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  1. I could be wrong, but I think it just literally means 'in before'. in -> IN before -> B4 Like, 'Let the record show I'm saying this before it happens' or something
  2. The child returned the following night. Philico had remained by the abandoned building he had met the boy at before, telling himself it was that he was too lazy to move but knowing it was in hope of exactly what happened: A small shadow approaching him and silently sitting down a few feet in front of him. “It’s late to be out here, boy.” Philico said. The shadow that was the child shifted. “Where else would I go?” “Home.” Philico noted the child slumping down. “I don’t got a home.” He tightened his lips. “Parents? Mom and Dad?” The child’s voice suddenly became choked up. “Dead.” Philico said a silent prayer for the boy. He shouldn’t have to suffer like this, even in a situation as grim as Fallion’s Tears’ was. “What’s your name, boy?” In the moonlight, he saw the boy’s face look up from the ground. “Peter.” Philico smiled. “Peter. That’s a nice name. I’m… Phil.” “It’s good to meet you, Mr. Phil.” Peter said, the words sounding practiced. Whoever his parents had been, they seemed to have taught him basic manners. “Well, Peter, would you like to see a trick?” Peter nodded vigorously, a grin breaking through his solemn nature. Yes, this was what he had come for. He simply had been too shy to ask. Philico reached his hand behind his back, letting four hordelings crawl out and form a ball shape. No, he then thought. I need to do something better than that. Instead, he let the ball dissolve back into him. And he began to make stuff up. “Long ago,” he said, “In this very spot, before Fallion’s Tears had its name, a farming community was established. At its head were two men, named Ico and Draimon.” He chuckled a bit at that- the sounds came from the rest of his full name- Philicodraimon. Peter listened, transfixed, completely believing the story. Well, as long as he was enjoying himself. “These two men were brothers, and they didn’t get along very well. Ico wanted to conquer the various lands-” Philico skittered hordelings he had prepared across the floor, and in the darkness he imagined Peter would picture it as a miniature army. “-While Draimon just wanted to settle down.” At the trick, Peter jumped, and then laughed. “Go on!” he said. “Eventually, the disagreement between them became so great that Ico plotted to kill Draimon. Stab his own brother in the back!” Peter gasped, not at the story, but because Philico had used a sizable portion of his own leg to form into a sword. Philico stood in a way that made it hard to tell, and to Peter would just look as if he had materialized a sword out of thin air. “But Draimon was clever, and knew of his brother’s plans. The night of Ico’s attack Draimon slipped out of town, vowing only to return when he could overpower his brother and put him in his place. What happened next was extraordinary.” Philico sent synchronized colored hordelings in a fan pattern that made Peter gape. “What next?” The boy asked, still hanging on each of Philico’s words. “Next…” Philico finally realized how late it must be. Even now, young bodies needed sleep. “Next, you go to bed and hear the rest tomorrow.” “Aw…” Peter said, but the way he obediently stood up with a smile made it clear he was satisfied. “Goodbye, Mr. Philico. I hope you don’t die!” And he was gone. “What a world this is that a child says that at a normal departure.” he murmured to himself. “But I do too.”
  3. Welcome to: THE NON-ADULT CLUB! The Point: A place for all people under 18 to chat, joke, or do whatever The Twist: Once you've passed your 18th birthday, posting is not allowed not suggested to keep the title accurate Created by: Matrim's Dice Members: To many to mention! Hooray! Motto (by popular request): "If you can vote, we vote you out!" Milestone: Longest subforum in the 'Social Groups, Clans, and Guilds' forum in terms of post count! A Note: I edited this post a few months after the club's creation, once it was clear it was actually a thing. The original OP said something about 'if you can't vote, you can join' so if you're wondering what that is about in the below posts, that's it
  4. I don’t like that you’re voting based purely off gut. That’s understandable C1 and maybe C2, but at exlo it’s not a good idea. I say this regardless of the fact you’re voting on me- if you were voting on Gears or TJ for gut is point this out too.
