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  1. I feel like that’s a claim but I haven’t thought through if that makes sense or what it would be
  2. Smh this why'd you guys switch to Elk By 'guys' I mean Illwei/Kas, one of which flipped vil and the other which was cleared not!Sja and I personally would be shocked if were evil. The other people on the Elk train... TJ died and flipped vil, and Chantara's vote I recall thinking just was an overaction from a villager what Missing vote from Tani is kinda sus ngl :eyes: maybe I'm tunneling. I agree with Kas' interpretation of TJ's rattle. PoE remains the same, with the lower activity people hiding in the corners. Would be shocked if there wasn't someone in [xino, tani, az, elan, tuo, chantara] which I get is a stupidly big pool but I will not kill anyone not inside of those bars Oh yeah welcome Squirrel, guess we could kill you too
  3. I'm good with the vc tbh edit: oh
  4. Idc if it's a tie just make sure Araris is out of it lol and me if possible
  5. There is actually no good option here lol
  6. -Fits the Sja profile of a low profile -Pushing Araris for little/no reasons -An inch of gut meta where it seems like they're being more serious than normal
  7. I don't know why you're up tbh. I'd rather stay on Tani but I'd rather rather survive.
  8. I'd say Tani, Araris, Illwei, Myself See you in the last five minutes?
  9. touché and fair Tani 1/4 is better odds than 1/2
  10. The QF I ran was definitely not QF29 I think Kas is referencing an old game. Araris I hate it but I shouldn't die here
  11. Wait what's the vc I will self pres lol I am not vanilla
  12. There’s just no way this thunderdome isn’t v/v Like this is the kind of post that makes me look stupid after a few flips but I stand by it xD
  13. Thanks, then But I do want to come up with something, I probably owe that after my random takes and whatever I’ve done so far lol
  14. I don’t think you should give me that much slack honestly I have more time than that made it sound.