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  1. I don’t know what the other moments Brandon mentions are refering to, but I’ve read somewhere that the important scene in Row has to do with Hoid. It’ll apparently be different than Hoid’s usual Stormlight epilogues. I can’t wait to read it!
  2. Here’s something I’ve been considering since reading the Stormlight Archive for the first time, and I’ve been thinking about it even more since rereading it. I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. As my screen name says, I’m blind. I’ve been wondering how the mechanics of a blind Knight Radiant would work (healing by stormlight is an unacceptable answer in this case). Here are my thoughts on the plausibility of a blind person being a member of each of the orders, and why. I would appreciate additional input or insights anyone has to offer on this. This is a topic I haven’t seen discussed in the Cosmere community at all, so I want to be the one to start bringing it into the light. Here is my list of all ten orders of Knights Radiant, how plausible I think it would be for a blind person to belong to each of them, and my reasoning behind my decisions. Order of Windrunners (surges of adhesion and gravitation): I actually think this could be quite plausible if the radiant was progressed enough in their oaths. I think this because of how attuned Kaladin is to the winds at different points in the books. There are times when he seems to be able to anticipate what is about to happen around him through feeling the winds. This could be a huge asset to a blind Windrunner. This, combined with a possible clever application of lashings to sense when the blind Windrunner is getting too close to obstacles around them, makes me think that it would be quite possible for someone like me to belong to this order. Order of Skybreakers (surges of gravitation and division): I think this is somewhat less plausible than a blind Windrunner. Since Skybreakers only have access to basic lashings. A blind person of this order would still be able to use a similar method of taking advantage of lashings to sense their environment. I don’t think a Skybreaker would have the same relationship with the winds that a Windrunner would though, so that would be a definite disadvantage. I don’t know enough about the surge of division to say much about how that would come into play for a blind person belonging to this order, but it could be an interesting factor. Order of Dustbringers (surges of division and abrasion): I think this one is pretty implausible. I can’t think of a way that a blind Dustbringer would be able to use the surge of abrasion to get a feel for their environment. I guess they could just use the surge of division to destroy any obstacles in their path, but that sounds extremely dangerous and unwieldy. Order of Edgedancers (surges of abrasion and progression): Like the Dustbringers, I think this is also pretty implausible. There are similar issues with me being unable to think of a way in which a blind Edgedancer could use the surge of abrasion to their advantage. They could always use stormlight to heal themselves after crashing into things, but again, that sounds impractical. Order of Truthwatchers (surges of progression and illumination): I think this may be slightly more plausible than either the Dustbringers or Edgedancers. Assuming that Truthwatchers can use illumination to weave sound, a blind person belonging to this order would definitely be able to use that to their advantage, probably in ways most people would find unexpected. They could also use the surge of progression to great effect, similar to the two other Truthwatchers we’ve met so far in the books. Order of Lightweavers (surges of illumination and transformation): I think this would be about as plausible as the Truthwatchers. A blind Lightweaver would be able to use the surge of illumination similar to what I mentioned before, and they could use transformation very effectively. They’d probably be limited to using transformation only when they could get their hands on whatever they’re trying to transform, but if I understand correctly, that wouldn’t be much more limiting than what most Solecasters have to do in order to transform things. Order of Elsecallers (surges of transformation and transportation): I’m honestly unsure about this one, since we still know relatively little about what Elsecallers can actually do. A blind Elsecaller would definitely be able to use transformation similarly to how I explained earlier, but I don’t know how easy or difficult it would be for them to use transportation. I guess they could do it, as long as they had someone to guide them on the Shadesmar side. Order of Willshapers (surges of transportation and cohesion): I know almost nothing about this order, so I’m very unsure of how plausible it would be for a blind person to become a Willshaper. I already explained how they could possibly use the surge of transportation, but I have no idea what the surge of cohesion does, or how a blind person could use it to their advantage. Order of Stonewards (surges of cohesion and tension): I know even less about this order than I do about the Willshapers, so I can’t guess how plausible or not it would be for a blind person to become a Stoneward. Order of Bondsmiths (surges of tension and adhesion): This one is very interesting to consider. I think it could be quite plausible under the right circumstances. I don’t know enough about the surge of tension to guess how it could benefit or hinder a blind Bondsmith, but I do know that they could use adhesion, especially spiritual adhesion, to great advantage. The one Bondsmith we know so far only uses spiritual adhesion to be able to speak other languages and boost the abilities of other Radiants, but I’d be willing to bet that a blind person of this order could find creative applications of this surge to assist them with different things. Again, I don’t know enough about the surge of tension to guess how a blind Bondsmith could use it. This was quite interesting to consider. As things stand with my current understanding of the Knights Radiant and their powers, this is my current ranking of how plausible I think it would be for a blind person to belong to each order: 1. Windrunners 2. Bondsmiths 3. Skybreakers 4. Lightweavers 5. Truthwatchers 6. Elsecallers 7. Edgedancers 8. Dustbringers 9. Willshapers 10. Stonewards Those last two are at the very bottom mostly because I know so little about either of them. I love the Stormlight books a lot, and this is one way in which I try to insert myself into the story in a more meaningful way. This ranking is not set in stone, and is very likely to change with input and as we continue learning more about each order of Knights Radiant. Please let me know if I overlooked something in my considerations, or if there’s more information about the surges I know so little about.
