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  1. “I’m subject 27, but you can call me 27. (Voice change) and I’m Death.”
  2. “27.” “Death.” The two voices try to say at once.
  3. I youth that looks about 14-15 comes out of the cabin carrying a bunch of cloaks. “They aren’t going to want these.” He speaks in a different voice “Yes they are.” He changes his voice back “why would they want them, it’s not even cold!”
  4. “Can we trust her?”
  5. “Let’s hurry!” Lloyd starts running along the path until there is a side path which he turns onto. He keeps running until he arrives at a log cabin.
  6. Salin speeds up, outpacing everyone on the ground, he lands on the edge of the field and waits for the others to catch up.
  7. Salin lets out a chuckle then jumps into the air, as he jumped he shot electricity out of his fingertips propelling himself upward.
  8. “I guess we’ll just have to walk until we’re off the field then.”
  9. the fellowship of the thing

    Wind opts for not taking the portal because he didn’t want to break reality again. Instead he teleports his cognitive form to the house.
  10. “Hmmm, me and Taken could get him out.” @HoidWasTaken
  11. the fellowship of the thing

    “I’ve always been everywhere...”
  12. Wind couldn’t remember a lot about this Wyrn man, but from what he did remember, this man was exactly what Wind hated. Wind almost spoke to the room, but then remembered what the others had told him and didn’t.
  13. the fellowship of the thing

    “It’s funny, this turkey... it looks like a chicken.”