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  1. Wouldn't having nothing to complain about be a good thing?
  2. row

  3. Enter started rifling through hi backpack. "'m going to need to find those papers again..."
  4. "Are we ever going to continue with this?"
  5. Enter went through the portal, burning tin to improve his vision.
  6. the fellowship of the thing

    "I'll keep working on last year's salt candy."
  7. 451. People who rely on keeping the throne by keeping their subjects ignorant almost never stay in power for long. 452. Don't be an idiot.
  8. Enter climbed out of his backpack. "I made another aluminum tank, in case we'll need one."
  9. ...Why is this under "Weaknesses?"
  10. Thank you!
  11. I've noticed that the Time Machine function doesn't have an option for the new Skyward novellas. I understand that setting the date manually is an option, but I don't know when, exactly, they were released, and manually checking every day would be time-consuming and probably risk spoilers. A date would work for now, but I was wondering when this would be updated.
  12. the fellowship of the thing

    “Strictly speaking, I’d say that a rock would be made primarily of stone, rather than crystal or crystalloid.”
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    Enter looked again at the door he’d tied to the ceiling. “Well… if you say so…”
  14. the fellowship of the thing

    “But… Questioning things is how I…”