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  1. I’m rereading, and just got to the part where Amaram died. Totally deserved it. ...Wait a minute.
  2. Craven shrugged. "I dunno. Whatever you ask, though I can't lift heavy things."
  3. Craven looked up at all the grown-ups talking. He spoke again. "I can help, just tell me what to do!" That was the second time he had said that.
  4. Day Seven: Get Door'd Two in a row. You Highprinces sure hate being told what not to do. -The Wise Words of Philico, 1173.7.5.7 Lady Lumi Tominel was on a roll. She had caught Faleast’s attack on the back end of her door the night before, and walked more confidently than ever. She flaunted her badge as enforcer and protector of political meetings openly now, knowing it would make all of Sadeas’ followers think once, twice, and then a third time about attacking her. A short fellow, one she didn’t recognize, walked up to her. “Lumi!” he said, gesturing to the door. “Quite impressive!” She drew herself up to her full height. “Indeed, good sir. You have good taste in doors.” The man chuckled. “As long as I don’t have to take a closer look at it, I’ll be fine.” Lumi smiled, and they stood in silence for some time. The Night was getting boring; nothing was happening. She began to nod off, then jerk back up fully alert. She couldn’t fall asleep, Alethkar was counting on her, especially tonight! She kept telling herself this, to no avail. Her head drooped further every time. The man next to her made no comment of this, almost like he was… Waiting for something. This thought came to Lumi a second too late into her most recent drowsy slip. The next thing she knew she was on the ground, head pounding. Something hard had rammed it, hard and flat. Her door clattered to the ground next to her. The man chuckled above her. “Get Door’d, Lumi. See you on the other side.” All went dark. Quintessential was smacked by her own door! She was a Doorman! An Anarchy Event has been triggered! Today's execution must have at least 50% of the votes to succeed- with 5 players, the vote minimum is 3. The Political Vengeance Event is still in effect! Never mind the fact that it's technically impossible to tie/kill two players today anyway! There will be a majority execution today, with a vote minimum of 3 votes. Tied votes will kill both parties involved. PMs are, as always, closed unless through actions. The marketplace is closed. @Flyingbooks was absent during the Night turn, this is your official activity warning (TM) The Day has begun, and will end in ~48 hours on Tuesday, April 13th at 5pm PST. Player List:
  5. Definitely not TPBM knows all the words to ‘Hakuna Matata’
  6. You made me a, you made me a...
  7. Night Six: A Jar When is a door not a door? When it is an insane kandra-human fusion that serves a rogue Shard. -The Wise Words of Philico, 1173.7.5.8 “So, I’ve been busy lately. So? Just because my schedule is full doesn’t mean that a significant block of it was illegal,” AraRaash grumbled. It… was illegal. “Still doesn’t mean it’s always that way.” The pair of them were currently locked in a small building. Someone was taking an axe to the door. Faleast wasn’t entirely sure how many people were outside – AraRaash had claimed to see at least a thousand soldiers – but he knew they were all very, very angry. Killing a king had that effect on a population. “I didn’t kill the king!” AraRaash said. “The people were the ones who went and decided ‘Oh, let’s execute Striker for crimes against Alethkar, he definitely won’t be Elhokar in disguise’ and look how that turned out for them. All I did was lock a door. That’s much less illegal.” AraRaash. You locked Elhokar in a soundproof closet as he was bleeding out. “Okay, maybe when you put it that way it is my fault. But I still didn’t… wait. A soundproof closet? Why would Elhokar have one of those?” I don’t know. He’s paranoid. But it doesn’t make sense. “SEE?” AraRaash shouted, turning to a corner where movement had caught his eye. “You made me a Doorman, Philico! A Doorman! How by the Almighty’s Tenth Name am I supposed to have gone about killing the King of Alethkar with a storming DOOR?” Philico didn’t respond. Perhaps he was still upset about the whole Gneorndin business. Or… what had happened before that? Fallion’s Tears wasn’t Faleast’s fault… well, it sort of was. But that was more a group effort. Maybe he was yelling at the wrong Sleepless. “Out of my way,” a voice said from outside. Then a Shardblade rammed through the door, which promptly fell off what used to be its hinges. Well, it had lived a good life. Adolin stepped through the threshold. AraRaash was impressed. He really did look like the son of the Blackthorn. “Hi,” AraRaash said. “You know, I was wonder-“ The Shardblade promptly cut off any further words that he tried to say. Ow. Ashbringer was stabbed! He was a Doorman! Vote Count: Ashbringer (6): Flyingbooks, Quintessential, Araris Valerian, forget me not, TJ Shade, Condensation Quintessential (1): Ashbringer The Night has begun, and will end in 24 hours on Sunday, April 11th at 5pm PST. Get your actions in! PMs are closed, unless through actions. The marketplace is open! Upvote Ash for his writeup! Marketplace: Player List:
  8. You can just imbed the link in text *shrugs* Like this, using the button in the editor with the chain link image.
  9. Day Six: Good Mourning, Alethkar It’s always quietest before the storm. -The Wise Words of Philico, 1173.7.5.7 The warcamps were in a standstill after the death of the king. No one moved, no one spoke. The whole kingdom was under a veil of mourning, and not even Sadeas was heartless enough to break that. Until morning. Nobody died! A Political Vengeance Event has been triggered! For the duration of the next two cycles (D6 & D7) all parties involved in a tied vote will be killed. A natural Highstorm has occurred! Each player gained 2 spheres. The Day has begun and will end in a bit less than 48 hours on Saturday, April 10 at 5pm PST. There will be a majority execution today, with tied votes killing all parties involved. PMs are closed unless through actions. The marketplace is closed. @Ashbringer and @Condensation did not post last turn. Player List: