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  1. I have some thoughts about Illwei’s reads and stuff and the implications I think are there but I literally am gonna save those for the Day turn so we actually get something done during the Day turn if Illwei survives. For now, RP. Polishing and sharpening the blade was simple, and Jaralph’s favorite part of the sword-making process. Perhaps it was the calming back and forth motion he made along the blade, or maybe the knowledge that it was nearly complete, which both gave him extra assurance of survival and allowed him to move back to carving his chair. Ordinarily he wouldn’t have stopped that for anything, but what was the point of a chair if you were too dead to sit on it? Either way, Jaralph felt relaxed as he worked. Hylia knew he needed it, after the last 24 hours. With a final stroke, Jaralph declared to himself the blade complete. He set down his tools and rose the weapon in the air, swishing it back and forth a few times to get a feel for how it handled, though since he had designed it he already knew. Jaralph hadn’t crafted a sheath, so he simply set it on an open spot on a table next to the chair workspace where he could easily reach it if he ever had a need to. May he never have a need to.
  2. That’s just Tani imo I mean like, after Kas claimed and Stick went with Pyro there was no way a separate train was getting off the ground
  3. Hey I was there too xD That was bad. And yeah I did remember that the second after I thought it. So I do rescind that statement slightly. still want a PM with him though Also I had it marked before Dannex posted that Drake/illwei could be e/e so I need to remember what that's about
  4. Link? :P. Edit: Would a redirect work? I mean, in not killing Beedle. Also I'm clearing Steel for this
  5. There's no way this would be an elim bus that'd be insane Pretty sure there's only one Mipha, (and one Daruk, and one Revali, and one Urbosa, and one Rhoam) cause those are actual Zelda characters
  6. Same reason Szeth did, sorry those two things aren't related What if Illwei is Beedle that'd be interesting e!Beedle!Illwei covering for e!Kohga!Kas? xD
  7. To be fair, I was being sussed, which hasn't happened this game (yet :P) But that itself is interesting and I'm unaware of how unaware I am about my own meta so that's cool Have you read the thread? :P.
  8. They haven't even been elim, so all their past behavior is village, so yeah, but we also don't know his elim behavior. I did just realize that this is the first game Szeth has played with village!me though, so that's fun