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  1. Reading spern. I've always wanted a spern that I could attract easily.
  2. Nope. I don't know. Also I feel sorry for teachers doing role call. "Chasm Arson are you here?" *Snickers*
  3. Heh. Heh.
  4. Yup. That pretty much sums it up. OH MY GOSH I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD!!!
  5. hopefully fun

    Guys, warning I'm not going to be online much for the rest of the week. @Chasmgoat could you find a replacement?
  6. Your last name is Larson.
  7. I didn't say I don't like doing it, I love it it's just that I never have the chance.
  8. Once or twice. We never have the hook to do it.
  9. Sadly I won't be able to win on thanksgiving because I'm not going to be on my computer.
  10. I will attempt this once again as The Lopen.
  11. Yeah. I can barely fight them normaly and now I have to do it in a cramped space on crystal platforms. Fun. 975
  12. That's what I try to keep telling them! But they are scared that falling off at high speeds will hurt! It doesn't! Once I grabbed the handles at the end of the tube and just held on there and the worst that happened was I almost lost my swim trunks!
  13. Pretty good. I'm really annoyed at hollow knight right now because I am trying to get descending dark, but the crystal hunters are super annoying. 971
  14. I just love being yanked around and jumping wakes behind a speedboat.. I never have not liked tubing. Some of my cousins hate it though and won't go any faster than 5 mph.
  15. Ahhh... 969