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  1. Steel's waiting on a pinchhitter, I... don't think repeated tagging is going to be much help.
  2. I mean, there are worlds where E!You doesn’t want to do that. Not knowing whether Biplet actually scanned RandBy or not, and not knowing if V!Steel has any surprises like a second Thread Master.
  3. What I mean is you need more than the anti-tone to invert Investiture. Investiture responds to its normal Tone, which seemingly is both everywhere and a direct generation of the Shards. Navani got around that by creating a vacuum, but that's not going to work on a battlefield, or on a person. You'd need to somehow isolate the Investiture of their soul from everything else in order to invert it to destroy itself, and from my understanding that's already ripping their soul off their body. Emotional allomancy is not mind control, either. You can make it seem enticing, but you can't force them (unless they're a kandra or other Hemalurgic construct).
  4. ... remember that time with the playing cards? But yeah, I tend to tunnel vision on you sometimes, and that would be a good explanation as to why.
  5. The game here is kinda trying to figure out who has the best "I win button" Curses and Boons may hold those, but I don't know if they can actually get that powerful without direct intervention by Cultivation. Possession would be neat. But that would most likely manifest as a Cognitive Shadow displacing the soul of another, which gets weird if you're displacing another Cognitive Shadow like a Fused. Power Replication - depends if this gives you the powers that someone else has, or lets you use the fuel that someone else has. First is essentially Forgery or Bondsmithing (or maybe Spiritual Feruchemy manipulation), Second... that might be an I Win Button unless you get blitzed before you can use it on someone. Pseudo-immortality probably wouldn't do it. There's not really a time limit on the free-for-all, and agelessness immortality is pretty easy to get on its own (Siah Amian, Sleepless, Fused, etc). So waiting it out isn't that big of a problem. In order to make anti-Investiture, Navani had to isolate the Investiture from its natural Tone. I don't know if that's something you can do with accessible levels of Identity or Connection manipulation, especially if you're targeting someone's soul. Because if you can isolate someone's soul from its Invested Tone, it would probably be easier to isolate their soul from their body, which would just kill them. Which, maybe that is possible, but it's getting to the point where you're gonna need an outside power source to do that. (Also, Connection Manipulation is a Bondsmith thing - both Identity and Connection manipulation would essentially be making you a double Bondsmith of already a pretty high Oath, which might exceed point limits. Although it would be... interesting for Ishar to be able to just instakill someone.)
  6. I get nervous when one person gets suspected a lot but not actually voted for or pressured a lot. … that explains a lot, actually …
  7. And how many votes does he have now? But yeah, he's not exactly slipping under the radar, but he's doing what Shining ended up doing where there was always someone more urgent to get investigated. That and Sart has directly not engaged at points.
  8. Hmm. Are you assuming that the Elims would need to interfere with all 4 of Biplet/Araris/Fadran/RandBy? We know they messed with Fadran, but my point is we won't be able to tell if they messed with the others. I don't know if they can or did, and I'm fine exeing Steel. I just feel like Sart's slipping through the PoE which makes me nervous.
  9. The Elims seem to have used a decent amount of resources, no? Roleblock Fadran, then have their own Troll on RandBy. Or don’t and let us (okay, me) tinfoil our way to death. Also Sart has been around. I’ve seen him viewing the thread more than once, and he’s both the only player without a roleclaim and, if TJ is telling the truth, a potential Roleblocker.
  10. Hmm. @Biplet, who did you scan N4? Gonna be honest, I’m still thinking go for Sart rather than Steel…