  3. Thank you for all of that, Sightless Light Weaber. You made great points, and even said things I forgot to consider. That moment when a blind person forgets about things relating to being blind. I want a guide cremling now!
  4. I would love to see that! I think it could very well be possible. We’ve already seen Kaladin do something that, as far as I know, was unique when he used all those windspren to get people to safety in a highstorm. That may hint at Kaladin at least being able to make his own way. I do hope that he manages to say a fourth ideal, even if it isn’t the typical one. If he doesn’t, he won’t be able to progress. I can definitely imagine Kaladin finding a way to progress without turning his back on his morals and previous development. Plus, I remember reading somewhere that Radiant ideals have some degree of flexibility from person to person. I think Kaladin can and probably will use that to his advantage.
  5. That might very well be true. I can’t deny that some parts of who I am would be different if I had been born without the condition that has caused me to slowly lose my vision throughout my life. I have no way of knowing who I would be without that, and I would never know, even if I had stormlight, since my identity is so firmly rooted in me having some form of vision loss. Where this entire argument rubs me wrong is the belief that it would be at least very implausible, if not flat out impossible, for a blind person to become a radiant. There’s absolutely nothing in what we currently know of the Nahel bond that would definitively make it impossible for a blind person to form one and become a Radiant. I’ve lived my entire life with people constantly underestimating me and denying me the things I’ve wanted to do just because of my disability. I’m not about to let the same thing happen in a theoretical situation in a fictional universe, one which I and many like me go to in order to imagine a place where we could possibly be viewed as being equally human as those around us, not to mention being viewed as having the same capabilities as them for once. These things are so constantly denied to me and those like me in the real world. That’s not going to happen in this fictional world as long as I have anything to say about it, and since none of this is cannon, I still have a say.
  6. So what personality traits do you expect blind people to have? Also, why exactly do you think spren bond humans? It’s definitely not just for the humans to gain cool powers. The spren originally created the Nahel bond to mimic what Honor did with the Heralds. They didn’t anticipate their own loss of sentience and sapience, at least from what I remember. I think the spren wanted to help Honor and the Heralds in overcoming the desolations however they could, no matter the sacrifices. If a blind person could assist in this goal, no matter how they achieved it, do you not think a spren would focus on the ultimate goal of defeating Odium and the Fused, rather than something as relatively trivial as humanity’s general views on disabilities? Spren aren’t human, after all.
  7. You seem to be implying that you think blind people can’t have protective instincts. Do you realize that blind people have personalities just as complex as sighted people, personalities which could very well attract a spren, or do you think that their disability is a blind person’s entire identity?
  8. Oooo I really like that idea! It could be like getting a sense of the object by sensing the shape of the stormlight. I don’t know if stormlight actually works like that, but it’s a fascinating idea either way.
  9. This is true. I almost wish I could see the looks on people’s faces when I do something they think I shouldn’t be able to. Lol
  10. Using sound would be amazing! I love what you said about learning experiences. Humans are adaptable, and we both know that it is extremely possible to adapt to being blind. Add a nahel bond onto that, and you get something truly unique. Just imagine how a spren could help when needed. That, along with the examples you gave, would make us much more formidable than most would think possible. Plus, we could always use people’s tendency to underestimate us to our advantage.
  11. Apparently, being unable to see completely negates a person’s strengths and virtues. Apparently, blind people are incapable of doing anything meaningful just because we can’t see. At least, that’s what this person seems to think.
  12. This exactly! I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to imagine using their other senses in various situations. If it’s this difficult for modern people to understand how blind people can do certain things, imagine how much harder it would be on Roshar for a blind Alethi. They would have to work for their entire life just to be seen as capable, let alone equal with everyone around them. I would love to see this actually play out in one of the books. I’m not gonna hold my breth though.
  13. Jasnah may not have been able to read, write, or do some of the other feminine arts without assistance if she had been born blind, but she could still play music and sing. I think what I have to say about other senses outweighs what you do. I am the blind one, after all. As multiple people have said before, spren are attracted by a person’s personality, the things that are important to them, etc. If a blind Rosharan has all the right qualities to become a Bondsmith for example, then they should be able to form the bond. Plus, Bondsmiths aren’t supposed to use their powers to fight, at least if what the Stormfather told Dalinar holds true for the other two possible Bondsmiths. A blind Bondsmith would be able to use their powers quite effectively without having to worry about fighting.
