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  1. Well that answers the question then. From the other replies I'm now convinced that it is indeed Kelsier, thank you all.
  2. Cool, can you share the source? For the record, this is what I was referring to https://youtu.be/A67G4ObX7CM?t=3933
  3. I was just wondering is there any confirmation that Thaidakar is Kelsier? I love the theory but in a recent cosmere spoiler stream Brandon explained avatars and from what he said it seems pretty clear that only shards can have avatars, so if Mraize is to be believed he tells Shalan that Thaidakar only comes to Roshar in "avatar form" does this mean that Thaidakar is one of the shards?
  4. Is that Moash on the second row between Sigzil and The lopen?