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  1. Enter a username stops tapping chromium and instead starts compounding it, and starts tapping zinc. He doesn’t compound it because he doesn’t have Allomantic zinc, A problem that will have to be fixed next time they visit Scadrial.
  2. Just any kinds of questions! To be honest, I can't really remember.
  3. That may have been me
  4. I fixed it with my 300th post!
  5. Least favorite?
  6. Granted. It's new. It's so new, in fact, that it isn't even assembled yet. It's only raw materials. I wish for the ability to teleport.
  7. Feruchemical gold!!! Granted, however the information overload leaves you incapacitated until the end of eternity. (Or your death. Whichever comes first.) I wish for my devices' batteries to stay charged forever.
  8. Gets oceans made of ice inserts the vending machine
  9. Gets kivajkyer Inserts my arm
  10. Enter a username follows, tapping chromium.
  11. I left that open intentionally. Granted. It's perpetually wrathful at you, enough that it wants you dead. I wish for the ability to safely remove my spikes.
  12. Granted. There's so much that if you were to eat even the tiniest portion of it, it would overload your stomach and it would violently return the way it came in. Oh, and if you stop eating for any reason, you instantly collapse in unbearable agony. I wish for Allomancy and Feruchemy- and all of both.
  13. Heart container!!!
  14. Enter a username dug through his backpack, finding some strange device. It was about one inch by three inches by half an inch, black, and it had a screen that said, awaiting test. on the other side, there was a small depression with a tiny hole in the very middle, labeled "test blood here." He does so, and the screen it said "Grand." Enter a username was mildly confused by this. "Grand? I'm no Grand. I'm not even from Sel."