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  1. Hmmm... That seems like these WoBs and the broadsheet contradict each other. I can only guess that the Leecher in the broadsheet probably misinterpreted what she was feeling.
  2. A Leecher misting typically uses their ability to wipe another Allomancer of their metal reserves, and the Coppermind confirms that this also works for Breath and Stormlight, while also preventing a Shardbearer from summoning their Shardblade. Ever since I saw this line from the New Ascendancy broadsheet (from Bands of Mourning), I wondered: "Would this same thing work on metalminds?" I think it would, since it works on other, more distantly related forms of Investiture, but it might not.
  3. Hmmm... We haven't had a post on here for six days. Notting of the good of the that.
  4. Wasing of the this doc of the usefulness.
  5. This post is for jokes related to the Mistborn series. To get things started, I'll add this one: Three atoms met - a gold atom, a silver atom, and a carbon atom. The gold and silver atoms say, "We found a new material - electrum." The carbon atom said, "Are you sure this is a new element?" The gold and silver said, "No, we made it up!"
  6. Okay then... But double nicrosil twinborn (or, now that I think about it, any twinborn with Feruchemal nicrosil) shouldn't have this problem, right?
  7. On one of my forums (found here), it ended up asking why nicrosil Ferrings didn't all end up with Lord Ruler-style compounding (which I'm going to say is called being a Full Compounder.) Basically, Feruchemists can use nicrosil to store and tap Investiture. So, why don't they all make two distinct metalminds and tap one of them in order to burn the other? Does it not work like that? Has nobody thought of that? Are they all hiding that they've already done it?!? (Okay, that last one is pretty unlikely...) But why haven't they all done it and let everyone else also do it via unsealed metalminds?
  8. I guess I'm a Nicroburst...?
  9. Notting of the working. : (
  10. Yeah... Why aren't there Lord Ruler-style compounders from regular double nicrosil Twinborn? (And for that matter, regular nicrosil Ferrings tapping nicrosil in order to burn one of their nicrosil metalminds?) Edit: I've started a new forum dedicated to this topic here.
  11. I'm trying to join, but it isn't working.
  12. This class of the helping of the lot! Thanking of the you.
  13. I found something else at the end of chapter 29 of The Way of Kings: "I believe because I feel something, a closeness to the Almighty, a peace that comes when I live my faith."
  14. WOW.
  15. Wasing the liking of the class. (Wasing of the present tense, notting of the past tense.)