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  1. Lean towards village for who? This explanation makes it seem like Gears is evil.
  2. The vote manip could’ve come from a villager convinced of Gears’ innocence.
  3. Hmmm. Not necessarily a fan of that one. I thought their tone was super weird and they were tunneling on someone I basically knew was village for little reason that I saw. Ventyl said that he doubted TJ and Gears were evil because they were tunneling so hard on him that it would be pretty incriminating once he flipped village. This could be a plot by Gears to get us to think they’re village but I dunno, for now El is my biggest suspect.
  4. Yes, yes, good. And definitely don't tell the thread What about Xino? I think he's been entirely inactive as well.
  5. What did I tell ya. Sigh. I hope there are other village protection roles. If there are I ask them to use it on me tonight, because as one if the only known surgebinders I’m a likely NK target. Im most suspicious of Elbereth now. Ventyl convinced me to slightly lay off Gears, but I’d still be willing to lynch them next cycle.
  6. I was reasonless for defending Ventyl because my reason was that he had squired me and I was keeping that quiet. Now that I’ve claimed, I hope this is not still the case.
  7. Ah ok, thanks. Didn't bother to check the rules before the post. Disregard that particular paranoiac statement of mine, then.
  8. xD Yeah claiming would've been soooo dumb. 0% of being true. Mhm I don't want to believe this. But it's possible. I'd say 15-20% of being true. Again, soooo dumb to have claimed. -0% of being true. This is what I assumed happened. 80-85% of being true. I disagree with the part about all the lynch candidates are villagers, though... Taking a page out of Gears' book, and because I'm in a unique state of currently nothing to do, DECISION MATRIX! On Ventyl/Gears Alignment. elim!Gears/elim!Ventyl: This would be very strange as Gears is fighting very very hard for a Ventyl lynch. I guess it could be distancing, though I don't get the point and I think Ventyl is good. In this case their plan to squire me would be to get me to defend... Ventyl... prompting Gears' lynch. Yeah, this probably isn't the case. elim!Gears/village!Ventyl: The option I believe to be the case. Everyone turned on Ventyl for his playstyle, he squired me to gain a helper, Gears jumped on board. It is kind of odd though, that if Ventyl flipped village Gears would be in big trouble. So it's kind of interesting, but I'm still inclined to think this is the case. village!Gears/elim!Ventyl: This is certainly what Gears is proposing, and I guess it kind of makes sense, but my gut feeling is so opposite I can't really wrap my head around the possibility. I'd very much dislike this option as basically all my reads would be wrong. village!Gears/village!Ventyl: This would be sad. No matter who gets lynched today, the other would be lynched next cycle with the elims laughing in the shadows. Very much hope this one isn't true. Conclusion: The middle two are the most likely, imo. I don't super care which is lynched- I'd prefer Gears because Ventyl squired me- but a tie still would be beneficial, giving the fate of the game to luck. That might be better than our judgement. Interested to see the last hour of the cycle. Votes certainly will fly, and a hidden hammer might happen. Maybe. I'll be watching. The lynch attempt on me is such a waste of time. Any scenario I'm an elim, claiming Ventyl's squire is a very bad idea. El and Pyro, I don't know what you're doing, but this makes me suspicious of the both of you. Come off it, please Also, random thought. Is there any proof TJ is actually a Bondsmith? Sure, he soothed off two votes but I'm decently sure you can use the same surge twice in the same night. (@Straw, confirmation/rebuttal?) If this is the case, he theoretically could be the elim vote manip as a Windrunner. But that dives so deep into paranoia I'm not further considering it for a very long time. Thanks, Gears
  9. I suppose I’m down for a tie. I’ll admit I don’t have super solid proof of village!Ventyl. My gut is way against Gears, and as Ventyl’s squire it gives me a good gut read on him. Ventyl’s flip would give good info, though.
  10. I would ask the same thing of El and Pyro, but to move to Gears. Probably not likely, but I have to try to avoid the mislynch.
  11. If y’all still want to lynch Ventyl that’s fine. I still think he will flip village. If that happens, please lynch Gears the following cycle. If somehow he flips elim, kindly refrain from lynching me because I would have been completely bamboozled. Thank you. Still would much prefer a Gears lynch. El’s resistance to do so makes me more suspicious of her. And @TJ Shade, I know that post makes you sus of Ventyl, but you’ve quoted it like seven times. And myself and Araris have made numerous points to counter. Any chance you’ll reconsider? @Straw, could I get a vote count? EDIT: Another thing to consider is that if/when Ventyl is mislynched we are likely loosing our village protection.
  12. I’d almost endorse this if you flip village. I’d be so shocked I wouldn’t know what else to do. Ventyl first though
  13. That sounds very complicated. Coming from you, who I greatly suspect, it’s not a good look.
  14. Hear me out folks. Here is my true defense of Ventyl. He squired me. He is an Edgedancer. I am village. He squired me. There is literally no reason for Ventyl to have squired a villager as an elim. Ventyl is village. Any questions? @TJ Shade, @Orlok Tsubodai, @The Young Pyromancer, @The_Truthwatcher-what do you have to say about this? Let's lynch Gears! C'mon!
  15. @The Young Pyromancer In the clarification doc it does in fact say that Squires being created is not announced.