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  1. Gets chapped lips Inserts Tintin book in french
  2. Gets biscuit. Inserts a quote from a book you've never heard of.
  3. When your mom asks if you want new shirts and your immediate reaction is to think of a bridge four shirt.
  4. Granted. You are now a dog. I wish for something random
  5. Sorry, it was not to be FriarFritz. *Wins, Grows Afro on head*
  6. Alfredo. Quote as much of the hobbit as you can with out looking at it.
  7. I love the first one. I died. You can have all of my upvotes. My friend just sent me this website:
  8. I like to read, and this is a sanderson fansite... What is your favorite non-sanderson book?
  9. Salutations. I have lost the game.
  10. I need one of these badly. Please give.
  11. Hmm... Much has happened since I left.
  12. Because it feels great to drive people up the wall.
  13. Thank you so much. I have to say, whenever someone mentions me on this thread it makes my day. (I'm looking at you @DramaQueen and @StealthPrincess)
  14. I just googled it.
  15. Three musketeers @Nathrangking