  5. That's funny, considering I do as well, and also have an elim read on you. Hmm. In fact, you two are my only suspicions that really stayed after Striker died.
  6. Maddy smiled in what she hoped was a reassuring way. "Always does."
  7. Maddy watched, not knowing what to say. Aryanna seemed to be doing well, and that was fine. Maddy had never been much of a talker anyway.
  8. I'm bored. So... "In honor of our deceased and unlawfully slain Crossbowman, Reading, I have taken up talking to myself." "That's kinda weird, pikS." "Shush, pikS. Reading did it, didn't he?" "Who says Reading wasn't weird?" "Me. And by default, you." "Now, that's just unfair." "Life is unfair. Now, what should we talk about?" "I dunno." "*Silence*" "Welp, that silence was too long." "Really, pikS? It was only ten seconds." "How do you know?" "Because I am the best at counting." "No, I am!" "This is pointless." "Life is pointless." "That doesn't make sense." "You said it, not me." "What?" And... I'll stop here to spare you. But I could go on...
  9. I didn't get the messages, but I remember what they were having just read through C3 again. I think a couple of people got one saying Exp was evil, and Exp got one saying TUO was evil. Someone got one saying Illwei seemed village, which that at least we can verify :P.
  10. I don't think I'll ever understand what Quinn was trying to do at the end there :P. Anyone have any ideas? :P. I sort of forgot what the plan was from here. I'll go reread C3 and be back. Edit: Notes from C3: Gears first suggested killing Reading, stating that if they flip vil Mat and TJ would look good. With both Quinn and Reading flipping vil I think that makes TJ look pretty good, no? Illwei's reason for wanting to shoot Quinn then TJ was because Quinn was voting to save TJ and that looked e/e, but that's obviously not the case off of Quinn's flip. With Reading, it means that he wasn't elected via elim power because they just as easily could have elected one of their own if TJ and whoever else voted Reading (besides me) are evil. Experience pushed Quinn's exe from the start. TUO and Randby have been entirely under the radar, though Randby had an irl reason. I'd probably be fine killing any of those today, but I'll start with Experience. @Archer
  11. I did not say I wanted you to shoot Exp. I think Quinn is probably the best option unless my logic is wrong, and I wouldn't be upset if you did shoot Exp. He's like second tier low info though.
  12. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why shoot TJ is we're killing Reading? Wasn't that like... half the point of killing Reading, to get info on TJ? I think Quinn would also give us that info, correct? Ngl I wouldn't be upset if Reading just killed Exp though :P. @Shard of Reading you should say who you're killing though. Ninja'd by Quinn, don't know what she said.
  13. Huh, cool. I may or may not know of the first two
  14. I didn't get anything, so I don't have a clue what any of you are talking about :P.
  15. ._. I direct you to my absolutely massive multiquote-link post I made last night that was evidently entirely wrong. Not gonna say all that again :P.
  16. That's normal, but there's a workaround. You have to like put in text before quoting, like This And then put the quote here And then you can highlight the quote and the 'This' and paste it in the edit box, just deleting the 'This' ...ctrl+a is probably easier though. So ignore me :P.
  17. See the post by Gears from earlier this cycle :P. Specifically this part:
  18. @Quintessential if there's a possibility of an automatic loss, such as leaving elim!Reading alive and exeing a villager, I do not want to take it. Any chance of an automatic loss is too much of a risk for me- by killing Reading, it clears up a whole lot and the possibility it might be exlo won't be as daunting anymore because our PoE would have shrunk considerably. I'd rather be at exlo with considerably more info and a good idea of what happened than not, with less info, and the possibility of an automatic loss. I did kind of heavily imply I was voting Reading, so that's possible.
  19. Fun fact: If someone posts only to stop a double, that not only defeats the purpose of not double posting (the purpose being to save thread space), it actually causes more thread space that didn't need to be there I won't do that, because comment!: Note to self: Remember this later. Quinn tried very hard to keep the tie.
  20. I assume this is supposed to be red :P. But this, yeah this makes sense. Reading. I'm good with that.
  21. That makes sense? I think? @Illwei what do you think about this