the Hospital, I just need to figure out how much he knows. He knows something made him freeze and react to Sanax (and maybe other things... not sure when he left that room), but he also doesn't want to stay at the hospital the entire time when they'd probably have him detox from cadmium poisoning/savantism, and he's nowhere near ready to let that go.
  2. Past TJ, I'm up next... I'm not entirely sure what my schedule is. Might be able to fit in a quick LG but if someone else wants it they can go ahead.
  3. I don’t really have postgame thoughts from my ~24 hours of life, besides that the Kandra mechanic is well done (if could use some checks like Sharpshooters or Thugs) and that being Illwei’s PM Buddy is officially a curse . Can kinda get why I got hit immediately but still kind of a letdown. Also according to Kel nobody guessed I was me. Also nobody guessed anyone else was me, either… I guess people judged correctly my finals strain was outweighing my desire to play a Kandra game. Speaking of which, might post something of Faleast and AraRaash once finals are stable. Idk how they’d play around Hauer but seeing the SynthKandra in action is definitely something they’d like to see. That and how good a replication they really are, if all it takes is a good shock to detect them
  4. I'm going to be very busy as the semester wraps up, so general ideas for the 1-week skip: Byron will probably stay at the Hospital for a few days/the full week as they try and find what made him freeze (which they probably won't, as it was a weird combination of things), and Cassie will return to the Emporium to recover and probably communicate with the Ghostbloods about... alternative treatments. ... assuming of course Byron doesn't end up on a wild adventure with some combination of Victoria/Reshilore/Vivica/Bennington/Sanax/Mari (oh my) / Cassie on an adventure with NullBlade. But right now they're in a decent place to take a break.
  5. I think that if he implanted the spike, he'd be able to get something, because the spike also taking a little bit of Identity. It's canon that Hemalurgists can use the stores of the Feruchemists their spikes came from. He could also just burn them as copper, probably, and get a hint of the Hemalurgic contents. Speaking of which, an atiummind keyed to someone else is still atium and could be burned by anyone with that ability, so that may make it have points.
  6. LG84 Aftermath: Regressive Negotiations A note found on the desk of Eshena, courier of the Teod Empire. Consider this a confession, for I do not wish to pass on with only enemies to share my story. Everything I do, I do for Teod. We are stronger than the rest. Our navy can defend against any threat. Why should we bend? Why should we kneel? A treaty would ruin us. So I did everything to ensure that it would never come to pass. I poisoned Teo diplomats. We already had one who believed as I do in the ranks, but one was not enough. They will live. Probably. I set fire to the boat that brought us here. It was a boat from Teod, mine to destroy by right. I killed people. They didn’t deserve it. They, like I, were only trying to do right by their empires. But their wishes contradicted mine, so I ended them. My allies fell, as swift and as painfully as Elantris, and soon I was alone. There is no way forward for our cause. There are too many trusted diplomats in our number, too many exalted names, and soon, I will be caught. They will not be merciful. I regret nothing save for my failure. When Teod crumbles, remember me. Remember my failure. Only then will I be mourned. Only then will they see that I was right. We are strong, but soon, we will not be. I can only say that I tried. For Teod, Eshena The remaining diplomats crowded around the note. They weren't sure whether to believe it, whether it meant they were safe, whether it meant that they'd killed Bortington for nothing. Somehow, at least one member from every Empire was still alive, even if some were in better shape than the others. They tried briefly to negotiate, getting little progress, before retiring for the night with bated hopeful breath. Day broke without a sound. They met again, wondering if it was a trick, and managed to settle a trade route between a few small islands. Day broke without a sound. They heard from their seons, heard that the Fjordell were sending a ship to pick them up, to rescue them. Day broke without a sound. The negotiations had been disrupted, but while some were scared, others took the lead that their work was more important then they realized. And while their drafts were rushed and incomplete, they would provide an excellent foundation for a Sel united once more. Bort was executed! They were an Elantrian Diplomat within the Fjordell Empire! JNV was executed! They were a Regular Disruptor within the Teo Empire! Final Vote Count: Bort (4): JNV, The Baker, Tani, |TJ| JNV (4): Matrim's Dice, Bort, Kasimir Tani (1): Devotary of Spontaneity |TJ| (0): Sart Congrats to the Villagers for winning the game! And thank you @Elbereth and @xinoehp512 for helping me run it! Edit: And should probably mention, thanks to @JNV for the first section of this writeup! Docs should be going up soon, but I figured I should post this first. Game Docs: Spec Doc Elim Doc Master Spreadsheet Empire Docs: Fjordell Doc Rose Doc Teo Doc Arelene Doc - aka the one with Friends, Formatting, and 151 pages Player List:
  7. Just about 10 minutes!
  8. Cassie’s not that insane, not yet anyway At some point I need to write a scene about them, because her perspective on what they represent is… strange. My plan was for her to officially donate them to the Ghostbloods in exchange for full membership and the little operation to mecha-Cassie, but if the DA were to catch wind of the stockpile that could also prove interesting.
  9. … you guys remember how Lord-son-son-Silberfarben made a bunch of Hemalurgic henchmen who then got blown up withe the Trader’s Haven and their spikes got left around? … yeah Cassie still has those.
  10. … wait it would … uh oh
  11. I... ... >> (Yes, I've been aware of this, but I also need El's help on this)
  12. LG84 Day 4: Castaways Still don't have time for real writeups... sorry Orlok Tsubodai has been killed! They were a Regular Diplomat within the Arelene Empire! Due to inactivity, The Sibling has been replaced with @_Stick_! Welcome them to the game! The cycle will end on April 12th at 12:00 PM PDT / 7:00 PM GMT. Player List: