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  1. "I have my doubts as to whether that would work."
  2. EmLee stood up and turned to her older brother. “I’m here to help you on your adventures, of course! And back when you made your backpack I snuck an emergency teleporter in there in case I needed you.” EmLee wore a simple yellow dress that went down to her knees, along with bright blue leggings and stylish- but practical -leather boots. She had on rose-red glasses that had a slight cat-eye shape to them. Her brown-red-gold-but mostly brown hair was in two Dutch braids that reached her mid-back. “So, what can I do to help?” "Are you capable of damaging that big blue monster thingy? Because otherwise, not much right now."
  3. “Wha- What are you doing here? How’d you get here!?”
  4. fellowship of the thing

    Enter got up and tapped gold, healing his skinned face, arms, lower legs, and—as that part of his shirt had been shredded—left shoulder. “I don’t think I like those turkeys.”
  5. fellowship of the thing

    A wild turkey with a streak of gold plumage dragged Enter into the store.
  6. Enter started throwing dynamite at the largest monster, trying to blow off pieces of it and expose the orb.
  7. fellowship of the thing

    “I’d like a Chocolate Frog.“Do you have any Acid Pops?”
  8. fellowship of the thing

    A person who only half existed stepped into and out of the magic candy shop simultaneously.
  9. Aw, come on. Ene beat me to it???

    ...wait. That was posted 14 hours ago. SHE WAS TOO EARLY. MWAHAHAHAHA


    1. Danex




  10. Happy birthday! 

    1. Honorless


      Happy B'day!

  11. Has anyone else noticed that bokoblins and moblins switched horns?
  12. Some parts are fun hard, but other parts are just annoying. (I'm looking at you, rooms filled with darknuts...) Other parts aren't even hard annoying, just annoying. (Specifically, Death Mountain if you didn't get the Big Key.) Loosely related note, I'm also on Ganon's Tower in A Link to the Past. The problem is, I'm pretty sure I've used up all my keys and am now softlocked. I technically have a restore point before entering it, but it's also before doing Turtle Rock, and I don't particularly feel like redoing it. Second loosely related note, while I was doing Turtle Rock the first time, I used a blue potion on the exact frame as I went through a door. For some reason it pulled up the ocarina warp menu. This was really weird because, a. it was in the Dark world, b. it was in a dungeon, c. I was on a blue potion and not the ocarina. I pressed B to exit the menu, forgetting that B selects a warp point, and it dropped me off at Death Mountain's base. In the LIght World. And I was swimming on dry ground. I pulled up the map, but it still said I was in Turtle Rock. When I exited the map... it looked really weird. Think the classic "glitch look" on the entire screen except for Link. (And maybe the UI. I don't completely remember.) At this point, I forgot to take pictures and closed the game, ending the glitch. (Actually, now that I think about it, I made a restore point in an unsuccessful attempt to repeat it.) Summary: Original Zelda is hard, A Link to the Past Ganon can softlock you, and blue potions and doors don't mix.
  13. Wasing of Enter the necro the thread?
  14. Ganon has fallen. The Hero of Hyrule has emerged victorious. I have beaten the original Legend of Zelda. Well, I technically beat it about a month ago, but neglected to mention it...