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    I don't think the metal plates are hemalurgy because the fused would have been on Braize during the time that Hemalurgy was first introduced on Scadrial and they've only been out for a year - even if the fused have been working with Scadrian worldhoppers or other who are knowledgeable about Hemalurgy, would El have had enough time to learn the very specific mechanics (such as where bindpoints are) of hemalurgy and then modify himself to this extent? Lezian also notes about El, on page 1204, that "He always ripped off his natural carapace formations at each rebirth, then replaced them with metal inclusions. They were incorporated into his body by Voidlight healing and his own special talents." (I don't have an ebook to do the fancy quote thing with). This is like El's signature thing, and he'd been doing it long before Hemalurgy was even discovered. It sounds to me like he's doing something else with these plates, based on the "special talents" part of the quote. When I first read that section, I wondered if the metal was aluminum, to function as a built-in defense against shardblades. I saw someone somewhere (I don't recall who or where, unfortunately) musing that the metal inclusions could be like a fabrial cage. What if El's "special abilities" allow him to trap second spren inside his gemheart without it messing with his form, soooort of like Timbre was able to trap Venli's voidspren? Then El could turn himself into some kind of walking fabrial. I suppose the problem with the "trapping lesser spren" theory is that, if I'm remembering correctly, the Fused didn't know about modern Rosharan fabrial mechanics until this Return. Edit: fixed some errors about the Fused
  2. I love both eras very much, but Era 1 wins for me because of the scale of it. The conflict between Ruin and Preservation felt so epic compared to the smaller-scale adventure style of Era 2. Aside from that, I enjoyed the slightly darker atmosphere the world had, it felt so oppressive, especially in the TFE - the inquisitors were so terrifying in that one! - but also had its moments of beauty in the stained glass windows and the mists. I also just really love Vin and Saze as characters. That said, I still love Era 2. The dynamic between the characters is so much fun to read, I love what we've learned about the world and magic, especially with the introduction of the Southern Scadrians, and depending on how The Lost Metal goes Era 2 could end up surpassing Era 1 for me.
  3. I've been playing for almost 12 years, I mostly play as a hobby nowadays. I mostly play songs from games, a lot of Xenoblade, Zelda, and, recently, Octopath Traveler.
  4. The interlude in Oathbringer when the ardent reads a Vorin romance novel, complete with her reactions to the story, makes me smile.
  5. We know that it's possible to convert between Stormlight and Breaths and that the method of converting is not yet known. Could Vivenna's explanation of her blade to the honorspren be the impetus for the spren's discovery of how to convert between the two? Stormlight is easier to obtain than Breaths, since it is regularly renewed by highstorms rather than requiring a costly trade. So, depending on how much Stormlight is equivalent to a Breath, the spren might be able to make their own Awakened blades without the need to trade for Nalthian Breaths. This could even lead to an influx of type IV entities. This is more than a bit speculative. I'm not sure how likely it is for the spren to figure this out, but it would certainly be interesting if they did. Perhaps the race to Awaken more swords in Shadesmar could even mirror RoW's arms race in the physical realm? (Also, this is my first post, so hello! I've been lurking here for a couple of months and finally decided to say something )