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  1. Oh. My a compliment indeed! High praise! Thanks!
  2. Thanks
  3. Hmm I'll admit I haven't looked very hard yet but... Where's all the white sand fan art? I don't see a thread (is that the right word?) in the gallery. I finished my latest (chasmchullspineling in the stormlight gallery please provide feedback ) and was looking for inspiration on my next piece. Am I just going to have to dig or am I missing something?
  4. Thanks I love that movie.
  5. I was not aware I had that ability! Cool thank you for the information. I would agree that it's a trivial thing. I really just wanted to know the process and felt weird not having something to report if I was asking thanks again. This site rocks!
  6. Not sure where to go to report this but here goes. This is question number 88 on the Barnes and nobles book club Q&A. Skip to last paragraph for the actual problem: Chaos2651 Can you tell us what the rest of the Feruchemical and Hemalurgic powers are? Since, you know, you won't be writing in the Mistborn world for many years, and those Feruchemical and Hemalurgic Tables might not even come into existence if the Allomantic Metals one doesn't sell. Pretty please? Brandon Sanderson I will release this eventually. I'm still tweaking the powers—their names, and how they function—and so I'd rather hold off on revealing anything specific right now. We might include them in the RPG, though. Chaos2651 When is the Table of Allomantic Metals coming out? Brandon Sanderson Printer emailed me today for final confirmation. Should be very soon now. Barnes and Noble Book Club Q&A (July 8, 2009) I'm pretty sure on the last response from Brandon he is saying Peter emailed me rather than printer emailed me bwhaha. If there is another place or method for reporting these please educate me.
  7. Oh that was perfect! Thank you!
  8. Does investature exist everywhere? Like if there are no shards on a planet is there still investature? I vaugelly remember Brandon saying matter, energy and investature are one and the same but I can't find the wob to confirm...
  9. Welcome Mistborn was excellent but stormlight is amazing imo. What was your favorite character in the mistborn books?
  10. Welcome and enjoy your stay
  11. Thanks
  12. Awesome advice guys! Thanks much
  13. Apologies if this isn't the correct channel for this question. What are your best practices for researching or trying to find a answer to a cosmere question? Like earlier today I was wondering if Felt and Hoid are the same dude (most certainly not) I pulled up both on the coppermind. I did a !wob search on discord and I searched the 17th shard with various keywords with no success. Then I posted the question here and someone answered it with wob quotes within minutes. Do I just stink at searching? Am I missing something? Any tips or tricks would be wonderful.
  14. Thanks! Those wobs definitely put a nail in the coffin of that theory! I'm relatively sure it was not the making fun of old theories episode bc I just listened to that a few days ago and I feel like I "heard" ( or severely misunderstood) this a few weeks ago.