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  1. Wizard is confirmed village if you trust Fae's role, and Walin already had votes for a reason :P.
  2. Probably because he already had votes. What does 'net alignment' mean in this case?
  3. I mean, you can if you want, but I’d prefer someone else since I’ve already been scanned by someone. Allegedly.
  4. Unpopular opinion: I village read Steel’s posts and general vibe. The Lynchbait thing is weird, though idk how likely it is that the elim rolescanner claimed right away. I kinda sympathize with his explanation and it seems like a waste of a good role if he’s village. Then again, the role’s kinda already been wasted :P.
  5. Unless you actually think Shining is an elim it’s not super helpful to be voting him btw (Ninja’d by Aman :P)
  6. Interestingly, I have not voted you this turn and am not currently. I would like to know why you keep ignoring me when I ask for reads from you though-- you've done it at least three times recently. It's getting to the point where it feels TWTBAW but I dislike having to judge something on that >> Edit: Do you want this subforum to be lost??? :0
  7. Status: Not a bot. Fae, can't help but notice you didn't actually answer that question :eyes:
  8. I've also been asking for Ash to make a reads list since D1 and it hasn't happened yet :P.
  9. Fadran already claimed to have trolled Randby I think
  10. That would mean a troll target is elim, yeah? You were RBd, Fadran hit Randby, and did Walin even do anything? Are there other troll claims?
  11. Huh. Fadran's probably village for claiming that, unless he's just an elim genius xD I'm with Drake, we shouldn't self-cannibalize within confirmed circles unless we need to. 'Need to' gets to be in quotes though :P.
  12. So... why? Randby is near confirmed iirc.
  13. I feel way more lost this turn than any of the previous ones lol Fadran-- did you Troll Randby, and why, if so? I think I saw someone say that.
  14. I didn't. My role is a Day action. Not vote manip though.
  15. Oh sorry I misremembered your post (the last one on the previous page) to be the one where you voted in, even though continuity wise that makes no sense xD I understand now