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  1. Thanks for GMing, TJ! you did a good job handling our chaos xD Illwei, I promise that I wasn't sheeping you on purpose. Our reads just were synced, which turned out not to be a bad thing. Quinn! I apparently can read you! So that's cool, I guess Breaker, excellent job being the final elim. You were basically the only person I didn't suspect when I died, so very well done. ...And yes, I completely forgot that Ash was Blue. My bad Fun fact: This is the second game I've played that ended in one survivor, the other being LG69 and Illwei.
  2. Don’t feel pressured to do SE if you don’t want to. It’s about fun, and if it’s not your thing that is totally fine. That said, we’d love to have you here But it is foremost and always your choice. @Sart if you don’t get enough people by the end of signups I can play. Otherwise I’ll be a pinch-hitter instead of a spec doccer
  3. I just had an MRI

    It was... strange.

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    2. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      I got Thomas the Tank Engine.  In a mirror.  And kind of upside down.  Great memories.

    3. Matrim's Dice

      Matrim's Dice

      :D Mine was on my left foot, so my experience was about exactly the same as Ghander’s

    4. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      I hope everything's okay!

  4. If I die, we get a Black Ajah, and the game doesn't end, look at James. Closely. Thanks. I can't be on again.
  5. Ironically, this is the only thread I can remember the tags not being mixed up.
  6. I believe that, but eeeee paranoia That's technically IKYK but /shrug Yes. Yes I am paranoid xD Calm is good. If the elims win this, my goodness they deserve to. Edit: @James Brafin @Breaker @Condensation @The Unknown Order @Gears @TJ Shade tagging everyone because this is basically another post but I don't want to double. I will not be on for rollover, I will not be on 30-40 minutes before rollover or after that, I probably will be on about an hour ish until rollover for about five minutes, I can be on for the next 90 minutes ish, then not for an hour and ten... point is I have irl school today So if you want someone to switch because someone did something chaotic I'm not your guy. I wish I could be monitoring the thread in case someone is trolling us but I can't be. To the elims: If you win this, well played. I haven't the vaguest idea who you are, to be completely honest. I'm listening to my gut and taking a shot in the dark. Gg, regardless of the outcome
  7. Well yeah, this is 100% me In my neutral game as Battar I lied about every post, every PM... yeah, it was complicated. I even fabricated a story, making up something a dead person did (that they didn't do) to explain something that I did, and it was believed... for some reason. I dunno. But I definitely lie in these games, and not ever irl. Connie, Mist, though- I don't think they'll lie even in a game built on them. And that's pretty cool, but also exploitable in... a lot of ways. Makes things easy and complicated at the same time. Like now, where James is so obviously Connie's teammate even though that violates a whole skew of other things.
  8. Yeah. But... she also said that she wasn't an elim. Which makes this whooooolllllleeeeee thing invalid. Grr. James... I'd still rather you change back, in place of me. But eh.
  9. The problem is, it's you I think is Connie's teammate if she's evil and if it's her. I can't see anyone else being it. You voting Connie allows you to switch off at the last second, plus your manip, for a guaranteed win. Personally, I liked you 100% better when your vote was on Order. Switch back, please. I'll change to Connie if you do so. And honestly? Likely either way. I don't want to have to hostile-y though. Edit: Also, she said she wouldn't switch. I believe that even if you have no reason to do so
  10. Very. Extremely. Majorly. Incredibly. *Sneezes* Dogs are better.
  11. *Sneezes*