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  1. I would say that this is Shallan and Pattern, but I guess that also works.
  2. Happy Birthday mate!

  3. Hey yo a fellow trombone player! How long have you been playing?
  4. Dang you caught us! Scanner Personally I would say that they shouldn't claim (Ya know with all my wonderful experince) I think that the elims might use this revolutionary new technique called lying, to try and get a misexe, so even if someone claimed I wouldn't (completely) trust them. (Because there is no way to verify that) and late game you have no way of know that your scans were accurate. Also, they really are being honest about who they scanned, what they got, ect. you have no way to coordinate guards, so they're dead within 2 rounds in all likely hood.
  5. I mean it seems pretty close, but I’ll take it. I’d rather not make enemies. Cause ya know, I like being alive.
  6. Nope, nope, I have never done such a thing.
  7. *quietly twiddles thumbs* Any way, ummm... I think there are 2 elims because ya know you can’t have just one and 3 is too many. Ummm... yeah, I completely forgot what was supposed happen cycle 1 so yeah.... Banter!
  8. I think if you didn’t like whipped cream than there would be something wrong with you.
  9. Gets a scone Inserts a red lightsaber.
  10. Why would I need a watch? I have a phone. TPBM loves cheese.
  11. It appears that the full power of all of humanity’s frustration only lasted for about 15 minutes.
  12. I’ve got one meme on the RoW spoiler boards that has 80 something upvotes. What the best movie you’ve ever seen?
  13. You’ve never heard of rock and roll ice cream? I’m an idiot I answered the wrong question I just went to last read post and didn’t even check to see if it was on the last page. My least favorite flavor of ice cream would be mint chocolate chip. Just stick with my original question that I asked.
  14. Listen to lots of rock and roll. What’s you’re favorite food?