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  1. LG82: Day One: Something is About to Happen In separate parts of town, the Allomancers and Feruchemists met to discuss. Each group knew roughly where the other party was, yet each group kept to themselves. For now. Day One has begun! The turn will last about 48 hours and will end on Friday, December 3rd, at 10am PST. There will be an execution today, with a 1 vote minimum. Tied votes will be decided by RNG. PMs are closed. As a refresher, here are the Ookla Season rules, to be edited when I realize I forgot one: When voting, please use normal usernames. If you are an Ookla, please keep your normal pfp. Edit (I knew this would happen): If you're an Ookla, it would also be helpful to put your original name as your member title, though I won't enforce this rule as much as the pfp one. Player List:
  2. Signups are over! PMs will be sent out ASAP, after which D1 will begin.
  3. This is what made me think otherwise, but alright. Thanks. Oh yeah, character can be Iad. He’s a seon in disguise. Edit: @The Unknown Aon that’s an i not an L
  4. One question- the elims’ replication would go like this, correct? C1: Kill Watchfulness -> Steal Watchfulness (can’t use) C2: Kill Death C3: Use Watchfulness
  5. I’ll play. You should probably reformat the thread title to actually say ‘Quick Fix 57’ instead of ‘QF’. Though the future threads can have QF.
  6. I missed you were already on spec doc Sounds good You can probably put up signups soon since mine are about to end.
  7. About 22 hours left in signups! @CRichardThrone @The Unknown Aon I’m inviting you to sign up if you want to and for no other reason. Please don’t sign up only because you want me to have more players, I have enough players. But if you want to play, last chance.
  8. 17th shards christmas

    As far as I know. I claim rights to be in charge But yeah, we'll need another PM for organization. So I guess post here if you want in? If Fadran wants to do something else for publicity or whatever he should do that.
  9. Unfortunately. But I requested a preordered signed copy for my birthday next month, so theoretically the book is in my house somewhere :P. TPBM’s weather is rainy.
  10. Yeah. Guess which one TPBM has a Christmas tree up right now