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  1. Personally, I disagree with this, because I'd rather have a seeker be able to confirm a villager instead of avoiding vote manip. Because if you are voting on a elim, the odds that you specifically going to be vote maniped is rather slim.
  2. Well, I thought it was weird for someone (even a vanilla) to be claiming this early. So, I thought that they were implying that they were in a PM with a vanilla but the person that was lying was themselves. In retrospect, I was definitely overthinking it.
  3. Or, they could be implying that they are vanilla. (That's how I interpreted that)
  4. Joe watched, but he didn't care. Sure, finding the spiked would make it so he didn't die, but his precious ducks simply couldn't be ignored. They'd been missing for almost 12 hours. What if the person forgot to feed them? What if they forgot to give them some water to splash around in? What if they... ATE THEM. Joe almost fainted from shock and fear. He needed to go clear fog up his head. He needed a good drink and then maybe a wager on how quickly he could find his ducks. That would motivate him wouldn't it? Okay, so, 28 players. 20% of that is 5.6, 25% is 7. I'd say that there are 6 or 7 elims. (Probably 6 if they have a thug)
  5. I've never done anything special for milestones. It seems a bit silly to me.
  6. Ha. That is so true.
  7. Oh, that's cool.
  8. Cool. I'll look into it
  9. Nope. What are some of their songs?
  10. ...okay? That's good. I guess?
  11. I've never had blue cheese, but it smells pretty bad.