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  1. Oh I’m sure he does. Think I heard him say something like that during that the last Livestream or on Reddit... somewhere. thank YOU for the consideration!
  2. I know Rhythm of War just came out and there’s a deluge of material for the Shardcast. I wish, SO MUCH, they there’d been more time between Dawnshard and RoW because I feel like DS has kind of been forgotten. I would love to see a Shardcast episode dedicated to the representation of Disabilities in the Cosmere. I realize this would be a ways down the list... but it would make me so happy.
  3. I agree that there should have been more time between Dawnshard and RoW. I wanted Dawnshard to shine and get a lot of recognition, but I feel like it was overshadowed.
  4. I commented on the YouTube video but wanted to mention something here; thank you for mentioning the focus on Rysn's Disability and how it educated you, Evgeni, on what it's like to live with a disability. I was one of the "expert" beta readers and I'm incredibly grateful for the experience!
  5. If there were Sleepless Radiants, couldn't there have been Sleepless that were working with Odium at some point in the past? This group of Sleepless seem to be fond of the current Radiants, so maybe they were betrayed by those that chose to support Odium.
  6. Hi!

    Hi So... probably a really similar story compared to most of you here, but here we go. I've been a long casual fantasy fan. I started WoT in middle school, took me three times to get through it. But when I finished I liked this new guy, Sanderson. A friend of mine said, "Oh you should read Mistborn!" So I did, and I was hooked. I stumbled across the 17th Shard Podcast over a year ago. Now, here I am. I live and breathe the Cosmere and am excited about digging more deeply into the fandom community. From my interactions so far I'm eager to get to know folks better. Is it too cliche to say, "Journey Before Destination" here? Oh well. I will unite instead of divide. I will bring people together.
  7. I want Kaladin to learn to lead properly. He cares, yes. He has good ideas, yes. But leading does not mean constantly putting yourself at risk to protect those following you. It's about trusting those who follow you to do their best and reap the benefits/suffer the consequences. He needs to learn to trust, and he just doesn't. I think that going the surgeon route now will be a step back, but it might also help consolidate who he was and who he is. As we learned in OB, there's a new version of each of us every day. Kal was a surgeon's son, he was a field medic, he was a solider. I don't want him to go backward, I want him to move forwards.