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  1. *Mission accomplished.* I then went and hid the win in the sun. You must now do this
  2. Yes but we need it to be recognized as an actual word by the masses!
  3. *Finds the win and replaces it with a lightweaved rock so Nathrangking thinks nothing is wrong*
  4. *Steals that win as well*
  5. You know you've met a good adult when they still play like kids.
  6. Read
  7. Luke travled forward in time to the galaxy, stole the waffles and threw them into the deathstar.
  8. *Steals win and flys away*
  9. The thing is we know that Pyro is an elim and so when we lynch them we lose the ability to learn anything from them. You know the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer? That is the idea. If we lynch Pyro we could lose a source of information, and we know that the elims have a lot of vote manipulators based off of straw's vote and so a tied lynch is not likely to work out well because they get to chose who they lynch.
  10. So, I have not really have had much to say during cycle and I think that at the very least it is time to vote. From what I have seen people are either voting on Sart or Xino. After going back and reading all the arguments people have made, I believe that the best thing would be to say Xino.
  11. Awaken a book and have it only be read by people who are "worthy"
  12. The rules are decided on as a consensus and so, for that to be true it would need to be agreed upon by every one which I do not think will happen.