  14. Sight might be a powerful tool, but let me ask you this: when was the last time you paid close attention to the scent of a flower, and only its scent? When was the last time you enjoyed the taste of your favorite food, and focused only on the taste? When was the last time you pet a cat or dog, and focused only on the texture of the animal’s fur? When was the last time you listened to your favorite song, and focused only on the sounds of the music? Each of your other senses is also powerful. You just focus too much on the information given you by the two orbs in your face to notice the rest. In that context, I wonder which of us is really at a disadvantage...
  15. @Hentient and @AonEne, thank you! I love what each of you said about the spren bond. As has been said before, spren pick their radiants based on personality and the things that are important to them. If I was on Roshar for example, and if I attracted a spren, I think I’d probably turn out to be an Edgedancer. A lot of the things that are important to that order are important to me, and the ideals speak to me as well. Using Edgedancers as an example, notice that none of the ideals says anything about seeing. The first ideal: “Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.” I don’t see what would keep a blind person from saying these words. There’s nothing within them that would prevent the person from living the ideal. Second Edgedancer ideal: “I will remember those who have been forgotten.” Surprise. Blind people can remember things at least as well as anyone else. I personally have a great memory for certain things, so I don’t see what would keep me from living this ideal. You don’t need to be able to see to remember. Third Edgedancer ideal: “I will listen to those who are ignored.” If there’s one thing that blind people have to learn to be very good at, it’s listening and hearing what’s going on around them. I can’t explain how important my sense of hearing is to me in everything I do. This ideal seems to be perfectly crafted for somebody who can’t see what’s going on around them. A blind person would most definitely be able to live up to this. This is only one part of being an Edgedancer, but if a blind person can say and live up to the ideals, I don’t see what would keep them from doing almost everything else that a sighted member of this order could do. there are things that would be more difficult, but with the radiant and there spren working together, I’m sure a solution could be reached. This was obviously only discussing one order, but if I can think of how it would work for this one, I’m sure there are ways it can work for the others. I could address the other things y’all have discussed, but I don’t have much more to add other than reinforcing what you already said. This comment is getting very long anyway, so I’ll leave it here for now.
  16. Omg I love imagining these things so much!!!! It makes me so happy!!!! I definitely want to try my hand at writing some of these scenes now!
  17. This is a great arguement! I couldn’t have put it much better. Thank you.
  18. There are multiple types of leadership. You don’t have to be able to see to have charisma and a personality that others want to follow. There are also multiple ways to protect people. Again, you don’t have to be able to see to help people. Yes, some things would have to be accomplished differently, but I suggest that you get to know a blind person and see what they’re actually capable of before making overarching judgments like this.
  19. And why not? Is it because you think blind people are helpless and too broken to form a bond? Spren bond with neurodivergent and/or mentally ill people, as well as people with other hardships, all the time. Why should bonding a blind person be any different? I can’t imagine an Honorspren, for example, seeking out a human who has protective instincts, is a strong leader, etc. then upon realizing that person is blind, thinking, “Well storms. I can’t bond this person just because they can’t storming see.” That seems rather narrow minded to me.
  20. If this was actually happening on Roshar, the spren would pick the person to bond regardless of plausibility, and the radiant and their spren would have to be creative in how they did things. It’s definitely fascinating to consider. Imagining the capabilities of modified humans and/or nonhumans is definitely lots of fun. I’ve been here for about a month. I was introduced to the Cosmere only two months ago, but I already love it. There’s so much to it, and I feel like there’s always more to learn and get into. I may take you up on talking about accessibility at some point.
  21. I know I’m suuuper late to this, but I realized something that might help answer this question. In chapter 5 of Oathbringer, it says that Kaladin managed to cover over 1,000 miles in half a day. I’m not sure if half a day means that literally, or if it means half of the daylight hours, so I’ll talk about both possible meanings. Days on Roshar are 20 hours long. If it literally took Kaladin half a day to fly more than 1,000 miles, then that means that he covered that distance in 10 hours. That would make his speed upwards of 100 mph. If half a day in stead refers to half of the daylight hours, then Kaladin would’ve traveled over 1,000 miles in roughly 5 hours or so. This would make his speed at least 200 mph. Either way, that bridgeboy can go storming fast!
  22. Walking around barefoot is an interesting idea. Healing would greatly depend on how the person views themselves, as you said.
  23. Hmmm. I didn’t really consider that for illumination and cohesion. @Karger also mentioned Shadesmar being less involved with the physical senses. I think the only time that wouldn’t be the case would be if someone traveled there in their physical body, like how an Elsecaller can. i’ll have to think about this more, and maybe edit my rankings. As for gravitation, I explained a little bit about how I think it would work in the original post, but I’ll try to expand on it here. At several points in the books, Kaladin feels as if the winds are surrounding him and guiding his movements to a certain extent. I think this unique relationship with the winds that a Windrunner has could, in some cases, almost act like some kind of echolocation, but using the air itself in stead of sound. This is why I don’t think a blind Skybreaker could do this as well as a Windrunner. Both have the surge of gravitation, but using that alone would take tons of practice, as you pointed out. It might be able to be done, but it would be a lot more difficult without the unique relationship with and assistance from the winds that a Windrunner has.