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  1. I like reading/listening to rock.
  2. "So, you know the guys with the brands who runs around carrying a literal bridge? Well, a smart aleck ghost girl who doesn't remeber her past is following him around and that gives him powers, so long as he doesn't do anything stupid..."
  3. Nope, sorry, I prefer KoW.
  4. Nope. What's it about? TPBM has watched falcon and the winter soldier.
  5. Sorry, I was offline for a bit.
  6. Tani They're acting chaotic and that's not good for the village. Actually, it gives me an idea of what to expect when playing SE with you. 8/10 (Because Chaos isn't the most helpful. But it is fun)
  7. Granted. You now see everything upside down now. (I.E. it looks to you like you are standing on your head all the time) I wish that all banes on this threads would not make it impossible to even access your boon. (You can still get stuff that makes it difficult/annoying to use your boon, but not impossible)
  8. @Szeth_Pancakes the mod's don't like it if you double post. You should just edit whatever you want to say into your previous post. 1026
  9. You know, I've always wanted to be a full time procrastinator, but I never got around to it.
  10. 0/10 the link is broken. It'd be higher if it worked.
  11. I'm a sanderson nerd and part time procrastinator.
  12. I mean I want to, and have in the past but I'm going back to in person school soon and I won't really have the time. TPBM has a pet bunny.
  13. That is good as well, but I couldn't find the video 1007
  14. No, posting *Wins* is actually what the mods intervene for spamming, so posting singular wins should really be avoided, and all one word posts in general