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  1. On the other hand, if you roleblocked someone you thought was an elim, consider claiming as they could have submitted the elim kill. Though think about it first. A lot.
  2. That was highly beneficial. Much thanks to the elim team for clearing Ash, and sorry to their dead soul that I suspected them. Awesome pun Straw. Now I’ll go rework my suspect list. Back later, but I’m going camping with no reception so I’ll be gone for about 24 hours starting in about 2
  3. 2. Dunno. It aligns with my own suspicions, though. 3. I am aware of this, but I still... suspect. I don’t think anyone has a good idea of what this game is
  4. Honestly don’t care. Yesterday I definitely would’ve said you, but Ventyl’s hesitance makes it about even.
  5. Let’s see. 1. She voted me last cycle, completely avoiding the Gears/Ventyl debate and giving virtually no reason for voting on me. I would think I’m at least soft-cleared by now and there are definitely better lynch targets than me, especially then 2. Orlok heavily suspects her 3. She would work with a Gears/Ash/Elbereth/Possibly Pyro elim team, something I’ve suspected for awhile now. 4. Gut read. If I get NK’d, refer back to this post please
  6. Probably just the names of two piano students, but still a specific coincidence
  7. So, I didn’t really know where to put this. It’s not a game question. But I found this at my aunts house, for piano teaching xD: @DrakeMarshall Edit: Not sure why it’s sideways
  8. Lean towards village for who? This explanation makes it seem like Gears is evil.
  9. The vote manip could’ve come from a villager convinced of Gears’ innocence.
  10. Hmmm. Not necessarily a fan of that one. I thought their tone was super weird and they were tunneling on someone I basically knew was village for little reason that I saw. Ventyl said that he doubted TJ and Gears were evil because they were tunneling so hard on him that it would be pretty incriminating once he flipped village. This could be a plot by Gears to get us to think they’re village but I dunno, for now El is my biggest suspect.
  11. Yes, yes, good. And definitely don't tell the thread What about Xino? I think he's been entirely inactive as well.
  12. What did I tell ya. Sigh. I hope there are other village protection roles. If there are I ask them to use it on me tonight, because as one if the only known surgebinders I’m a likely NK target. Im most suspicious of Elbereth now. Ventyl convinced me to slightly lay off Gears, but I’d still be willing to lynch them next cycle.
  13. I was reasonless for defending Ventyl because my reason was that he had squired me and I was keeping that quiet. Now that I’ve claimed, I hope this is not still the case.
  14. Ah ok, thanks. Didn't bother to check the rules before the post. Disregard that particular paranoiac statement of mine, then.