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  1. Lloyd looks at the ground and a tear falls from his eye, he shudders then looks back up. He smiles encouragingly at Janice.
  2. Kor looks up. “So what are we doing?” @Negative_Null @turtle @Frustration @Vapor @I Used To Be A Fish
  3. “What’s that you you’re doing?”
  4. A Windrunner, Truthless of Shinovar, wore black and was upside down on the day he was to kill a king.
  5. How did you all do that?
  6. Lloyd follows Janice onto the boat.
  7. “Cadenza, do you think if we were in a pickle you could make a (he looks at the water)faster way of the island?” @Condensation
  8. This is already confusing.
  9. K
  10. Yu shud jion te pepel hoo cant spel!
  11. “How did you get here? Yes I’m with the Talon, but all dusters are to some extent the authorities.”
  12. “I am the authorities.”
  13. Shakespeare was a jerk to some other awesome theatre people.
  14. Wind soulcasts his post into a win (so now there are two wins going around).