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  1. And then there was the breakdance fighting.
  2. This one WoB seems to imply that by mixing Lerasium with another god metal, you could end up with the power of that other shard, not some mix: Though who knows what different things MIGHT be possible. I don't know how that would work with Endowment anyway. Would you just get a bunch of Breath?
  3. I think you're making an awful lot of assumptions about people's attitudes post-Catacendre. You seem to think everyone would have abandoned their old traditions, prejudices and mores about who to have kids with, how many kids to have, etc. Because those traditions would have been founded under Final Empire ideals which are no longer relevant. Yet, we know that almost 1/5 of the Originators were Terris, and that they still, 300+ years later tend to intermarry and live together in one small-ish community, semi-independent from the greater Basin. If anything, they seem to have leaned into their traditions harder to establish a sense of identity for themselves in the wake of the complete destruction of everything they'd ever known. Given the size of their group and the lack, according to Wax, of feruchemy extant in the population, Terris relationships likely involve few children in most cases and probably have for a long time. How many of the people who survived the World of Ash were women of child-bearing age? We don't know. So the Lord Mistborn had a bunch of kids. Did other nobles follow suit? And did Spook's kids, who would have been important because they were his kids, marry similarly important people among the new nobility? Are birth records among the nobility (many of whom might have been allomancers, especially if Spook married his kids off in political marriages in order to keep the early government of the Basin stable) kept much more stringently than among the rest of the populace? This would explain why Wax can locate all these women and trace them back to Spook on readily-available geneological charts, if they were from important familiar with strong allomantic lines outside of just being related to the Lord Mistborn. And, logically, that's also where The Set would be looking for people who would be more likely to breed allomancers. A member of a noble house that's been around for 300 years and intermarrying with other noble houses might have the same number of people between them and the Lord Mistborn as a canal worker who can also trace his roots back to Spook, but their potential for allomancy would be vastly different. Especially if the old noble houses also ended up marrying some of Spook's kids and several generations later someone can trace lines to Spook along multiple ancestors.
  4. Spook is actually not quite as powerful as you're making him out to be there:
  5. I can just see it now, they defeat Odium and make a peace treaty concluding the horribly bloody galactic war, then all of a sudden Whimsy is like, "I think I'll destroy the Cosmere today. No reason. Just seems like a fun thing to do." Tough to fight that.
  6. Knowing Brandon, it will absolutely be the one you least suspect. So my money is on Whimsy.
  7. Welcome! I like that you found Sanderson the same way I did. After buying my Kindle and re-reading my old favorites on it, I googled best fantasy series. That random list led me to some great stuff, Mistborn, Farseer, Gentleman Bastards, and some stuff that flopped hard for me, like Malazan and The Dark Tower. So I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one.
  8. I wonder if those original ones were used a very long time ago, and the power they put into the gene pool become so watered down that that's why Alendi was a seeker without ever actually knowing what was happening. This bit in the annotations on that is quite cryptic:
  9. I think it's extra difficult for Knights Radiant because of their spren. A Radiant Spren is a sentient piece of investiture tied very strongly to Roshar. A Radiant might be able to travel, but they'd almost certainly have to leave their spren behind, which would be problematic. Then again, before getting to the end of RoW I would have thought the same was true of (late RoW spoiler) . So I may be completely off base.
  10. Great book, but every chapter we've gotten of RoW so far has me feeling like Brandon is going to top himself again. It's very exciting.
  11. Hey everyone! I've been much more active on the r/stormlight_archive lately and finally made my way here. My username is the same on both. I'm gonna try and join the dawnshard update team! I love this community, you all rock! Keep it up!

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      Well, this is awkward. I appear to have dont this wrong...

  12. I'm with you. No way to choose just 1. So many awesome characters who are all awesome in different ways. Like Vin and Dalinar are both terrific characters, but you can't really compare the two.
  13. I searched my Kindle versions of the 3 books and Edgedancer, and that's the only mention of weekend that there seems to be.
  14. The problem with that is that the person called "Temoo" in the chapter isn't Demoux. It's Galladon.
  15. I found the First Law trilogy to be firmly unpleasant, but by the time I realized it wasn't going to become fun, I was deep enough into it that I pressed through to finish the story. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Wish I'd just put it down when I first started thinking, "Man, these characters are all terrible people, and I'm not rooting for anyone." Also, The Gunslinger. I had never tried a Stephen King book before. Figured if I was going to like something by him, it would be his epic fantasy series. So I picked up The Gunslinger. I have never read something that felt more like work. I had college textbooks that weren't that dull a slog.